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Posted by Bill Jackson (Member # 5788) on February 08, 2017, 09:05 PM:
Hi I decided to convert my Family's 60 year old 8mm movies to digital. I bought a Wolverine Film 2 Digital movie copier. I did a test and it seemed to play a little faster which I adjusted to normal with my Vegas movie studio on my PC. All of the films have a vinegar smell some look real sharp and some are graining. There are a few super 8 reels too. I was surprised some of those are grainy too. For the grainy reels do you suppose its the processing / or the film used or are they deteriorating ? any tips on film care? I was reading a post where Armor all wipes were used. so let me know what you think.
Posted by Ty Reynolds (Member # 5117) on February 08, 2017, 10:28 PM:
The Wolverine captures play back at 30 frames per second, that's why you have to slow it down to 60 per cent to get to 18 fps, or 53 per cent for 16 fps.

Wolverine captures are also highly compressed, so what looks like grain could be compression artifacts. If it is just on some reels, and it has a pattern somewhat like netting (reticulation), then the film may have been exposed to heat prior to processing. For example, the camera or roll of exposed film may have been left in the glove compartment way back when. I recently transferred film for a family from India - about half their film had starburst-shaped patterns throughout because of this phenomenon.

A de-noising plug-in may help smooth out your images.
Posted by Bill Jackson (Member # 5788) on February 10, 2017, 09:49 AM:
Actually the quality of the pictures is very good.very life like. yes it is on some of the reels and that probably is exactly as you stated. Almost every reel covers a year or more. So the film was loaded in the camera and then toated around on vacations or where ever for a whole year. I did have some trouble with seeing the slight next frame at the top, I went to Wolverine's web site and downloaded the bin file and flash instructions and now have an adjustment for frame position. BTW any recommendations on film preservation/cleaning. Just noticed you were from Canada Ty great Country, very friendly people went up there on a motorcycle about 40 years ago, never made it over to Alberta , mostly was in Quebec. LOL had a great time there.
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