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Posted by Elyas Tesfaye (Member # 3356) on December 17, 2012, 05:28 PM:
Titles are below and thanks for looking!

Super 8 + 8mm movies list
1) 8mm movies.
No. Title Length Color /B&W Sound/ silent
1 Laurel and Hardy, Ghost ship. 200 ft. B&W Silent
2 JFK- Man and president. 200 ft. B&W Silent
3 W. C. Fields, The pharmacist. 400 ft. B&W Silent
4 Charlie Chaplin, The Immigrant. 400 ft. B&W Silent
5 Vintage adult movies X 5. 200 ft. each Color Silent
6 Blackhawk’s Classic Film Sampler. 200 ft. B&W Silent
7 Ginger Nutts, Bee bother. 200 ft. B&W Silent

2) Super 8 movies.
No. Title Length Color/B&W Sound/ silent
1 Home movies, Shot in 2004 X 2 400 ft. each Color Silent
2 Laurel and Hardy, Berth marks. 400 ft. B&W Silent
3 Laurel and Hardy, Sugar daddies. 400 ft. B&W Silent
4 Laurel and Hardy, Dirty work. 400 ft. B&W Silent
5 Laurel and Hardy, Putting pants on Phillip. 400 ft. B&W Silent
6 Laurel and Hardy, Music box. 400 ft. B&W Silent
7 Laurel and Hardy, Tit for tat. 400 ft. B&W Silent
8 Vintage adult movies X 2. 200 ft. each Color Silent
9 Heckle and Jeckle, A merry chase. 200 ft. B&W Silent
10 Charlie Chaplin, Charlie at the show. 150 ft. B&W Silent
11 Robin Williams, Popeye, Me big fight. 200 ft. Color Magnetic sound
12 Sleeping Beauty, The prince and the dragon. 200 ft. Color Magnetic sound
13 Sleeping Beauty, Once upon a dream. 200 ft. Color Magnetic sound
14 Stepping on the gas. 200 ft. B&W Silent
15 Bugs Bunny, Knightly knight, Bugs (MST). 200 ft. Color Silent
16 Treasure island, Perilous mission. 200 ft. Both Silent
17 The bible, In the beginning. 200 ft. B&W Silent
18 Snow white, The dwarfs’ dilemma. 200 ft. Color Silent
19 Mary Poppins, The super nanny. 200 ft. B &W Silent
20 Henery Hawk, Walky Talky Hawky. 200 ft. B&W Silent
21 Marylin Monroe, Clash by night. 200 ft. B&W Silent
22 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Scared stiff. 200 ft. B&W Silent
23 Daredevil drivers, Motor racing thrills. 200 ft. B&W Silent
24 Crazy flying. 200 ft. B&W Silent
25 Crazy car races. 200 ft. B&W Silent
26 Fred Astaire & Judy Garland, Easter parade. 400 ft. Color Magnetic sound
27 All the king’s men. 400 ft. B&W Magnetic sound
28 W. C. Fileds , The pharmacist. 400 ft. B&W Silent
29 W.C. Fields, Barber shop. 400 ft. B&W Silent
30 Laurel and Hardy, Tit for tat. 400 ft. B&W Silent
31 Charlie Chaplin, Vagabond. 400 ft. B&W Silent
32 The St. Valentine’s day massacre. 400 ft. Color Sound
33 Carquake. 400 ft. Color sound
34 George Hamilton, Love at first bite (full feature). 1700 ft. Color sound

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