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8mm Print Reviews Icon 1 Sudden Impact Super 8 optical feature! by Adrian Winchester     (post # 3)
I'm interested to read that Osi's print has an 'Edited for airline presentation' caption, as I bought one from Derann when their deal at the time caused them to have a whole batch, but I'm almost certain...
16mm Forum Icon 1 Bell and Howell 2580 Issue by Peter Gilabert     (post # 15)
Hey Nantawat, I know that grease people use for these projectors but do you or anyone recommend any type of oil I could use for that part?
8mm Forum Icon 1 Two blades ST1200 by Tom Photiou     (post # 10)
to get the shutter off you need to remove the machine frame assembly, its not keyed, once fitted you have to set up the "timing", i think i put up a thread on this some time ago Steve, i will try and...
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 WTB Super 8 Full-Coat Recording Tape by Bill Proctor     (post # 5)
Phil...Thanks for the heads up on the super 8 full coat. Unfortunately I don't speak the French Language so i don't understand the price structure or if they even ship to the USA.again...Thanksand best...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Do you Discriminate? Will NOT Ship? by Winbert Hutahaean     (post # 9)
I have received parcels from Italy and China and have no problem. But I beleive this since outgoing mails/parcels do not need custom authorities to check them. The frequent problems with incoming mails/parcels...
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Digest Films For Sale by Adam Deierling     (post # 1)
Captain America -$250Scope/Stereo 1x800' Acetate print in excellent condition!The Deep - $1502x 400' digest I personally recorded into stereo from the original German audio. Original Boxes! Kodak SP...
8mm Forum Icon 1 A question for Shorty ... ? by Steve Klare     (post # 3)
Wow!, I never even imagined this once being scored! I'd love to have that! Mine is the hand tinted and red faded silent edition. I saw a nice condition straight black and white once and given the choice,...
General Yak Icon 1 The Stanford Theatre - Palo Alto, CA by Janice Glesser     (post # 10)
Last night Darrin and I saw Singin' in the Rain at the Stanford Theatre. Turned out Darrin had never seen the entire movie. It was a real treat and again the quality of the 35mm print was fantastic....
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Stagecoach Super 8 optical sound feature wanted.. by Mark Mander     (post # 2)
One on eBay went recently,Not sure how much it sold for but I was surprised to see it was optical,Mark
General Yak Icon 1 I'm At The Crossroads of Life's Journey by Osi Osgood     (post # 5)
I can only imagine all the stories she has in her lifetime and the way things once were.You may have already thought of this, beiing a smart lad ("Lad"?), but if you haven't, and she's willing to do...
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST by Daniel Aveline     (post # 1)
General Yak Icon 1 Cure for VS by Joe Caruso     (post # 5)
Experimented with baking soda and that also cured a 200' subject I had wanted to keep - Glad to see we're both in the same laboratory - Cheers, Shorty
General Yak Icon 1 Russian Super 8 collectors? by Osi Osgood     (post # 1)
I'm just curious ...Are there any Russian Super 8 film websites? I'm just curious as to what might just be available over there.
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Film for sale by Panayotis A. Carayannis     (post # 1)
RED NOSES Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts,with Billy Gilbert. Fine Blackhawk copy. 20 euros+ postage.
9.5mm Forum Icon 1 British 9.5 magazine by Chris Bird     (post # 5)
Oh Good Lord, what am I going to do when my wife sees me very clearly about to acquire yet another vintage projector?! Most incriminating!Great to share a cover with you Dominique!
8mm Forum Icon 1 Sankyo 2000H Rewind by James Wilson     (post # 1)
Hi All,I`ve just noticed that when i rewind with the R button pulled outat the end of the rewind the rewind reel stops very quickly.But when I rewind without the button pulled out seems to go on andstops...
General Yak Icon 1 Celluloid life changing moments ... by Rob Young.     (post # 7)
Hi Allan, his name was Les, so unfortunately it wasn't him.I remember going to see Star Trek with my sister, my uncle, my dad and Les. That was at out local cinema in Durham City.So that was about 1979...
8mm Print Reviews Icon 1 The Sword of Villon (Errol Flynn) 1956 Blackhawk films by Robert Crewdson     (post # 13)
The only footage I have seen is amateur stuff, behind the scenes. According to Errol's biography, he completed a third, which would be about 30 mins, and was to be filmed in scope.
16mm Forum Icon 1 Marc 300 lamps? A futile exercise? by Maurice Leakey     (post # 7)
Stuart The answer is No. The prime requirement on a projector for conversion is a still device, such as on some Bell & Howells. This is needed on the conversion to be re-wired to provide a supply to...
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 Elmo 1.1 for sale by Mark Todd     (post # 1)
Hi selling my Minty elmo 1.1 lens.Very little use and lovely order.Many Thanks Mark. £72

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