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8mm Forum Icon 1 Eumig RS3000 sound head by Georg Muller     (post # 5)
Dear Frank,I had a closer look at my projector with a dentist mirror and I fear that if I remove the screws of the fastening blade as written in the manual, I never will get them back in place because...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Review Wolverine Reels2Digital MovieMaker 8mm film digitizer by Berend De Meyer     (post # 197)
Hi all and a very warm welcome to Joanna! 😎For postproduction I use Apple Final Cut Pro X and several plugins. For the best cleanup possible - grain, noise and dust artifacts - I use the euro...
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 HORROR TRAILER REEL by David Skillern     (post # 4)
Hi Ian,i sent you a PM yesterday regarding this.
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 "GREASE" 3X400FT MARKETING PRINT by Ian O'Reilly     (post # 3)
General Yak Icon 1 Old Iver Films title heading for Blu-ray by Barry Attwood     (post # 1)
I was clicking through the Blu-ray section on Amazon at future release titles, and on the 18th December one of Iver Films F/L features makes its Blu-ray debut, it's "The Diamond Mercanaries", not sure...
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Beautiful tinted Thunderbird S8 print of Birth of a Nation FS by Chris Bird     (post # 5)
Now sold.
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Super 8 Stereo film by Terry Sills     (post # 1)
Wanted - any Super8 film with stereo sound. Content not important and nor colour (pink, red - it doesn't matter). I just need it as a stereo sound test film.Anyone?
9.5mm Forum Icon 1 9.5mm Specto gearbox rewind jam by Maurice Leakey     (post # 3)
When was the gearbox last lubricated? It may just have dried up. Before you start dismantling, lift off the rewind key and insert some oil.It's a thought.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Star Wars Japanese rarity by Jason Smith     (post # 2)
There are quite a few optical digests of non Japanese films that were released. That Star Wars digest is the same as the Ken Films release. On the leader, it actually says Ken Films.There are a few other...

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