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Posted by Ugo Grassi (Member # 139) on October 09, 2011, 02:36 AM:
Dear friends,
I’m very proud to announce new xenon lamps for the GS1200 are now available thanks to a new Company.
I spent so much money and time to achieve this result, but now this brand new product is definitely ready.

Since SQ started to produce new clones, I bought four or five lamps but I was never totally satisfied with their lamps.
The complete story about my approaches and tests with the SQ lamps will be published in the next Schmalfilm issue. It will be possible to read about all tests and explanations.
I'd like however to show to all the Elmo GS1200 Xenon community those new lamps I'm referring to.
Please, have a look at these photos and videos.
Time switching test
(the lamp worked for about 100 h before to run this test):
Light stabilty test:
Projection test:
(Alien, two blades shutter, 3mt screen, lens: Elmo 1.0 + Elmoscope 2x)

I love these lamps! The black seems to be more black and the colors are brighter. Everything is perfect!
The lamps life should be about 800h. The colore temperature is 5600-6000, the IRC (or Ra) >95.
The new lamps will be cheaper than the SQ. About 200 euro! (I'm waiting for the invoice of the company)
The next step is to place an order for a stock. Please, let me know how many lamps I have to order.
Posted by Bill Parsons (Member # 244) on October 12, 2011, 08:16 AM:
I have tried out one of these lamps, they are a much better clone than the S/Q lamp, as near as you can get to an original Toshiba lamp, they strike very quickly, plus it is also easier to set up to obtain even illumination, some of the other replacement lamps can be a problem in this respect, test so far indicate the strike is still quick even after hours of use, unlike the other lamps! Long strike times can cause power supply damage on the GS Xenon so this is important.
It is important to check the lamp current as per the manual when replacing the lamp in the GS Xenon so as not to reduce the lamp life.
Ugo should be congratulated for all the time and effort he has put in to find a perfect clone replacement for the Toshiba lamp.


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