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Posted by Stuart Mercer Thorburn (Member # 574) on March 04, 2006, 10:16 AM:
Hi Mark,

I've been informed that a huge box has arrived and I'm in the bad books again...I was trying to sneak it in but got captured by the gestapo.

Anyway it was nice speaking to you and I'll look forward to viewing the Blackhawks after I get out of the 'big hoose'. [Frown]
Posted by Kevin Faulkner (Member # 6) on March 04, 2006, 07:07 PM:
Sneaking in the boxes [Big Grin] that sounds all to familiar. Bet we have all done that at some time or other.
Maybe you should get them delivered to work and then bring them home one at a time [Big Grin]

Posted by Mark Todd (Member # 96) on March 05, 2006, 06:32 AM:
Hi Stuart, yes sounds all too familiar, we all go through that, after a few years the non cine fraternity will learn to live with it, well sort of, but a bit of disgression is always a good idea with this hobby.
Best Mark.
Posted by David Park (Member # 123) on March 05, 2006, 08:54 AM:
Well I got a message to call on a friend next week as he has some things for me. He ended up saying hope you have an estate car, think they say station wagon in USA.
I haven't but have a small MPV so out the back seats will come, must not let the "boss" see them out, or I will be in bother with her before I go never mind when I get back!

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