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8mm Forum Icon 1 S8 film magnetic striping service. by Alberto Carlo Vangelisti     (post # 12)
Hi Alan,it was a pleasure to do magnetic striping for you.I am proud to be able to confirm what you have described. I would like to clarify that the service to remove the faulty gray tracks of Derann...
General Yak Icon 1 Come Fly With Me by Graham Ritchie     (post # 4)
I do remember once again going through Glasgow Airport where they wanted to look at my Canon FTB camera on inspection the security guy asked me to remove the 50mm lens so he could look into the front...
8mm Forum Icon 1 CineSea 17 This Weekend! by Graham Ritchie     (post # 3)
Have A great time Doug...its one thing to communicate over the internet but seeing folk in person is much much better I was speaking to my financial advisor "the wife" about it just lately, making it...
16mm Forum Icon 1 Soundtrack from a 16MM feature? by Bill Brandenstein     (post # 2)
The trick is getting a 16mm device with a synchronous motor that either locks to 60Hz incoming power or some other timing control. Sidebar: I think it's ironic that you can have home-use Eumigs with...
16mm Forum Icon 1 Cores by Bill Brandenstein     (post # 4)
Agreed.Brian, just caught this and wanted to offer condolences on the recent passing of your father. Also, it's good to see you here, as well as that you're continuing to offer stuff on eBay.
General Yak Icon 1 Profile Photo by Bill Proctor     (post # 3)
Doug...Sent you a email..Bill Proctor
8mm Forum Icon 1 If you think putting 8mm film into projector is complicated, let you see this one! by Mark Davies     (post # 5)
Awkward yes.. but very cool looking.
General Yak Icon 1 Potential Bad Sellers Thread? by Tom Photiou     (post # 5)
Have to add with 15,722 sales 99.1% feedback is pretty good. Out of that many customers there are bound to be a couple who are not happy with what they buy. As i mentioned before, i think there are dodgy...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Superman and Superman 2 optical sound features? by Osi Osgood     (post # 3)
Thanks Andreas ...Was this feature optical sound or super 8?
16mm Forum Icon 1 What 16mm films did you see today? by Bill Brandenstein     (post # 426)
Well I guess it's too late for a NSFW warning on this one...
16mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 F/S feature WAR GAMES (USA, 1983) SOLD by Mauro Coscia     (post # 2)
8mm Forum Icon 1 Bad sound on "Once Upon a Mouse" by Bill Brandenstein     (post # 16)
Agreed! Definitely not the same. Thanks again for all the info, though.
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 2010 - Derann Scope Print english by Chip Gelmini     (post # 3)
I have this movie myself it is indeed a very good print hopefully you will have a buyer soon
8mm Forum Icon 1 Review Wolverine Reels2Digital MovieMaker 8mm film digitizer by Ken Abruzzo     (post # 370)
Mike, yup, DVD. Sent out a bunch of disks to family members. Surprisingly, I didn't notice any real drop off in quality. Maybe it's just my eyes. I tried saving hi-def files to my cloud drive and viewing...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Das Boot ist zu Schnell!!!! by Steve Klare     (post # 1)
So I just got the Revue Film three-parter of Das Boot.I was watching reel three last night and all of a sudden the action got a little hectic. The guys were running all over the place and speaking fast...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Which Tom & Jerry? by Matthieu van der Sluis     (post # 3)
YES, thank you.Now trying to get this one on Super 8 again.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Big Screen Revival - 13th May 2018 by Can Sanalan     (post # 6)
Hi Barry,Just wanted to ask is there parking space available at the venue?I live in North London but was hoping I could drive down there.Look forward to the event as it'll be my first.Also is "Special...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Siemens 800 Projector Lamp Specification by Edwin van Eck     (post # 2)
See:https://www.van-eck.net/itable.php?lang=en&size=0&cat=film&merk=151&type=800Here you can find the lamps suited for this projector (and other spare parts / info)
8mm Forum Icon 1 Question For Steve by Brian Fretwell     (post # 7)
I would imagine this was made for amplifiers that stated for 4-8 ohm speakers. Also it might be a better match with wither impedance set ups than a 4 with 8 or vice versa.
16mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 WTB Scope Lens by Tom Dee     (post # 1)
I am looking for a scope lens that would work with a Eiki/Elf NT2Thanks

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