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16mm Forum Icon 1 New magnetic striping service for 16mm. by Alberto Carlo Vangelisti     (post # 26)
Hello Paul,this is absolutaly NEW stock ...not Agfa, better than Agfa.We did ... around the world to find a new paste manufacturer ... that was available to produce a minimum quantity on our specifications
8mm Forum Icon 1 Measuring Frame Rate of a Projector? by Robert Lee     (post # 16)
I bought the same tachometer on ebay and I'm trying to measure the frame rate of a Eumig S810D. Is the claw the thing that hooks the sprockets? Is the shutter shaft the revolving metal in front of the...
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 A Chump At Oxford by John Fields Smith     (post # 9)
Thank You Edouard,i have sent you a pm,regards
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 Eumig 824 - Super 8 sprockets and gate by Gary Baker     (post # 39)
Glad to help. And glad the kids are into it. My daughter's reaction to me projecting an old black and white film recently was, 'Do you have to imagine the colour?'
8mm Print Reviews Icon 1 True Grit. 1 x 800ft Marketing Colour Sound by Brian Fretwell     (post # 13)
Screen shots from my 400ft extract. Only the last one shows the same shot as any of those from the 3 x400ft, unfortunately.Regarding film stock for 400ft extract prints - 2 of my Marketing prints are...
8mm Forum Icon 1 That awful Elmo Lamp Socket by Paul Browning     (post # 10)
Tom, the ceramic base is not that important, what is though is the connections made at the pins, avoid the flat style connections as these arc, and erode the pins, the enclosed style connector is more...
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 New films at Super8warehouse by Bert Haagsman     (post # 1)
Hello all,I have uploaded another batch of new titles. Most of these are listed on the home page: Super8warehouse home You may notice that some films have already been sold. In part, that's due to some...
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 ERNO RE-904 NF SOUND EDITOR by Winbert Hutahaean     (post # 2)
Hi Edouard,While you are here, I have replied your PM regarding the bracket. Let me know you have received it.Cheers,
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 WTD Night of the Living Dead by Tom Photiou     (post # 7)
Agree on that one Joe, i couldn't & wouldn't pay much more than 200 for any title to be honest.
16mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo 16 cl roller repair by yourself by Janice Glesser     (post # 11)
Edouard I don't know what the materials are, but you can contact Larry Urbanski directly for that info. I can say that I have bought these rollers and they are perfect. You can probably get other replacements...
16mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 16mm films f/s LAUREL & HARDY CHAPLIN PETER SELLERS by Stefano Cacciagrano     (post # 12)
Hi SuartCRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE is a great LPP poly print!!! only 2-3 splices at beginning (but no parts missing) and about 80cm sprocket repair at end titles. No linesYANKEE DOODLE CRICKET instead is...
General Yak Icon 1 The Creature of Stark Hills by Adam Deierling     (post # 5)
The film is now available on Amazon Prime. You can watch for free!https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072YG77YY/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_h1MszbB49Y407
8mm Forum Icon 1 Yet another series of posts on ... by Edouard Dubertret     (post # 4)
General Yak Icon 1 The Mummy - 2017 Version by Bill Harris     (post # 27)
I saw Tom Cruise meets the Mummy. I thought it played well as a comedy. Sort of like the old Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Transfering 8mm/Super8 sound and silent to digital by Joe Taffis     (post # 9)
Hi Gary,I've done my own with mixed results, but if you decide to send your film out to be transferred you might check out Integrated Imaging. They did a few really nice transfers for me... http://www.iilabs.com/
8mm Forum Icon 1 Exactly which bulb do you buy and why by Maurice Leakey     (post # 15)
SteveIt also ensures that the Osram Xenophots are still being manufactured.
General Yak Icon 1 Curiosity by Antoine Orsero     (post # 6)
Merci Dominique , je n'avais pas vu qu'il avait fait l'objet d'un sujet!
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 F1.1 lens or better suitable for Eumig S938? by David Roberts     (post # 7)
Maurizio,yes there was a version of the Schneider lens made for the eumig 938/940 ,but the e bay link you show is for the bauer version of this lens,and that wont fit the eumig.also,a 28mm barrel version...
16mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 Salvaging Elmo 16CLs - brand new but unknown condition by Maurice Leakey     (post # 8)
Fellow Member Richard C Patchett sells many new 16mm parts including those for Elmo. Here is a link which shows what is currently on sale. It may help you.http://www.rcsclassic16mm.com/elmo.html
General Yak Icon 1 Silent versions of early talkies by Dominique De Bast     (post # 3)
Thanks a lot, Chris !
General Yak Icon 1 Projectors in movies (as opposed to the other way around) by Janice Glesser     (post # 500)
Although this is a commercial for the iPhone there's plenty of film and projector references. Interesting juxtapositioning of the two technologies.https://youtu.be/wbpBdMUrqV8

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