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Posted by Winbert Hutahaean (Member # 58) on June 26, 2014, 07:50 PM:
Hi all,

To continue my thread regarding digest. This week is a war movie screening for my kids.

I already have:

3 x 400'

- Dirty Dozen
- The Wild Geese
- Ice Station Zebra
- When Eagles Dare
- Steiner Das Eiserne Kreuz (Cross of Iron)
- Steiner II (Breakthrough)
- Die Laus der Kompanie (Soldat Duroc/The Dangerous Mission)
- Maschier Oder Stirb (March or Die)

2 x 400'

- 1941
- Der Wilde Haufen von Navarone (Force 10 from Navarone)

War movies that I meant is the modern war where gun is already used.

I am not going into 400' because it is too short and my kids usually cannot follow.

So any idea what other war movies on 2 x 400' or 3 x 400'?


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Posted by Ralf Hoff (Member # 36) on June 27, 2014, 03:22 AM:

I found this on paul fosters website in his latest list:

633 SQUADRON (Scope) 2X600 £89.99. Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris star in this World War II classic action adventure. Derann polyester print in original boxes.

Piccolo Film Germany released the following films as 2 x 400 ft color sound:

Die Hindenburg (The Hindenburg)
Afrika-Staffel ME 110 (Wing Commander)

and as 3 x 400 ft color sound:

Das Boot

Ufa-ATB released the following:

Stukas (2 x 400ft b/w sound)
Kommando Sinai (Sinai Commandos)(2 x 400 ft color sound)
Die Helden von Afrika (Enfants de choeur, Les) (3 x 400 ft color sound)
Todeskommando Iwo Jima (Combat Killers) (2 x 400 ft color sound)
Stukas über London (Battle Squadron)(3 x 400 ft color sound)
Der Stern von Afrika (3 x 400 ft b/w sound)
Königstiger vor El Alamein (Battle of El Alamein, The)(3 x 400 ft color sound)

There are some other films by UFA here is a link to some old catalouges:

Hope this helps [Wink]

Posted by Andreas Chmielewski (Member # 2208) on June 27, 2014, 05:44 AM:
It gives more from Germany

Die große Offensive (Henry Fonda) 3 x400 feet (UFA)
Iwo Jima (John Wayne) 2x400+1x200 feet (AS FILM)
Force 10 from Navarone(Robert Shaw) 2x400 feet (Piccolo Film)

and a lot on 1 x 400 feet
Posted by Winbert Hutahaean (Member # 58) on July 01, 2014, 09:02 PM:
Thanks guys, surely I love to have them listed in German. But if they are available in English will be great!

BTW, I believe "Great Escape" will fit this category, won't it?

It is from Derann 2 x 400', isn't it?
Posted by Patrick Walsh (Member # 637) on July 02, 2014, 05:57 AM:
Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on July 03, 2014, 03:13 PM:

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