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Posted by Dan Sorce (Member # 978) on December 29, 2007, 11:56 AM:

I am trying to locate a replacement part for a Eumig 610D projector, but I do not know what the part is called in order to be able to find it. I'm good with self repairs, so I'm just looking for the part alone. I'll do my best to describe it.

What I am looking for is the spindle and shaft combination for the take-up reel. The spindle is black plastic, with a chrome tab that turns sideways in order to secure the reel in place. Attached to the back of the plastic is a metal rod, connecting the spindle to the drive mechanism.

Thanks for any assistance in identifying the proper name of this part, and also for any suggestions as to where I might be able to locate one in the States.

-Dan Sorce
Chicago, IL
Posted by Alan L. Hitchcox (Member # 598) on December 29, 2007, 11:17 PM:
Hi Dan:

I have a Eumig S802D I plan on parting out. The claw that advances each frame of film is broken, plus, one of the interchangeable gates is broken. Therefore, I think I'll make best use of it by cannibalizing it.
From the Eumigs I seen, many of them use identical parts. So send me an e-mail at bighitch80 "at" yahoo "dot" com and maybe we can determine if the parts are interchangeable.
Anyone else out there interested in parts from my Eumig, or even the whole thing, just drop me an e-mail as well.
This could work out well for both of us.
Posted by Dan Sorce (Member # 978) on January 02, 2008, 09:38 PM:
Unfortunately, it seems that the two units discussed above don't share a common part...

So I'm back to where I was in the first post. Any ideas?

Posted by Michael Dixon (Member # 1836) on December 02, 2009, 06:31 PM:
This thread is quite old, but I think I have part of the answer. The spindle is part 732-1064, and called "take-up spindle". Your name for the part was very close. On the motor side of the housing, there is a spring and then a friction disc. I do not know where to buy these parts. On my 610D, there is no chrome part, just a spring-loaded plastic projection from the side of the spindle to engage one of the radial slots on the reel. Looks fragile, but it has always worked well. This spindle is mounted near the rear of the projector and is mounted through the main housing of the projector. The spindle that is on the folding arm at the front of the projector is the "reel spindle". That is where the feed reel is mounted. That spindle is 704 1510.

I have not needed to repair any of the drive parts of my Eumig. Many of the molded plastic parts one encounters are polystyrene. I do not know about the Eumig parts. If that plastic part is broken, cementing it might be possible. Polystyrene can be cemented with Heavy Duty PVC plumbing cement. The standard grade of cement does not work as well. Devise and test the clamping arrangement in advance of applying the cement. A small screwdriver might be a good applicator. Test for effectiveness of the cement by applying just a dot of cement and working it around on a spot that is not important. It should begin to dissolve the plastic and the cement should become the color of the plastic, black indicates wonderfully. In some cases, I make "functional equivalents" of parts on my lathe. Retaining the reel might involve a nut and washer on the new spindle if better means is not possible. I have done only a couple of projector repairs, only for myself. Not seeking to do others.

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