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Posted by Robert Oakley (Member # 141) on June 19, 2009, 04:40 PM:
Does anybody know if the owner is on vacation or something? I didn't get an estimate (they should've got it Tuesday)on my GS-800. I called but got no answer and no answering machine. I emailed them last night but haven't received a response. This is the first projector I've sent to Eltek and the seem to have great reviews - anyone know whats going on?
Posted by Jon Addams (Member # 816) on June 20, 2009, 11:21 PM:
Hi Robert,

It's my understanding they closed shop and moved to Romania a couple of weeks ago.

I had a couple of machines with them and drove to their home in Flushing to pick them up the evening before they left. Veronica told me they would be gone for about a year but was not sure if they would be back to New York or would settle somewhere else.

I bought some spare parts from them for the Elmo ST-180

They still have the same email address and she said they would be monitoring all emails perhaps they left someone in charge of undelivered machines because they had rented storage space in Long Island City and were stacking it up the week they were scheduled to leave.

Good luck


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Posted by Robert Oakley (Member # 141) on June 21, 2009, 02:55 AM:
I see - well it was sure nice of him to take the website down. This C.COLTIADE is the person who signed for my package. They haven't sent me a reply by email yet. I'll have to have fedex get it from them. Thanks for the reply at least that clears things up.
Posted by Jon Addams (Member # 816) on June 21, 2009, 11:08 AM:
Their website is still up,

Posted by Robert Oakley (Member # 141) on June 21, 2009, 02:31 PM:
I was just being sarcastic - why hasn't he taken down his web page is what I was getting at. Thanks for the info though, I'm a little far away from the 7 train right now.

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