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8mm Forum Icon 1 Cleaning the photo diode! by Osi Osgood     (post # 15)
Thanks! I would certainly appreciate it.
8mm Print Reviews Icon 1 Intermission USA. by Leon Norris     (post # 5)
Sorry! For the miss spell!
8mm Print Reviews Icon 1 Straw Dogs by Leon Norris     (post # 7)
This feature is great! I had a ABC print for years and end up selling it! Now I wish I kept it. And a nice print with good color! It was slightly edited. But well done! You don't see it popup to often!
General Yak Icon 1 My cursed Wolverine! by Paul Adsett     (post # 4)
Its likely that B&H are being 'snowed' with returned and defective Wolverine's, given some of the user experiences on this forum.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo Lens by Leon Norris     (post # 12)
The Elmo F1.0 Hi Fi is a great lens! Ever sense I made a lens adapter I have been trying different lenses. And I'm getting close! To compare! My next one to try is the ISCO Hi Fi zoom lens. Made in Germany....
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Super 8 films for Sale! by David Velazquez     (post # 8)
Thank you Leon! I will let you know when I receive the package. Have a great weekend!
8mm Forum Icon 1 Review Wolverine Reels2Digital MovieMaker 8mm film digitizer by Mike Spice     (post # 495)
I do wonder about timing the remote of a go pro over http to get precise timing with the gate.I would have thought it needs a camera that can be instantly triggered per frame, presumably using the same...
General Yak Icon 1 Your today in pictures.. by Paul Adsett     (post # 948)
Spring arrives in our back yard:
9.5mm Forum Icon 1 Future of 9.5 filmstock by Luigi Castellitto     (post # 26)
It was a good price, considering that it was a color film, in the last a good Velvia!Could think of this, for the B / W: Fomapan R100 16mm 30.5m (about 36 euros) + cutting (? euros) + development (price...
General Yak Icon 1 Albert Finney dies. by Paul Barker     (post # 9)
my all time favourite of his is SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING. a classic british film and one that made him a star. i am so so lucky to have it on 16mm. and a great print it is too.
8mm Forum Icon 1 What Films did you show last night? by Lee Mannering     (post # 5509)
No Limit.Back in the day Derek got hold of a 35mm print to produce the super 8 print. He phoned with the news at the time and its probably the best B&W on Acetate out there from the UK.Off the Dole was...

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