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Posted by Jim Schrader (Member # 9) on August 01, 2003, 07:53 AM:
For those of you who do not get the used film list from Derann here it is [Cool]
August, 2003

All films are super 8mm colour, magnetic sound, unless otherwise stated.
The size refers to the spool(s) and not to the actual film length

Condition is graded as follows:-
A - Very Good : B - Good : C - Fair : D - Poor

Prices include 17.5 per cent VAT (Value Added Tax) which is not applicable
to non EEC countries and which is deductible by dividing the price by 1.175

An extra 10 per cent (Europe) or 15 per cent (rest of the world) should be
added to cover air mail post and packing (minimum £5). Large orders are sent
via UPS (United Parcel Service) at cost

Payment should be made via credit card or bank draft in Pounds Sterling
(made payable via a UK clearing bank)

Thank you as always for your continued and valued support


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469 - THE POSITIVE-NEGATIVE MAN, 1x120m - B - £19.99
60's Avengers TV episode digest starring Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg. Some
colour fade. Original Derann box

470 - WAR OF THE WORLDS, 1x120m - B - £17.99
50's science fiction based on H. G. Well's chilling novel. Gene Barry and
Ann Robinson star. Produced by George Pal. Original Marketing packaging

471 - PIE-PIRATES, 1x60m - A/B - £7.99
Yogi Bear cartoon. Original Columbia label and plastic case

472 - WORLD OF WAX, 1x120m black and white (printed on b/w film stock) - B/C
- £9.99
Originally made in colour

473 - THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, 1x120m - B - £17.99
Hammer horror starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Original Derann

474 - LUST FOR A VAMPIRE, 1x120m - A/B - £19.99
Hammer horror starring Ralph Bates and Barbara Jefford

475 - RED HOT RIDING HOOD, 1x60m - A - £11.99
Tex Avery cartoon. American print

476 - THE MUMMY'S SHROUD, 1x120m - A/B - £19.99
Hammer horror starring Andre Morell and Elizabeth Sellars. Original Derann

477 - THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN - THE CREATION, 1x30m (on 60m spool) b/w (on
b/w film stock) - A - £7.99
From the Universal 8 "Great Scene" series. Colin Clive and Elsa Lanchester

478 - FRANKENSTEIN'S NEW BRAIN, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £11.99
Stars Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Lionel Atwill, Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney as the

479 - THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A
- £7.99
Half man, half fish horror starring Richard Carlson

480 - JAWS, 2x120m - A - £27.99
One of the greatest box-office attractions in the history of motion
pictures. Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss star. Slight colour fade.
Original Universal 8 packaging

481 - NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH, 1x120m - B - £14.99
The Flintstones. Bonum case

482 - THE CINEMA STEPS OUT, 1x60m - B - £9.99
Rank "Look At Life". The post war slump in cinema going is ending ... Colour
fading. Plastic case

483 - MIDNIGHT PATROL, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £11.99
Stan and Ollie's first night on police duty and their patrol car is stripped
of its tyres! Sent to investigate a burglary, they enter the house with a
battering ram. They even arrest the Chief of Police! Original Walton box

484 - MORE TRAMS AROUND, 1x60m (part b/w) - B - £17.99
A must for the tram lover, here we see footage old and new. Perry's release

485 - THE SOUP SONG, 1x60m - A - £17.99
A chance to see a complete sequence from "Snow White" that never got any
further than the pencil stage! Introduced by Walt Disney himself. Original

486 - BRITISH MOVIETONE NEWS 1940, 1x60m b/w - A - £17.99
Includes the fall of Mr. Chamberlain, various German invasions, The Home
Guard is borne, airborne battles over Dover, the south east coast, London ,
Merseyside and Coventry, aircraft production, the war at sea, etc. Original

487 - THEM THAR HILLS, 1x120m b/w - A - £24.99
Laurel & Hardy in which Ollie recuperates from a bad case of gout. Original

488 - OUR WIFE, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £27.99
Ollie's in love, but the future father-in-law forbids the marriage. Ollie
therefore plans an elopement and Stan helps his pal as only he knows how.
Original box

489 - CAPITAL CITY, 1x90m (on 120m spool) - A/B - £19.99
Filmed during Coronation year, we are given an insight into the history of
England's glorious capital. Original box

490 - TIT FOR TAT, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £27.99
Laurel & Hardy open an electrical store. Walton print

491 - BRITISH MOVIETONE NEWS 1945, 1x60m b/w (pink tint) - A - £12.99
Victory In Europe, Victory In Japan and the atomic bomb

492 - HORROR TRAILER REEL, 1x60m - B - £26.99
"The Devil's Bride", "The Creeping Flesh", "The Crimson Cult", "I, Monster",
"Night Of The Blood Monster", "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave", "Curse Of
The Crimson Altar", "Hannie Caulder", "Dracula AD1972" and "Horroritual
(short). Colour fading on certain titles. Plastic case

493 - CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND trailer, 1x15m - B - £7.99
Fantasy directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Richard Dreyfuss

494 - MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES trailer (sepia tone), COUNT YORGA VAMPIRE and
FREDDY'S DEAD, THE FINAL NIGHTMARE trailer, 1x40m - A - £14.99
James Cagney, Robert Quarry and Robert Eglund

495 - ADVERTISEMENT REEL, 1x120m - B - £17.99
Includes Pearl, Dean & Youngers opening; Silver Leaf fruit; Dinky toys;
Timex watches; Tesco Home 'N' Wear; Walker's crisps; Longlife beer; Pepsi
Cola; Martini; VW Golf; Guinness; PG Tips (plumber); Hovis; Philips
Philishave; Super Bazooka gum; Ovaltine; Bacardi rum; Zamoyski vodka; Don't
Drink And Drive; Burnley Building Society; Heineken lager (Three Little
Pigs); Smirnoff vodka; Schweppes No. 1: Schweppes No. 2; Pearl, Dean &
Youngers close; Typhoo tea; milk; Birds Angel Delight; Smitty perfume;
Ferguson; Holsten Pils; Polaroid cameras; Johnson's cotton buds; Band Aid
plasters and Jacob's cream crackers

496 - ROCKETSHIP, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £17.99
Larry "Buster" Crabbe stars as Flash Gordon. Original Niles packaging

497 - GOLDDIGGERS OF 1935/FOOTLIGHT PARADE trailers, 1x25m b/w (on b/w film
stock) - A - £12.99
Two Busby Berkeley favourites from Thunderbird

498 - RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON Episode One - "Moon Rocket", 1x120m b/w (on
b/w film stock) - A/B - £14.99
Republic Pictures introduce its new character, Commando Cody

499 - SON OF ROCKZILLA, 1x120m - A - £24.99
The Flintstones. Original Columbia box

500 - THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, 1x240m plus 1x360m 'scope - B - £99.99
Devil worship horror piece starring Vincent Price and Hazel Court. German
credits, English sound. Metal containers

501 - ON TOP OF THE WORLD, 1x60m - B - £9.99
Rank "Look At Life" which features beautiful Lapland. Some colour fade.
Bonum case

502 - BARNEY THE INVISIBLE, 1x120m - A - £24.99
The Flintstones. Original Columbia box

503 - BIG BUSINESS, 1x120m b/w - A - £19.99
Laurel & Hardy sell Christmas trees. Music track

504 - SCARS OF DRACULA, 1x120m - A/B - £19.99
Hammer horror starring Christopher Lee and Dennis Waterman. Slight sideways
picture movement. Original Derann label and plastic case

505 - TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, 1x120m - A - £24.99
Hammer vampire saga starring Christopher Lee and Geoffrey Keen. Plastic case

506 - G. I. JETSON, 1x120m - A/B - £16.99
Cartoon fun with Hanna-Barbera's space age Jetsons family. Original Columbia

507 - TERRYTOONS DOUBLE BILL, 1x120m - A - £7.99
"House Busters" (Heckle & Jeckle) plus "Plumber's Helpers" (Terry Bears).
Dasco case

508 - LAUREL & HARDY REEL, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - B - £14.99
"Kidding The Bank" plus "Hog Wild". Walton prints

Extracts from "Scars Of Dracula", "The Horror Of Frankenstein", etc., linked
with professional commentary. Plastic case

510 - UNSUNG HERO, 1x60m 'scope - A - £14.99
The Famous Terrytoon that put 20th Century Fox inc. on the CinemaScope
scene. Great fun too! Slight colour fade. Original Cineavision packaging

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512 - DONALD'S OSTRICH, 1x60m - A - £19.99
Donald's job as a railway announcer is turned upside down when an unusual
package arrives at the station. Original box

513 - TARKA THE OTTER, 1x120m - B/C - £5.99
For many years the otter has been hunted by man and dog. Beautifully filmed
in North Devon, this is a story of one such otter, his family, his friends
and his enemies. Original Walton box

514 - SATURDAY AFTERNOON, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) silent - A - £17.99
1926 Mack Sennett Pathe Comedy starring Harry Langdon. Blackhawk print

515 - THIS ISLAND EARTH, 1x120m - A - £19.99
Science fiction classic starring Jeff Morrow and Faith Domergue. Some colour
fade. Original Universal 8 packaging

516 - HEAVE HO, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £19.99
Out in the woolly west, Stand and Ollie break into a saloon - the hard way.
Stan tries to assist Ollie up the outside of the building on a pulley. Ollie
takes some unpleasant knocks, but gives as much as he takes. Original
Mountain box

517 - LAUREL & HARDY IN TOYLAND, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B -
Stan and Ollie make life-size soldiers instead of toys as Father Christmas
ordered, but they put them to good use to save Toyland from the Bogeymen.
Original Mountain box

518 - RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, 1x120m - A/B - £19.99
Steven Spielberg thriller starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. Original
Marketing packaging

519 - BUGS BUNNY ANNIVERSARY, 1x25m - A - £8.99
Produced by Warner Brothers to celebrate this famous and popular cartoon
character. Features some of his most memorable scenes

520 - ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, 1x120m - C - £7.99
Italian director Sergio Leone combines the talents of Henry Fonda and
Charles Bronson to give us the biggest spaghetti western of them all.
Original Marketing packaging

521 - IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, 1x120m 3D - A/B - £39.99
The night the earth will never forget! In terrifying 3D. Richard Carlson and
Barbara Rush star. Original Universal 8 packaging including three pairs of
3D glasses

522 - SAMSON & DELILAH, 1x120m - A - £19.99
Biblical epic directed and produced by Cecil B. DeMille. Victor Mature and
Hedy Lamarr star. Original Marketing packaging

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524 - SCREWBALL SQUIRREL, 1x60m - A - £14.99
Tex Avery cartoon. Original box

525 - DINOSAUR PROMO., 1x50m - A/B - £11.99
Disney. Almost life-like

526 - ORION TRAILER REEL, 1x12m - A/B - £7.99
"Robocop" plus "Silence Of The Lambs". Original label

527 - GONE WITH THE WIND trailer, 1x25m - A/B - £6.99
MGM Selznick classic. Winner of ten Academy Awards. Original box

528 - FILM FOR THE COLLECTOR MAGAZINE Issue #52 (February, 2003) - £5
including air mail postage
40 pages, including special tribute to Derek, "The Boss"

529 - POCAHONTAS, 4x180m stereo - A - £149.99
Journey on the ultimate voyage of discovery in this animated Disney tale of
courage and friendship. Absolutely as new. Original box

530 - BRITISH MOVIETONE NEWS, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £16.99
The final edition of Movietone News in which tribute is paid to the team who
have brought Movietone News to the screen for fifty years. Preceded by
"How's Your Memory?", a short film which promotes civil defence. Original
Derann case

531 - PETER AND THE WOLF, 1x120m - A - £29.99
Animated Disney classic

532 - LAUGHING GRAVY, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £29.99
Laurel & Hardy which features Stan's dog "Laughing Gravy". Original
Blackhawk box

533 - DAMNATION ALLEY, 1x120m - B - £5.99
Futuristic chiller starring George Peppard and Jan-Michael Vincent. Original
Fox case

534 - RETURN OF THE CYBERNAUTS, 1x120m - B/C - £14.99
Ever popular Avengers TV episode starring Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg.
Colour fading. Original Derann box

535 - QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, 1x120m (U.S. title "Five Million Miles To
Earth"), 1x120m - A/B - £16.99
A Seven Arts - Hammer Film Production. Andrew Keir and James Donald star.
Colour fading. Original Derann box

536 - COME INSIDE PART TWO (complete film), 1x60m - A - £6.99
70's glamour film

537 - LOOKING BACK, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £19.99
Universal News. Includes harsh winter and subsequent floods, coal strikes
and power cuts, royal visit to South Africa, sport, tragic Indian riots and
near war, launching of Edinburgh Castle, unveiling of King George V
memorial, rail disasters, etc. Original Derann box

538 - NO NOISE, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) silent - A/B - £1.99
Pathe Comedy featuring Our Gang. The patients in hospital are hoping for
peace and quiet, but there's not much chance of that with a bunch of
mischievous youngsters on the loose! Plastic case and colour label

539 - YOU'RE DARN TOOTIN', 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) silent - A -
1928. Stan & Ollie take up music, play the wrong tune and end up on the
street. Original Mountain box

540 - FRANKENSTEIN'S NEW BRAIN, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) silent (with
sound stripes) - A/B - £2.99
Extract from "The Ghost Of Frankenstein". Bela Lugosi and Sir Cedric
Hardwicke star. Original Universal 8 box

541 - COME INSIDE Part Two, 1x60m - A/B - £3.99
70's glamour film. No opening titles

542 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 23, 1x60m - A - £17.99
Includes Tennents Pilsner, Soft And Gentle, Kellogg's Rice Crispies, Carling
Black Label, Monster Munch, Toffee Crisp, Heineken, etc., etc. Absolutely as

543 - NAKED GUN THIRTY THREE AND A THIRD trailer, 1x100m - A - £5.99
Leslie Nielsen comedy

544 - WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK, 1x60m - A - £4.99
The task of cleaning up the dwarfs' untidy home is made easier for Snow
White and her animal friends as she sings "Whistle While You Work". Brand
new, boxed and sealed

545 - THE JOLSON STORY trailer, 1x15m - A - £7.99
Impeccable Hollywood biopic starring Larry Parks who uses Jolson's own voice

546 - MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, 1x60m - A - £1.99
A thrilling classic of high adventure on the high seas. Marlon Brando and
Trevor Howard star. Original MGM box

547 - ONCE UPON A DREAM, 1x60m - A - £3.99
Sleeping Beauty sings "I Wonder" on a stroll through the forest with her
animal friends ... Original box

548 - THE SOUP SONG, 1x60m (on 120m spool) b/w - A - £19.99
Sketch drawings from Walt Disney's "Snow White" plus an animated sequence
that was never included in the finished film. As new

Anthony Quinn/Clint Eastwood

550 - THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! III Part Two, 1x120m - A - £14.99
Variable sound

551 - THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! III! Part Five, 1x120m - A - £14.99
Variable sound

552- TITANIC trailer, 1x25m 'scope - A - £9.99
This was the most expensive film made so far. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate
Winslet star

553 - FROM SOUP TO NUTS, 1x120m STANDARD 8 b/w (on b/w film stock) silent -
no opening titles, otherwise A/B - £3.99
1928. Laurel & Hardy. Original Blackhawk box

554 - THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!, 4x180m (part b/w) - A - £119.99
A slapdash compilation of MGM's splendid past with a plethora of stars
including Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, James Stewart, Bing
Crosby, Liza Minnelli, Donald O'Connor, etc. Bonum spools and cases

555 - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK trailer, 1x12m 'scope - A/B - £4.99
The "Star Wars" saga continues. Fair quality only

556 - THE VITAL EARTH, 1x180m - B - £7.99
Documentary about farming in India, made by the Central Office Of
information. Any takers?

557 - PATHE NEWS REVIEW OF 1940, 1x60m STANDARD 8 b/w (on b/w film stock) -
A/B - £6.99

558 - ACROSS THE FIRTH OF FORTH, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £4.99
A charming 60's look at Scotland's famous bridge, which took seven years to
build, during which sixty men lost their lives. Originally made in colour,
this b/w version has an extra charm

559 - TELL THEM LITTLE WILLIE BOY IS HERE, 1x120m - B - £2.99
Western story of white man's guilt starring Robert Redford and Robert Blake

560 - GAUMONT BRITISH NEWS REVIEW OF JUBILEE YEAR, 1935, 1x60m b/w (on b/w
film stock) - B - £11.99
This film covers all major events of the year, disasters, sport, records,
Royal occasions, foreign affairs and history. Original Fletcher Films

561 - TRAINS OF THE FUTURE, 1x60m - A - £14.99
Movietone. The introduction by British Rail of the Inter City 125 diesel
train, capable of 125 miles per hour plus Japan's famed bullet train, first
introduced in 1964 and which travels at 250 kilometres per hour. We also
take a look at an English stately home's miniature railway which travels at
a maximum of 15 miles per hour!

562 - OH. MR. PORTER!, 4x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £44.99
Marvellous star comedy from Gainsborough starring three top comedians, Will
Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt. Original Walton boxes

563 - WEST SIDE STORY, 1x80m (on 120m spool) 'scope - A - £25.99
Contains the hit songs "Officer Krupke", "I Feel Pretty" and "Montage"
(Quintet). Natalie Wood and Richard Breymer star

564 - ON THE WESTERN REGION, 1x60m silent - B/C - £0.99
Rail film from the Days Of Steam series, made between '59 and '62 in which
we see the mighty locomotives of the Castle and King classes. Original
Fletcher packaging

565 - SUMMER NIGHTS, 1x60m 'scope - A - £16.99
Musical highlights from "Grease" starring John Travolta and Olivia

566 - SCHINDLER'S LIST trailer, 1x15m b/w - A - £5.99
Brilliant Spielberg treatment of a true story. Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley

567 - TARZAN PROMO., 1x35m - A - £9.99
Touching extract from Walt Disney's full length animated feature

568 - BULGARIA, 1x60m - A - £15.99
You will be surprised to find such a colourful and exuberant land in the
eastern Mediterranean

569 - THE THREE MUSKETEERS trailer, 1x12m - A - £6.99
A rousing version of the famous story. Gene Kelly and Lana Turner star

570 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 12, 1x60m - A - £17.99
Includes Dambusters spoof, Castlemaine XXXX, Redrock cider, Gordon's gin,
famous Nescafe, etc.

571 - CINEMA ADVERTISEMENT REEL NUMBER 20, 1x60m - A - £17.99
Includes Rolo, Smirnoff, Diet Coke, Lynx, Kit Kat, Orangina, Bacardi, Enigma
lager, Carlsberg, etc.

572 - ANCHORS AWEIGH, 1x120m - B/C - £6.99
The leave of a lifetime for two young sailors. Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly
star. Original MGM case

573 - PASTORAL SYMPHONY NUMBER TWO, 1x120m (on 180m spool) - A/B - £24.99
The last three movements from Walt Disney's "Fantasia", commencing with the
sound track

574 - FROM SOUP TO NUTS, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) silent - A/B -
Laurel & Hardy which also stars Edgar Kennedy. Original Blackhawk box

575 - DALEKS INVASION EARTH 2150AD, 1x120m 'scope - A - £29.99
Both extracts joined together. Peter Cushing and Bernard Cribbins star. Nice
quality. Original Walton labels and plastic case

576 - THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE, 1x60m - A/B - £22.99
Ever popular extract from Walt Disney's "Fantasia"

577 - TSB ADVERTISEMENT REEL, 1x60m - A/B - £13.99
TSB opening, Nescafe, Super Nintendo, Gordon's gin, "Batman & Robin" trailer
with Adam West and Burt Ward (buy it now on video), 7 Up, Lee jeans,
Guinness and TSB close

578 - PREST-O CHANGE-O, 1x60m - A - £14.99
Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies cartoon. Plastic case

579 - FOR THE RECORD, 1x60m - A - £15.99
Rank "Look At Life" which features the production of a record, namely Helen
Shapiro's "Walking Back To Happiness". Colour fade. Plastic case

580 - THE WABBIT WHO CAME TO SUPPER, 1x60m A - £15.99
'Early' Bugs Bunny cartoon. Colour fade. Plastic case

581 - IT ALWAYS HAPPENS, 1x120m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A - £24.99
Andy Clyde comedy. Original Columbia box

582 - PORKY'S PREVIEW, 1x60m b/w (on b/w film stock) - A/B - £9.99
Porky Pig cartoon. Slightly 'soft' focus. Plastic case

583 - SHEEP AMOY, 1x60m - A - £12.99
Warner Brothers Sheep Dog cartoon. Original Technofilm packaging

584 - THE MAIL PILOT, 1x60m b/w - A/B - £16.99
'Early' Mickey Mouse cartoon. German titles, English sound. Nice sharp print

585 - BIG BRAVE BEAR, 1x60m - A - £10.99
Hanna-Barbera Yogi Bear carton. Plastic case

586 - STAR WARS trailer, 1x12m - A - £7.99
American print? Slight colour fade

587 - THE SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, 1x180m - A/B - £29.99
Four extracts joined together. Some colour fade. Schneider spool and case

A spoof on Alfred Hitchcock Presents in which Porky sets out on a trial of
intrigue and laughter

589 - SATURN 3, 1x120m - A - £15.99
Blend of space fiction, horror and suspense. Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett
star. Original Walton packaging

590 - THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, 1x120m - A - £9.99
Travel back in time to a land where prehistoric pterodactyls ruled the sky
and dinosaurs ruled supreme. Patrick Wayne and Sarah Douglas star. Some
colour fade. Original Ken packaging

591 - ROUND THE BEND, 1x60m - B - £9.99
Motor transport. Silverstone motor racing, go kart racing and a look back to
the historical London to Brighton car run. Colour fade. Original Derann box

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