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8mm Forum Icon 1 The return of the small format magazine - in a modern way by Juergen Lossau     (post # 17)
107 backers, 13.353 Euro, 66% so far;)
8mm Forum Icon 1 Problem with noris 410 by Jason Moffatt     (post # 4)
Yes, i found that same photo and it looks the same as mine.The plastic guide that fits over the flywheel spindle is on mine but it does not seem to keep the film in the channel.If i was to try threading...
General Yak Icon 1 Castle Films 1 reel releases on Talking Pictures TV (UK) by Gary Sayers     (post # 5)
The Hopalong Cassidy film was the 1 reel silent version with a dubbed music track. I love this channel!
General Yak Icon 1 Destined For A Skip by Maurice Leakey     (post # 27)
In the event of a death, the future situation of a property depends on whether the dependant/s will continue to live in the property or whether they already live elsewhere and do not wish to move.If...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Somikon HD-XL Film Scanner & Digitizer (Super) 8mm - EU market by Berend De Meyer     (post # 1)
Hi all,This 1st post for my Wiki-thread is dedicated to the brand new Somikon HD-XL Film Scanner & Digitizer (Super) 8mm - EUGoogle Translated Specifications:HD-XL film scanner for easy digitization...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Wolverine by Berend De Meyer     (post # 35)
Hi Winbert,Thanks for your comprehensive reply, appreciated! Spot on about the difference between collectors and shooters! quote:Berend, I saw you edited the post. So Somikon is a rebranded of Wolverine?...
8mm Forum Icon 1 New Wolverine Digitizer problem by Berend De Meyer     (post # 4)
Hi Barbara,Great additional on-the-job working info, thank you for sharing.Cheers
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 FS: Capricorn One - Derann Scope by Peter Harrison     (post # 4)
Now listed on eBay at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/172644730191Cheers,Peter
16mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 ELMO CX350 XENON For Sale/Trade by Adam Deierling     (post # 1)
I have an Elmo CX350 up for sale. Excellent condition machine. Includes a 50mm lens. Original cover with external speakers. Also including a spare BRAND NEW Toshiba Xenon Lamp and spare exciter lamp....

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