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Posted by Mikael Barnard (Member # 1637) on April 30, 2015, 04:23 PM:
Victor 28mm Safety Cinema for sale.(In the absence of a 28mm section I have gone for the nearest gauge!)

I am going to let the pictures do a lot of the talking. Much time and effort was put into restoring this example (new paint job, replacement labels, re-nickel plating of metal parts etc) but I didn’t really plan on selling it so it has some issues I have been happy to work around but which may be important to you. The biggest issue is the lamp – a 15v 150w lamp has been fitted but the lamphouse was built without any form of cooling (it’s just about OK for one reel at a time which is what I’ve been doing). Most parts are original but certain screws were missing, as was the intermittent shoe which has been substituted with an adequate (if slightly fiddly) replacement. The feet are not original but the new ones are sympathetic and make things easier. Whilst the nickel plating is very fresh some of the original parts were quite pitted. The main body of the projector appears to be made of mazak, whilst this is generally in good nick there was a slight split (see photo) which was glued to increase strength at this point and it hasn’t deteriorated any further in the four years or so that I’ve owned it. Despite lacquering there are some minor nicks and scratches to the paintwork but it’s still in pretty fresh shape (and miles ahead of the poor condition when I got it). The ventilation holes in the motor were difficult to paint without disassembly, not entirely successful but another problem only really apparent on close inspection. A 15v 10a power supply is included but the new owner may wish to consider a safer method of connection at the projector end (details on request). 110v transformer for the motor is not supplied – I need it for my other 110v projectors!

All in all a fabulous projector that could be spectacular with a few modifications. I am asking £1100 ONO + shipping.
mikaelwbarnard AT
Posted by Mikael Barnard (Member # 1637) on May 02, 2015, 04:09 AM:
Now £900 ONO. One and only discount (otherwise I'll be making too much of a loss and will hang onto it - it's c.98 years old already!)

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