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8mm Forum Icon 1 Eumig P8 dual projector by Will Trenfield     (post # 5)
I had a badged version of one of these. It's based on the Mark 501D with just the one speed of 18 fps. As Brian said it takes the 8v 50w "Spaceman" (A1/17) lamp. These can be bought for about £30. The...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Steve Osborne by Martin Dew     (post # 20)
Steve sent FilmGuard to me in the UK. Only took about a week.
General Yak Icon 1 This is really weird! (concerning paypal) by Steven J Kirk     (post # 6)
A recent time I had a problem deal with eBay UK the goods just never arrived from Spain. It was a Sony Trinitron monitor at £120 so a reasonable sized purchase. I did a couple of emails with the seller...
8mm Forum Icon 1 DERANN NEWSLETTER 10/94 by Bruno Heughebaert     (post # 5)
General Yak Icon 1 Let’s talk refreshments by Osi Osgood     (post # 6)
a. Cokeb. Wine. For some odd reason, my tummy can't take even four beers anymore without objecting, but I can have a glass or two of the vino, (though I prefer a good cream liqour).c. Meal!I was reading...
16mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 FS: Various 16mm shorts by Paul Barker     (post # 4)
many thanks Rob thats great. thank you.
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 FS: S8 print of 'Oliver Twist' (1922; with Lon Chaney) by Rob Koeling     (post # 1)
Nice Blackhawk print of 'Oliver Twist' (1922) with Lon Chaney.Excellent condition and has soundtrack.£50 + shipping
General Yak Icon 1 Secrets of Cinema by Michael O'Regan     (post # 4)
I have to agree with Allan.Nothing new there at all.
16mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Here we go again: Star Wars for sale on eBay by Stuart Reid     (post # 34)
Glad you found it Rob, impressive isn't it!
General Yak Icon 1 Beware of "reelwinderz" by Maurice Leakey     (post # 17)
OK. I'll make a slight alteration to my statement.Yes. If you know the seller and have every confidence that's quite alright.But, unfortunately, eBay lets most sellers have a made-up name.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Various projector models by Phil Murat     (post # 44)
Tom, It's a pleasure
8mm Forum Icon 1 To expand or shrink, who will take over your hobby? by Winbert Hutahaean     (post # 17)
Good topic Tom.Something we always think what will be the destiny of our collection after we are gone.I have three main collections, i.e Record/vinyls, 8mm films and Train models. My 2 sons have claimed...

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