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Posted by Bill Sherren (Member # 6743) on January 18, 2019, 10:46 AM:
Many years ago when I last used my Bolex 18-5 projector you could get an A1/263 bulb replacement for the "robot " looking A1/17. It gave a brighter output and looked much more like a modern halogen bulb. But looking around only the A1/17 type bulbs are still around. Any reason the updated one disappeared?
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on January 18, 2019, 10:55 AM:
As it says on the bottom of the ad, the new lamp never caught on.
Posted by Bill Sherren (Member # 6743) on January 18, 2019, 11:13 AM:
Posted by Brian Fretwell (Member # 4302) on January 20, 2019, 03:37 PM:
Yes, I bought one for my Eumig Mk510D but never saw them advertised after that.
Posted by Lee Mannering (Member # 728) on January 21, 2019, 04:38 AM:
Used to use them Bill back then. They do turn up every now and again with one now on ebay 202571351685
Once you have the unit I see no reason why the bulb could not be changed out with a little thought particularly as the capsules are really low cost.
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on January 21, 2019, 04:44 AM:
Here is the eBay link for anyone interested.
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on January 21, 2019, 08:09 AM:
Thanks for that interesting subject, Bill and thanks for the EBay link, Maurice. ALthough it was expensive with the post and packing costs, I decided to try this bulb. I have a small 9.5 Ligonie projector that uses this space man model. The projector has a lens that gives a good, very big picture so it worths some expenses. The add for the bulb says it lasts twice the time the original lamp (I'll keep my fingers crossed) but more important, that the light is brighter on the screen. It will be a good test to see if it's possible to improve the light with a 50 watts bulb, so I may consider replacing the lampholder (or more realistically ask someone to do that for me), or better, following Lee's idea (thanks, Lee !) to use the unit designed by Hanimex to built one that would accept the basic small lamps (probably easier said than done since Hanimex must have make some attemps, unprofitable for the company, difficult to do but one thing after another…).
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on January 31, 2019, 01:26 AM:
Sadly, the bulb doesn't light up. I contacted the Spanish seller who honestly refund me 100 %. He said he tested succesfully the bulb before shipping. At the end, I didn't loose money but it's disappointing
Posted by Rob Koeling (Member # 35) on January 31, 2019, 03:36 AM:
Dominique, maybe you should try with this lamp what Lee suggested and see if you can fit a new halogen bulb in there. The shape of the lamp is the most difficult part. If you could improvise a fitting for a bare halogen bulb in there, you would have a lamp for life.
If you think that is too fiddly, I wouldn't mind trying. I would happily buy the lamp of you.

- Rob
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on January 31, 2019, 06:59 AM:
Hello Rob, the small halogene bulb is hardly fixed on the system (and it seems not to be easy to find one 8v 50 w). I may try to do Something (or more precisely, I may ask someone who knows better than I if he can make the ouftit like a bulb holder).

I took two pictures for those who may be interested. The first one is out of focus because I have an automatic camera and even with the proper setting, it doesn't give ggod results).



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