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8mm films for sale/trade/wanted Icon 1 The Fox and the hound Disney L.P.P. by Greg Perry     (post # 13)
I agree with Mark. Osi, you can’t suggest that a seller has “doctored” the images, when it is clearly a case of Lenovo camera limitations—similar to how YOU state your basic digital camera makes LPP...
8mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo GS1200 or Elmo 1200HD by Graham Ritchie     (post # 17)
DavidAlthough I am going of topic you might want to consider this...anyway.Just a thought, all about a Bell and Howell DCT its a twin track playback projector. I picked one up last year and have been...
8mm Print Reviews Icon 1 A Walt Disney Christmas by Graham Ritchie     (post # 13)
Wow that's a nice print Tom. Its a film we put on every Christmas
General Yak Icon 1 Amazing Grace by Graham Ritchie     (post # 5)
Thanks folks..Dave...I don't want to get to 92 years old I think Yvonne has plans to put something in my orange drink before then
General Yak Icon 1 They Shall Not Be Forgotten by Graham Ritchie     (post # 5)
BillIt did the cinema run here but I missed it, however I have ordered the Blu-ray so hopefully I will catch up on viewing it soon.Another interesting point, was that the cameras used were hand cranked...
General Yak Icon 1 Tool: Analog Film Emulator by Mathew James     (post # 1)
This fella is an exceptional programmer and has now created this Film Emulator... so Very neat! I wonder if it can be fed to work in realtime with digital video....you can do RAW images and higher formats...
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 For sale ... ELMO GS1200 by Osi Osgood     (post # 6)
Thanks for the comments. Usually I don't hold that down, I think was thinking of one of my other projectors that i have to hold down the button, as the ELMO does load very nicely and, without my help.John...
16mm Forum Icon 1 What 16mm films did you see today? by Janice Glesser     (post # 511)
Watching Christmas themed movies on film during the holidays is a special treat. Glad you are spreading the cheer Lee!
8mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo FP-C - Green Button Question by Janice Glesser     (post # 6)
Make sure you are clicking on the PM link icon and not the email icon.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo ST-180 repair specialist by Leon Norris     (post # 5)
Gregory, what is the problem with this Elmo ST180E machine! I do have some parts left for this Elmo. I worked on a few seance 1999. That's when I brought all the super 8 parts! Let me know!Leon Norris.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo K100 variable speed problem by Leon Norris     (post # 14)
David, just to let you know that its a common problem with this Elmo k100 projector. The Elmo k110 sm is a better choice! The k100 always had speed problems! Good Luck! Leon Norris.
8mm Forum Icon 1 Elmo ST-180E Short Circuit Problem by Leon Norris     (post # 2)
Milan, On your st180 projector. CHECK the Rectifiers on the machine! Usely that's the problem! I think you have two or three on the circuit board. I fixed these machines before and that's the problem....
8mm Forum Icon 1 Best S8 sound editor with bright screen. by Luigi Castellitto     (post # 43)
Stereo issue and external speakers apart...Did you tell me, Matthieu, the one that not work is the main or the second track? Have you tried if in addition to not playing it, the track can't even record...
General Yak Icon 1 VHS IS BACK! by Melvin England     (post # 3)
...... and to think of that car boot load I dumped at the tip last week...DAMN!!
8mm equipment for sale/trade Icon 1 Sankyo 702 twin track by Thomas Edwards     (post # 1)
Sankyo 702 now sold
8mm Forum Icon 1 Review Wolverine Reels2Digital MovieMaker 8mm film digitizer by Phil Cross     (post # 423)
Thanks Mike, will try that out.
General Yak Icon 1 David Guest. OPEN DAY. by Dominique De Bast     (post # 38)
Great, Simon !
16mm Forum Icon 1 Thanks To Phil by Maurice Leakey     (post # 1)
1) Initially banned outright in Spain for seventeen years2) Completely denounced by the Vatican3) Received the Palme d'Or at the 1961 Cannes Film Festival4) Given an "X" certificate by the British Board...
General Yak Icon 1 Video Projector BENQ W1090 : Outstanding !! by Phil Murat     (post # 2)
16mm Forum Icon 1 Color Filters - South Pacific by Roy H. Wagner     (post # 3)
I have personal history regarding the “dream sequence” in South Pacific. I know Josh Logan claims he didn’t went the filters once he saw them. The truth is that tests were done by Shamroy during pre...

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