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Posted by Phil Mitchell (Member # 3876) on November 18, 2014, 12:05 AM:
Hi all, I know like my Sankyo, ( they did change speed in Sankyo 600,) But the Titan I have, has the same or very similar AC to DC coverter board, which has the Pots ( Potentiometers) one can adjust them to adjust speed projector runs at, as they control which is related to how much voltage is going through it pot so I beleave.

However no matter what I change them to, sound doesn't change and the frame rate switch on front doesn't make a difference.

I ran a commercial super 8 movie with sound and it is a 24fps, which is what projector is stuck on, as that played back it's sound fine.

Either FPS switch has a problem or the pots do.

Hmm, I posted another thread if this part which with two blue wires is connected to same board , maybe it has something to do with speed, although I have no idea what.
I have soldered the wires for it noting from orginal setting, pictures I took which way wires go.

Hopefully someone has a suggestion.



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