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Posted by Ernie Zahn (Member # 274) on September 13, 2013, 01:48 PM:
I wasn't sure if there would be any interest in this here. But I figured since there are Planet of the Apes films on Super 8 and 16mm that there might be.

From the form:

A new Planet of the Apes podcast is now in the works hosted by Hunter Goatley and Ernie Zahn in association with Hunter's POTA Archive and a new Arts and Entertainment site, All Kicker.

It follows a structure similar to the Star Trek podcast Mission Log. A discussion about each TV episode, animated series episode, the original films, the newer incarnations, and beyond. We'll discuss the story, the production, trivia, morals/social contexts, philosophical and cultural impacts, and more.

Though the films came before the TV show, we'd like to start with the TV shows as this podcast evolves. We'd also like to invite other POTA fans to join the discussion. Hunter and Ernie will be the main hosts of the show but we'd like to invite an alternating 3rd host or guest per podcast.

Feel free to sign up for the episode of your choice. It is recommended to sign up for at least 3 choices in case your preferred podcast has an overwhelming amount of sign ups. The first section contains fully produced episodes. The podcasts for these episodes will be full length. We will also have mini podcasts for some of the unproduced teleplays. This is first come first serve, if you didn't get any of your three choices in time, we'll let you know and offer other open slots.

The sign up sheet will remain open until Oct. 15th 2013. We'll notify you on the 16th which episode you got. We'll give you more detailed info about scheduling, recording etc once we notify you. Thanks in advance for participating!

The sign up sheet is below xyWBzshYuRq6tZob4/viewform Mission Log

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