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General Yak Icon 1 Attn Leon Norris or anybody else TRV Problem by Dominique De Bast     (post # 17)
Phil, if you're refering to "essence F", it may be sold only in France under that denomination. I was advised by some French enthusiasts to use "essence C" to clean films (before stripping since it removes...
16mm Forum Icon 1 Bauer P7 or P8 projectors. by Paul Barker     (post # 5)
thank you Maurice. most helpful...
General Yak Icon 1 The Brit Pound ( £ ) by Dave Groves     (post # 25)
And when I lived in Norwich some 20 years ago interest on savings was 14%! Now, the majority of bank accounts don't even reach 1%..
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Large Lot of Standard / Silent 8mm by Luigi Castellitto     (post # 6)
If you can't sell the block, I think it's a good idea. Keep us informed, thank you
8mm Forum Icon 1 What Films did you show last night? by Brian Fretwell     (post # 5647)
A mixed short (700ft ish) version of Disney's "The Jungle Book". The extract "Mogli the Jungle Boy" followed by the Elephant March and I Wanna be like You ending with the last reel of the Derann feature....

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