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Author Topic: Newbie intro and questions
Shaun Modern
Posts: 3
From: Birmingham, UK
Registered: Sep 2018

 - posted September 15, 2018 02:16 PM      Profile for Shaun Modern   Email Shaun Modern   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Hi all
New to the world of Super 8 but just dipped my toe in the water and purchased a Canon 514xl-s.
I had no idea if the camera worked but the motor turned etc when i pulled the trigger.
I picked up some Kodak 50d and took it to Venice a few weeks ago to do a test shoot with the Canon.
I just popped the cartridge in and pulled the trigger- no other adjustments made at all.
Cartridge went off to on8mil.com to be developed/digitised and have to say i was quite pleased with the results. Not sure from an experienced Super 8 enthusiasts view if it is good but to my eye im happy.
Im taking the camera to NYC in a few weeks to shoot some stuff with a band i work with. Most stuff will be out on the street and on the subway plus some stuff at venues which will likely be well lit on stage but dark elsewhere.
Really i have two questions- what kind of film would be best suited to the NYc conditions - i was thinking perhaps 200T for the street stuff and maybe 500T for the gig situations.
Also am i able to interchange cartridges in the camera whilst shooting ie can i shoot say 20ft of film using the 200T whilst on the street and then take it out and put the 500T in the camera to shoot inside venue stuff but then return to the 200T again after?
Or do i have to shoot the whole cartridge of 200T in one go and then move onto the 500T?
I have lots of situations that require shooting but in different orders according to lighting conditions.
Any help appreciated

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Maurice Leakey
Film God

Posts: 5895
From: Bristol. United Kingdom
Registered: Oct 2007

 - posted September 15, 2018 02:43 PM      Profile for Maurice Leakey   Email Maurice Leakey   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
I can't help with your choice of film as I haven't exposed cine film for some forty years.
However, I can confirm that you can remove (and reinsert) a Super 8 cartridge which has been partially used. You may perhaps get a fogged frame.
One thing to remember is that the footage indicator may go to zero so you will need to have some manual calculations to know the amount exposed/still available.
Good luck with your filming.


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Paul Browning
Phenomenal Film Handler

Posts: 1006
From: West Midlands United Kingdom
Registered: Aug 2011

 - posted September 15, 2018 03:27 PM      Profile for Paul Browning   Email Paul Browning   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Hi Shaun, is 200t and 500t available in super 8 format?. This is a low light camera so may handle the scenes better than you think, but might be grainy though, this may add to the "film look" you often see simulated with cgi in digital format. It would be good to see how it turns out, I have the big brother to this 1014 xls with the same features but with the 10 x mag, this has the 8x mag, this also has a pulse sync system for the sound off the camera, pity you can't use the this for the band shoots. Good luck with your adventure and welcome to the forum.....

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Shaun Modern
Posts: 3
From: Birmingham, UK
Registered: Sep 2018

 - posted September 15, 2018 03:39 PM      Profile for Shaun Modern   Email Shaun Modern   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Hi Maurice
Thanks for that - good to know I can remove the film if needed. Not really too worried about knowing how much film is left as I'll just shoot till it runs out.
Hi Paul yes I understand 200T and 500T is available from Kodak unless I've made a glaring mistake. If I have it's back to the drawing board. Already enjoying the adventure though. Thanks for the welcome.

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Osi Osgood
Film God

Posts: 10204
From: Mountian Home, ID.
Registered: Jul 2005

 - posted September 17, 2018 11:32 AM      Profile for Osi Osgood   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Welcome Newbie! Have loads of fun!!!

"All these moments will be lost in time, just like ... tears, in the rain. "

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