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Posted by Rick Skowronek (Member # 385) on April 05, 2006, 01:15 PM:
When I was going back through several threads I saw a somewhat recurring theme especially as it relates to some 1200s. That is that it's line level outputs are too low for completely satisfactory feeding to another audio amp.

I found a site where they carry these (as I'm sure there are many other such sites). It is

They have a fairly cheap one for $9.95 USD. One word of caution. Some stereo projectors do not use ground or common as one of the speaker leads, i.e., the Sankyo 800.

Perhaps Kevin could have a look at his various 1200 schematics to insure they are speaker to circuit common type circuits. My ST800 is.

Be sure to either check your speaker outputs to insure they do indeed use circuit common for one lead or insure you purchase one of these adapters that is transformer isolated to prevent a short to ground of one of your speaker leads. When you hook the line level output jacks to your external amp you could inadvertantly short one half of your projector audio output to ground. The output amps in some of these projectors may not take kindly to that or generate God awful hum.

Hope this helps some of you lucky 1200 stiffs that own these lovelies.


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