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Posted by Andreas Eggeling (Member # 105) on October 07, 2005, 09:15 AM:
When marketing-film started in 1973 they offered only for a short time US silent black/white comedies from 1920s with main track and music sound.

I looking for the original titles. Can anyone help?

The german titles of these super8 films are typical boring.
The titles describes the storyline or the set of the film.
Does anyone knows titles of the 20s which contains
the story described in the german titles?

German title (translated german title)
For example:
Ben´s Traum & Ben´s Ferien (Ben´s Dream & Ben´s Vacation)
Winnies Tanzstunde (Winnies Dance hour)

Following titles only in english which I translated from the german marketing-film titles:
Bobby`s Uncle is a Doctor
Aubrey, the spitting reporter
Snack á la Aubrey
Winnie the stupid
Bobbys grandfather
Winnie´s man in the ear
Poodles, the farmer
Bobby in the city
Bobby´s brother, the actor.
Bobby´s Cake Battle
Bobby´s Cousin of the country
Winnie´s great battle
Winnie´s beauty salon
Harry and the cushion battle
Harry´s mascerade

I think Harry is Harry Langdon and Ben is Ben Turpin.
But were there any actors/actress with a prename Winnie, Bobby, Aubrey?

Thanks for help.

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