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Author Topic: Derann Extra List Out
Tom Mc Kenzie
Film Handler

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From: United Kingdom
Registered: Jul 2004

 - posted December 08, 2004 11:42 AM      Profile for Tom Mc Kenzie   Email Tom Mc Kenzie   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 

Dont know if everybody gets these but one of the Special lists are out



500 - BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR, 1x60m - A - £14.99
1938. Mickey Mouse cartoon

501 - DIZZY KITTY, 1x60m - A - £12.99
1941. Walter Lantz cartoon

503 - FARMYARD SYMPHONY, 1x60m - A - £14.99
1938. Disney cartoon to the accompaniment of various classical tunes

506 - SNOW BUSINESS, 1x60m - A - £10.99
1953. Tweety & Silvester cartoon

507 - CRUISE CAT, 1x60m - A - £8.99
1952. Tom & Jerry cartoon. Original Walton box

509 - THE TERMINATOR, 2x360m 'scope - A - £199.99
1984. Endlessly imitated science fiction action picture directed by James Cameron. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Biehn star

510 - THAT'S CARRY ON, 1x60m - A/B - £7.99
Crazy antics from the Carry On gang in excerpts from "Carry On Screaming" and "Carry On Doctor". Original Walton box

511 - THAT'S CARRY ON, 1x60m - A/B - £7.99
Excerpts from "Carry On Doctor", "Carry On Cruising" and "Carry On Cowboy". Original Walton box

513 - MOVIETONE NEWS, 1x60m b/w - A/B - £2.99
Royal Horse Guards parade plus early footage of the Derby horse race event

514 - FOX TRAILER REEL NUMBER FIVE, 1x25m - A - £4.99
1989/85. "The Abyss" and "Cocoon"

516 - THE HOLLYWOOD MUSICAL, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £9.99
1942. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" with song, dance, comedy and best of all, James Cagney at his Oscar-winning best

Pearl & Dean opening; Lyons Maid King Cone; Philips radios; Jennings Electric; Burnley Building Society; Jean Miller Bridal Salon; David Allan Jewellers; Guinness Light; Kellog's Two Shakes milkshake (animated); Bacardi rum; Think Before You Drink Before You Drive; Vladivar vodka (animated) and Pearl & Dean close. An excellent selection of 70's advertisements

518 - MOBILE 'PHONE SPOOF, 1x12m - A - £4.99
"Don't blow the film, turn off your mobile 'phones"

519 - JUBILEE DAY 1977 - A/B - £1.99
Movietone News present royal celebrations in London. Fair quality only. Original Derann box

520 - BETTE DAVIS TRAILER REEL, 1x60m b/w (sepia tone) - A/B - £3.99
"A Stolen Life", "Juarez" and "Dark Victory". Slight sideways picture movement

521 - SUMMER NIGHTS, 1x60m 'scope - A - £9.99
1978. Extract from "Grease" starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John which includes the opening animated credits plus the title track

522 - THE SAVING SONG, 1x25m - A - £7.99
A contribution to the Second World War National Savings Movement, by Jack Hylton

523 - RAISE THE TITANIC! trailer, 1x15m 'scope - A/B - £3.99
1980. Slightly abrupt end. Preceded by Derann Film Services logo

524 - THE BAND WAGON, 2x360m - A - £159.99
1953. Classic MGM comedy musical starring Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse and Oscar Levant. Kodak pre-striped print

525 - MILKMAN VICAR, 1x60m OPTICAL SOUND - A/B - £5.99
Pathe Pictorial which looks at an English village milkman/vicar. A little lacking in colour

527 - PLUTO'S PURCHASE, 1x60m - A - £13.99
1948. Mickey sends Pluto to buy some sausages, not telling them they're a gift for neighbour pooch Butch .

528 - MICKEY'S POLO TEAM, 1x60m - A - £14.99
1936. The Mickey Mousers take on the Movie Stars in a manic polo tournament

529 - CINEMA ADVERT REEL NUMBER ONE, 1x60m - A - £12.99
Chrysler cars; Galaxy Counters (animated with Clive The Camel); Long Life beer; Chrysler cars (different to previous); Sure anti-persperant; Gillette Dry Look; Super Saturday Show; Courage Tavern beer and Embassy Panatella cigars

530 - STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN trailer, 1x12m - A - £3.99
1946. A tour-de-force of imaginative film making and directing. David Niven and Kim Hunter star

531 - TWEETY'S SOS, 1x60m - A - £8.99
1951. Tweety & Sylvester cartoon

532 - MOVIETONE NEWS REVIEW OF 1938, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £9.99
The year of the Lambeth Walk; Edwardian fashions; the opening of the exhibition of Glasgow; the Queen's voice is heard for the first time by the world's public during the launching of the Queen Elizabeth; the Queen Mary makes a two way crossing of the Atlantic in record time; Sir Malcolm Campbell increases his water speed record; the launching of one plane from another in mid air; sport; etc., etc.

533 - GENEVIEVE, 1x180m - A - £24.99
1953. Thoroughly captivating British comedy in which the title "character" is a 1904 car. John Gregson and Dinah Sheridan star. Original Derann box

534 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 11, 1x60m - B (but abrupt beginning) - £7.99
The First Place To See Films Is At The Cinema; Please: No Talking; Pepsi Cola; Diet Pepsi (Michael J. Fox); Butterkist (animated); Now Showing Showcase Cinemas; Pet Hates From Spitting Image; Intermission With Mr. Pibb and The Motion
Picture Awards Show (b/w)

535 - SCOPE '55/CAROUSEL trailer, 1x30m - B - £3.99
1955. Presented by Daryl F. Zanuck

536 - G. B. PREMIERE, 1x15m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £3.99
The premiere of "The Importance Of Being Ernest" at London's Leicester Square

537 - ROYAL VISIT TO THE ISLE OF WIGHT, 1x75m (on 120m spool) - B - £6.99
DCR re-release

538 - 450M/1,500' METAL SPOOL WITH CARDBOARD BOX (fits 360m/1,200' machines) - A - £14.99
Top quality. Three available

539 - BLITZ ON BRITAIN, 4x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £39.99
1960. A true record, compiled from both the British and German archives, that begins on 10th May, 1940 and ends with the fire of London, exactly one year later. Also includes interviews with some of the people who survived the wreckage

540 - COUNTRY MOUSE, 1x60m - A - £12.99
1935. The earliest-released cartoon to be reissued as a Blue

541 - THAT'S MY PUP!, 1x60m - A/B - £8.99
1953. Tom & Jerry cartoon

542 - EASTER PARADE, 1x450m (fits 360m capacity
machine) plus 1x360m - A - £179.99
1948. MGM musical which includes seventeen top songs. Fred Astaire, Judy Garland and Ann Miller star. Top quality Kodak pre-stripe print which is no longer available new

543 - BLACK LEADER, 1x6m - A - £0.99
With mute main and balance stripes

544 - MOVIETONE REVIEW OF 1954, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £9.99
Royal tour of the Commonwealth; appalling worldwide weather (including spectacular shot of Niagra Falls); the end of
rationing; sport; Miss World; etc. Original box

545 - SKELETON FROLIC, 1x60m - A - £13.99
1937. Basically a loose re-make of Disney's The Skeleton Dance, which follows much of the same ground, with of leaping skeletons aplenty

546 - RUNAWAY BRAIN, 1x60m - A/B - £12.99
1995. Looking to earn money for a trip to Hawaii, Mickey takes a "few hours of mindless work" with mad Dr. Frankenollie

547 - THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT (US title THE CREEPING UNKNOWN), 1x300m black and white (printed on b/w film stock) - A (very light lines on extreme right hand side) - £49.99
1955. This science fiction thriller was among the very earliest successful motion picture adaptations of a television original. Brian Donlevy and Jack Warner star

548 - NEWSREELS TRIUMPH!, 1x60m b/w - A - £9.99
The first pictures of The Carlsen Story (a man's refusal to leave his sinking ship), Royal Canadian tour, Egyptian crisis, Funeral of King George VI, Newcastle vs Arsenal cup final, the Grand National, etc., etc.

549 - WINTER JAMBOREE, 1x60m 'scope - A/B - £5.99
Movietone. 50's winter carnival time at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

550 - MOVIE MAGAZINE NUMBER ONE, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £11.99
A pot pourri of clips from early Derann releases including "Massacre In Rome", "Trouble In Store", "The Adventures Of Captain Marvel" etc.

551 - THE AUTOGRAPH HOUND, 1x60m - A - £13.99
1939. While trying to collect autographs at a Hollywood studio, Donald meets a number of movie stars and runs afoul of a
security guard

553 - REPUBLIC SERIAL TRAILERS, 1x30m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £4.99
"Zorro's Fighting Legion" plus "Don Daredevil Rides Again". Ends with colour sound Derann logo

554 - THE FABULOUS JOLSON - SECTION THREE, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £7.99
1933. Musical extract from "Hallelujah I'm A Tramp" (also known as "Hallelujah I'm A Bum") starring Al Jolson

555 - AUTO CINE., 1x60m - A - £7.99
Pathe Pictorial. A gigantic outdoor motorists cinema in Rome. Slight colour fade

556 - SCARS OF DRACULA trailer, 1x12m - A - £4.99
1970. Hammer horror starring Christopher Lee

557 - PATHE NEWS REVIEW OF 1950, 1x60m b/w - A/B - £10.99
General election; Richard Todd is voted screen actor of the year; birth of Princess Anne; sport; mass cross channel swim;
disasters; triumphs; world's first turbo jet car; DeHavilland Comet; strikes; North Korea attacks across the 38th Parallel; etc., etc.

558 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 23, 1x60m - A - £12.99
Rank Screen Advertising; Tennents Pilsner; Soft & Gentle anti persperant; Kellog's Rice Krispies (part animated); Carling Black Label; Kellog's Crunch Nut cornflakes; Smiths Monster Munch; Toffee Crisp; Heineken and Rank Screen Advertising close

559 - CALLING ALL GIRLS, 1x120m b/w - A/B - £15.99
A Warner Brothers trip to a movie picture lot and insight into how a big time motion picture show is produced

560 - HONG KONG, 1x60m - A - £7.99
Pathe Pictorial. Travel/interest

562 - THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, 1x360m plus 1x240m - A/B (light lines on extreme right hand side) - £129.99
1938. One of the screen's greatest adventure films. Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland and Basil Rathbone star. Kodak pre-stripe print

563 - KING GEORGE V, 1x60m - A - £8.99
Professional railwaymen who "play" trains by maintaining and operating the King George V locomotive. Occasional printing marks

b/w - A/B (poor sound) - £2.99
India's worst earthquake for 37 years; Paris riots; Hakodake, Japan is raised to the ground; Chicago fire; American strikes; the passing of Field Marshall Von Hindenburg, President of Germany; Queen Mary launches The Queen Mary; British
airman flies from England to Melbourne, Australia in under three days, etc., etc.

566 - DIAMOND HORSESHOE/KISS ME KATE trailers, 1x25m - A/B - £2.99
1945/53. Betty Grable/Kathryn Grayson musicals. Preceded by ABC daysets

567 - FIGARO AND FRANKIE, 1x60m - A - £11.99
1947. Walt Disney Figaro cartoon in which Figaro is hungry for a small, yellow canary named Frankie

569 - PATHE NEWS WEEKLY, 1x60m b/w - A - £10.99
Events include production work at Elstree Studios, Variety Club awards, the biggest helicopter in the world, Auschwitz
remembered, etc. Original box

570 - LOONEY TUNES CARTOON SHOW, 1x65m - A/B - £10.99
Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote, Tweety & Sylvester, etc.

571 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 20, 1x60m - A - £12.99
Rank Screen Advertising opening; Rolo; Carling Black Label (Dambusters spoof); Diet Coke; Lynx Africa deodorant; Kit Kat; Orangina; Bacardi; Guinness Enigma; Carlsberg and Rank Screen Advertising close (abrupt end)

572 - FIRE OVER LONDON, 1x60m - A - £9.99
Rank "Look At Life". London fire prevention, etc.

573 - MOVIETONE REVIEW OF 1952, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £9.99
Water speed tragedy on Loch Ness; Glasgow to Euston express crashes with the loss of over one hundred lives; test pilot loses his life at Farnborough Air Show; De Havilland Comet makes its first flights on regular service; American Presidential
elections; the death and funeral of King George V, etc., etc.

574 - TREASURES OF TUTANKHAMUN, 1x60m - B - £6.99
Commencing in the Valley Of The Kings where we see the
inside of the Tomb, discovered in 1922. We then accompany the Queen as she visits this unique exhibition at the British
Museum. The film includes every major exhibit. Slight colour fade. Original Walton box

576 - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST trailer (number two), 1x12m - B/C (intermittent green scratch) - £1.99
1991. Disney's 30th animated feature

577 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 12, 1x60m - B - £7.99
Heineken (academy leader spoof); Carling Black Label (Dambusters spoof); Rank Screen Advertising; Carling Black Label; Castlemaine XXXX; Sure deodorant; Gordon's & Tonic; Nescafe; Gordon's & Tonic (different to previous); Red Rock cider (Leslie Nielsen); Gordon's & Tonic (The End) and Rank Screen Advertising close. This print has been used as part of our Open Day programmes and contains a few splices

578 - THE FOX HUNT, 1x60m - A - £14.99
1938. Donald & Goofy cartoon

580 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENTS OF THE 60'S, 1x60m - A/B - £11.99
Lyons Maid Fruit Parfait; Zoom ice lolly (with Fireball XL5 characters); Lyons Maid Cornish Sundae; Butterkist; Lyons Maid hot dog; Kia-Ora; Pepsi-Cola; ABC Presents (various
advertisements); ABC Film Review; P&M Advertising Presents (various advertisements); Lyons Maid Zoom ice lolly/FAB ice lolly (with Stingray/Thunderbirds characters); McLeans
toothpaste; Babycham (part animated), etc. Recommended. Original box

581 - MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY trailer, 1x25m - A - £3.99
1962. MGM adventure drama starring Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard. Preceded by ABC daysets

582 - THE THREE MUSKETEERS trailer, 1x6m - A/B - £2.99
1949. MGM adventure with Gene Kelly and Lana Turner. Original Derann box

583 - REPUBLIC TRAILER REEL, 1x30m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £5.99
1940/1937. "Mysterious Doctor Satan" plus "Zorro Rides Again"

585 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENTS NUMBER 6, 1x60m - A/B - £10.99
Pearl & Dean Presents; Silver Leaf; Dinky toys; Timex; Tesco Home 'N' Wear; Nescafe coffee; Woodbine cigarettes; Typhoo tea (animated); Milk; Birds Angel Delight (animated); Smitty fragrance; Ferguson audio; Holsten Pils lager; Polaroid 1000 camera; Johnson's cotton buds (animated); Band-Aid plasters; Jacob's cream crackers; Heineken lager (animated) and Pearl & Dean close

Vivas body spray; A Diamond Is Forever; Gordon's & Tonic; Think before You Drink, Before You Drive; Midland Bank; Pernod; Lee Cooper jeans and A Diamond Is Forever (different to previous)

587 - THE CORONATION SCOT, 1x60m b/w - A - £11.99
New locomotive design that was set to make railway history. These trains were scheduled to complete the 400 miles between London and Glasgow and in the reverse direction in six and a half hours. Plastic case

588 - GAUMONT BRITISH NEWS REVIEW OF 1944, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £11.99
The sea war continues; the far east front; the Russian front; the Mediterranean front; invasion and Armistice Day

589 - PATHE NEWS REVIEW OF 1949, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £9.99
The Atlantic pact; Britain lights up after a decade of darkness; the Derby; baby Prince Charles; the end of clothes and sweet rationing; 4,000 London dockers go on strike; heat wave;
aviation; etc., etc.

590 - ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES/SO THIS IS PARIS trailers, 1x30m - A - £4.99
1943/54. Romantic costume adventure starring Maria Montez plus musical comedy starring Tony Curtis. Preceded by ABC daysets (B)

591 - THE OUTBREAK, 1x35m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £7.99
The start of the Second World War. Good footage. Fletcher

592 - THE HOLLYWOOD MUSICALS, 1x70m (on 120m spool) - A/B - £7.99
1946. Extract from MGM's "Till the Clouds Roll By", being the musicalized and highly fictionalised life story of beloved
composer Jerome Kern. Judy Garland and Dinah Shores star

595 - UNCLE TOM'S CABANA, 1x60m - A - £12.99
1947. Classic Tex Avery cartoon. A little lacking in colour, but all copies are similar

597 - PIC 'N' MIX, 1x60m - A/B (abrupt end) - £10.99
Faber Advertising Presents The Vanity Box; ABC Film Review (b/w); Dowding Radio; Announcing Lyons ice cream (b/w); Butterkist; Lyons Frankies SRB hot dog plus "The Real Thing", the world's first three dimensional advertising film in colour, with Dora Bryan (not in
3D), "The Fighting Seabees" trailer
(b/w) and "God Save The King (b/w)

598 - ELMER ELEPHANT, 1x60m - B - £9.99
1936. Walt Disney cartoon which also features Joe Giraffe, Joey Hippo and Tillie Tiger

599 - FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH, 1x25m - A - £9.99
1960's. Hayley Mills and John Mills present an advertisement for "Showtime" magazine plus advertisements for Wall's ice cream; Lyons Maid ice cream (with Captain Scarlet puppets); Frank Furter; Lyon's Maid Raspberry Surprise, etc.

600 - SPEED, 2x360m 'scope/stereo - A - £169.99
1994. One of the fastest-moving adventure films ever made, in which Keanu Reeves stars as an LA Bomb Squad specialist whose principal antagonist is elusive bomber-extortionist
Dennis Hopper

601 - DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE (DIE HARD 3), 5x180m 'scope/stereo - A - £179.99
1995. Bruce Willis returns as misfit cop John McClane in the third film in the action packed "Die Hard" series. Also stars
Jeremy Irons and Samuel L. Jackson

602 - DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, 1x300m plus 1x360m - A/B (very light lines on extreme right hand side) - £129.99
1968. Hammer costume horror starring Christopher Lee and Rupert Davis. Kodak pre-stripe print

603 - 633 SQUADRON, 2x180m 'scope - A/B (light lines on extreme right hand side) - £69.99
1964. A squadron of Mosquito bombers (real ones were used in the film) are sent to bomb a German factory in a heavily
defended Norwegian fjord. Cliff Robertson and George Chakiris star

604 - THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, 8x180m 'scope - A - £224.99
1964. Classic historical drama which is now infamous as the epic which destroyed the cinematic "empire" of producer
Samuel Bronston. All star cast includes Alec Guinness, Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd and James Mason. Original Derann

605 - DOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE, 1x60m - A - £11.99
Similar style of animation to George Pal's Puppetoons

606 - ROLLERCOASTER RABBIT, 1x60m stereo - A/B - £11.99
1990. Maroon cartoon. Preceded by Dolby Stereo presentation logo

609 - HIS HARE RAISING TALE, 1x60m - A - £9.99
1951. Bugs Bunny cartoon

611 - JERRY AND JUMBO, 1x60m - A - £14.99
1953. Tom & Jerry cartoon. Brand new, boxed and sealed Derann print

612 - THE SWORD IN THE STONE, 3x180m - A - £119.99
1963. Disney's animated take on Arthurian legend. Original box

613 - THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! III, 6x120m - A - £149.99
1994. The third instalment of the series contains a total of 62 musical numbers and includes scenes from more than 100 films. Hosted by nine stars from the old musicals including Gene Kelly, Esther Williams, Debbie Reynolds and Mickey Rooney

614 - THE MAD DOCTOR, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £14.99
1933. Mickey Mouse cartoon which also features Pluto

615 - NIT-WITTY KITTY, 1x60m - A - £9.99
When Mammy whacks Tom with her broom, he suffers an
attack of amnesia and begins acting like a mouse. Original Derann box

616 - THEIR LIFELINE THE NILE, 1x60m - A - £8.99
Rank "Look At Life". Beautiful colour

617 - THE LION KING, 1x300m plus 1x240m stereo - B - £89.99
One of the most popular Disney animated musicals

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Mike Peckham
Phenomenal Film Handler

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 - posted December 08, 2004 02:07 PM      Profile for Mike Peckham   Email Mike Peckham   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Hello Tom

Derann always used to post their list on the forum but seem to have been out of the habit just recently, donb't know why that is. Duncan?


Auntie Em must have stopped wondering where I am by now...

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Kevin Faulkner
Film God

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 - posted December 08, 2004 04:38 PM      Profile for Kevin Faulkner         Edit/Delete Post 
Have suggested to Duncan that a good couple of adds for a release would be the Renault "Shake that Ass" adds. Great fun and Great Music.


GS1200 Xenon with Elmo 1.0...great combo along with a 16-CL Xenon for that super bright white light.

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