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Posted by Mark Todd (Member # 96) on September 21, 2014, 02:21 PM:
Hi as I`ve mentioned before I was very kindly given a Eumig 614D by Kevin C which has got me going very nicely in my std 8 revisiting.

I got a new set of batteries for my " Cin`e " torch and opened up the rather nifty swing out gate on the 614 to give it a good clean and found to my great surprise and pleasure an extra seperate claw I didn`t know was there.

I had unthreaded the projector and had the gate open but only seen the lower down one single roundey thinish claw. But with the benifit of more light straight in I can now see there is a seperate claw both above and below the gate.

As a no sprocket machine this really is good as less pressure on the sprocket hole. I wonder if they both hit down at the same time in the hole. Hope so.

Also as std 8 can be a bit dry I thought I would get out my spray can of silicone lube and pop some on a cotton bud, its works very nicely to clean it but I hope it will also make things more slippy in there.

All metal gate so will that be OK? hopefully will help.

Thanks Mark ( and to Kevin ).

PS is Silicone lube OK on plastics, guides etc please. Thanks.

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Posted by Erik Snel (Member # 4017) on December 07, 2014, 04:25 AM:
you really should avoid cleaning your gate with any lubricant whatsoever. it can destroy your film! the mechanism needs to be lubricated with ball bearing grease and the gate and everything touching the film must be dry.

both claws are conected to eachother so they move as one. this is indeed becasue eumigs have no sprockets and because of this it can handle regular 8 and super 8 in one machine

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