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8mm Forum Icon 1 Projector Prices on eBay in UK by Tom Photiou     (post # 6)
Ebay is very much hit and miss with projectors. The reason you see a lot of elmos and eumigs is probably because there were ten time more sold than most others. The real place to see what a price of...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Xenon Fumeo 9119 "Stereo" by Tom Photiou     (post # 11)
Outstanding. That is one fine looking projecror.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Reel Images Super 8 Features by Steve Klare     (post # 12)
Hello Gary!It's always good to see you here! It brings back agreeable days.I really enjoyed getting those sales lists Friday roughly noon.-ever since there's pretty much nothing to do except eat lunch!
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 Looking for some Reels Please! by Mathew James     (post # 5)
Thanx very much for replying gents!I have ordered what I need now.Much appreciated!
8mm Forum Icon 1 Super 8 Tape Splicer Recommendations by Andrew Woodcock     (post # 15)
For example...http://www.wittnercinetec.com/epages/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WittnerCinetec-Super8-16mm-Film/Products/1121Versus...http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Super-8mm-CIR-Roll-Of-Professional-Splicing-Tape-By-Jacro-For-Cine-Film-Editing-/401058958916?hash=item5d60fa0e44:g:h8wAAOSwqYBWoVDi
8mm Forum Icon 1 new Wittner Cinetec website by Andrew Woodcock     (post # 3)
They very much are Rob as I touched upon only a few weeks back now in response to a members comments. Good news all around me thinks! In fact they now have subsequently added the Capstan Pinch Roller...
General Yak Icon 1 Rule #1? Glad you asked. by Andrew Woodcock     (post # 32)
Indeed!! (Actual Screen shot btw)Sorry no, I have no idea how much this feature will be worth in ten years time kept in darkened dry vault at -10 degrees centigrade. Nor do i ever wish to find out!
8mm Forum Icon 1 Niles Films and Price Lists by Andrew Woodcock     (post # 9)
It doesn't Bill.But do we like films, those of us who frequent these places, or the possible prospect of the monetary gains from these things?That's all Bill.
8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Spring sale - final prices - remaining features and shorts by Martin Dew     (post # 7)
PM Sent. Many thanks.
General Yak Icon 1 Florida break by David Guest     (post # 5)
yes weather will be good I have ben about 6 times always stay at kissimme enjoy fetch a few films back from universal studio
16mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Wanted: Terminus by Stuart Reid     (post # 1)
Looking for a print of this short doc. Thanks.
16mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 Looking for Dirty dancing 16mm by Stuart Reid     (post # 2)
Tom, I sold my mint print a few years back so there's definitely at least one out there!
8mm Forum Icon 1 GS1200 : P/N & Illustration for Case Support by Phil Murat     (post # 9)
Hello Larry, TomYes Larry, this exactly the missing part what I am looking for.By the picture ,set seams to be complete.....Tom, if you get illustration for that , this is great!!Thanks in advancePhil...

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