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Posted by Robert Neia (Member # 890) on February 03, 2019, 11:14 PM:
Hi everyone,

I just got done running a test film through a 16mm Bell and Howell camera I recently bought. Unfortunately, the results of my test film did not go as well as I had liked.

The test film shows repeating "bursts" of frames that are overexposed. I'm sorry I can't be more descriptive, but I've included a link of a few seconds of the test footage I shot:

test film

Based off of the footage, can someone tell me what exactly went wrong? I'm trying to figure out what mechanism of the camera is not working properly and if it is even fixable.

I'd appreciate any input! Thank you!
Posted by Nantawat Kittiwarakul (Member # 6050) on February 04, 2019, 07:29 PM:
Seems like film fogging,light leaking into the camera body and somehow ended up on the film. [Frown]
Is the cycle perfectly constant throughout the roll,or it somehow speeds up/slows down from start to finish? This might give a clue where the light leak originated.
Posted by Robert Neia (Member # 890) on February 05, 2019, 12:43 AM:
Hi Nantawat,

Thank you for your reply. The cycle is perfectly constant throughout the film.

Based off of that, would you happen to know where the light leak may be?
Posted by Nantawat Kittiwarakul (Member # 6050) on February 05, 2019, 09:37 AM:
To be honest,I dont know. [Razz]

But since the fogging cycle is constant,you can sure rule out mishap during threading (the fogging would be erratic in that case). Probably related to some mechanics in the camera itself.
But without the camera right in front of me,it would be near impossible to pin-point the source of the light leak. [Frown]
Posted by Phil Clarke (Member # 4299) on February 07, 2019, 03:56 AM:
Fogged film.
Does this repeat all the way thru the film, or does the fogging appear on only part of it?
Is this test from a full 100ft roll, or just a short end?
Did you process yourself or send it out?

Which model B&H camera do you have?


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