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Posted by Rob Koeling (Member # 35) on November 24, 2004, 09:31 AM:
I bought a Bauer T600 a few months ago. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to play with it yet, but I think I'm very pleased with it. It seems to be in very good condition. Nice steady picture and a very silent runner. Two issues that I haven't figured out:
- Sound output seems to be much too low. Long time ago I had a Norris stereo projector with the same problem. There I could solve the problem by adjusting the soundhead. How can I do the same thing here? Everything seems to be difficult to reach in this machine. I also thought it was difficult to clean the soundhead.
- It seems to be difficult to clean the gate properly. Is it possible to take a part out? Or is there a special thin brush for these projectors?

Oh and one more thing. One of the rollers squeaks a bit every now and then. What kind of grease is normally used for this projector?

Any help is appreciated!

- Rob

(who is completely fascinated by the cleaning film with water thread; can't wait to find some time to try it out)
Posted by Heinz-Juergen Schachner (Member # 32) on November 25, 2004, 09:36 AM:
Hi Rob,

yes, it is a bit difficult to clean the gate of the BAUER studio machines. The best way is to pull out the film pressure part and then clean the gate with a cotton swab, soaked with isopropanol. If you are taking out the lamp, this goes much better. It is not recommended to dismount the complete film gate, because it is possible to damage the claw when doing this.

I am using a grease called "Microlube", which is available from Wittner Kinotechnik in Germany, to lube the BAUER machines. I think the type of grease is not very important - it must be heat resistant, only.

The sound problems you are having with your BAUER T 600 is a known problem with this model (and the T 500, T 520). The transformer of these models is notorious for a very annoying humming sound. This has been fixes in the later models (T 502, T 510, T 525 and T 610).

Best Wishes

Heinz-Juergen Schachner
Posted by Rob Koeling (Member # 35) on December 03, 2004, 10:04 AM:
Hi Heinz,

Thanks for your reply!
I haven't yet tried to pull out the film pressure part, but will do tonight. Any tips for cleaning the sound head? I have managed to _sort of_ clean it, put I wasn't impressed with the access to the head from the front.

I'm not sure if the sound problem I have is only the one you describe. The sound seems to be generally low. I always have to turn up the volume to 4/5 and for some films even to 6 or 7 to have an acceptable sound level. And yes, the hum gets really quite annoying at that level.
I might be able to get my hands on a T610 for parts (the machine is described as beyond repair). Is it possible to just swap the transformer?

Thanks for your input!

- Rob
Posted by Kevin Faulkner (Member # 6) on December 04, 2004, 05:05 PM:
These machines like most super 8 mag sound machines normaly have coils in series with the replay head. These coils can be moved arround to cancel out the hum. They are called "Hum Buck or Cancel coils". They will normally be quite close to the head and should be adjusted with the motor and lamp running.
Maybe Heinz knows where these are on the Bauer machines. On the Elmo's they are the small yellow covered coils mounted just under the heads. On the Eumig 800 series the coil is sitting behind the switch panel.


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