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Posted by Robert E Sutton (Member # 6691) on December 04, 2018, 06:56 AM:

I recently came into possession of a lot of film that my grandparents took. I have a eumig projector that thanks to some members on here is now working but I'd like to capture the film digitally to share with family. Any ideas of the best way to do that myself. I'd rather not send it out as the cost will be massive. I've researched projecting it onto a video trasnfer screen also looked into a larger unit by Rybozen. Any experience with these or is there another solution. Any advice much appreciated.

Posted by Werner Ruotsalainen (Member # 6217) on December 08, 2018, 08:45 AM:
Check out the Wolverine thread (;f=1;t=011395 ). IMHO it is excellent value at its current price.

I've scanned several hundred home movies with it - see my YouTube channel at (look for albums with "8mm" in their names) if you're interested in the quality. Many of these scans are post-processed (60 frame per second framerate etc. Note that everything depends on the quality of the original footage. Here's a high-quality, S8, unique scan, for example: )
Posted by Will Trenfield (Member # 5321) on December 08, 2018, 06:43 PM:
Hi, Rob. I captured a load of family films by projecting onto a sheet of matt white paper from 18", zooming to produce a screen image of about 6" width. The camera needs to be positioned as close as possible to the lens. Both the projector speed and the camera settings need to be adjusted to give the best picture and avoid the strobe effect. The resultant footage can be edited on a computer using a free programme such as Virtualdub. This cost nowt and the results were acceptable enough to be posted on YouTube eg .
My experience is that relatives are more interested in the content of family films rather than the quality of the capture.
Posted by Robert E Sutton (Member # 6691) on December 28, 2018, 04:06 PM:
Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and bought myself the Wolverine Pro from B&H in the US as I was over there visiting family for Christmas. Airport security were fascinated by it! So far the results are really good and really pleased I got it. My family were all on 8mm and my wifes family in the US is all Super 8 so it's perfect as I only have an 8mm projector anyway. Will keep me busy for months.
Posted by Jan Schoonenberg (Member # 6725) on January 02, 2019, 10:34 AM:
Since there are several European participants in THIS Forum
a warning may be in order. The Wolverine Forum Werner refers to above is now 18 pages long. It has a long history of problems with this American unit. They were, finally, largely overcome thanks to the efforts of the American distributor of the Wolverine and firmware improvements with the help of users.

About mid 2017 the American Wolverine replaced its belt driven take up by a steppermotor. And thereby solved many problems.

In Europe thesame device is sold under a variety of names. A.o. Reflekta and Somikron. Big wellknown mailorder companies sell them. Conrad still sells the pre-steppermotor version with all its problems. The European guarantee applies. I bought one and hope for the best. Broke the guarantee seal and found out it is belt driven and the belt has started desintegrating. Telltale: Winam, the Chinese/Singapore manufacturer sells them at a discount in Europe via "the largest international internetshop" and gives you 2 days to return it to Singapore (and not postage free).
SO: beware.

In the Forum, mentioned above, the last page now shows pictures of the Wolverine Pro. It also shows it can handle larger reels. My post in that Forum, asking wether the Wolverine now has the steppermotor, had no replies.

Finally: the Reflekta works allright with Super 8 and is miserable with old normal 8 films.
And: the 2 frames per second recording does not sync well with the standard framerates. Look for the free program Mymp4box which solves these problems easily and can do lots of other editing tasks. More info in the other Forum.
Posted by Jan Schoonenberg (Member # 6725) on January 02, 2019, 05:38 PM:
Update: The last page of the other Forum now shows the answer to my question. Photograph of the Wolverine with stepper motor.

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