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Posted by Vin Collins (Member # 4124) on November 24, 2014, 05:14 PM:
Hi...does anyone know an older Latino man named Juan or Jose Adams? from North Jersey who is an expert repairmen of 8mm film projectors? I sent him my SANKYO DUALUX 2000H projector in July to have him clean and adjust it and never got it back- I met him on ebay as he was selling many refurbished projectors and sounded like an honest guy??? I think he sells projectors on ebay.......he was complaining of bad health the few times I called to check up on projector but then disappeared...the 2 numbers I had for him have changed? And he does not respond to emails anymore? He was a retired cameraman in NY city but lived in Toms River NJ-

I like this projector but for whatever reason my projector would show the "flicker" effect when I tried using my telecine box and HD camcorder to transfer films? "Juan" said projector needed adjustment and had me send projector to him from Delaware----and then he disappeared on me??? Looks like I'm buying another SANKYO DUALUX 2000H but not if the same "flicker" effect is seen during transfers??
Posted by Andre Bouchard (Member # 4572) on January 03, 2015, 01:28 PM:
Did you find Juan? I just purchased a projector from him off ebay. I haven't received the projector yet, so now that I've seen your email I'm a bit skeptical.

He gave me 2 phone numbers and prepared a shipping label in Toms River.

I can send you the phone numbers he gave me - PM me
Posted by Paul Suchy (Member # 80) on January 03, 2015, 04:02 PM:
Juan has had some major health issues this year; his son is doing the eBay selling, but he is not a tech guy. Juan assured me recently that he is well enough to start catching up on our repairs.
Posted by Andre Bouchard (Member # 4572) on January 10, 2015, 04:46 PM:
I received my projector this week from Juan in perfect working condition.
Posted by Clay Gosney (Member # 4724) on March 05, 2015, 05:08 PM:
I would be careful about using this individual at this time. I ordered a bell and Howell dual 8 projector from him and it arrived in good condition but after a few hours service the lamp burned out (and it took a long time to receive the projector). I called and he offered to replace the bulb with a halogen bulb so sent it back to him and he received it on Jan 22 of this year. I was midway complete on a film transfer project as he was aware and was supposed to get back to me early February. After many phone calls with him saying it had shipped but not being able to supply a tracking number I finally received a chinon projector march 4and the looper wouldn't hold and hitting the looper button wouldn't resolve the issue. There were numerous excuses but boy yo line I lost a project that needed to be finished for a family reunion and lots of ill will for my business. Be very careful dealing with this individual
Posted by Barry Fritz (Member # 1865) on March 05, 2015, 07:37 PM:
What a scam. The flicker you talk about is not due to a problem with the projecter. It is caused by film speed not matching shutter speed on your HD camera. You need to adjust one or the other or both until the flicker is gone. Google "DIY film transfer" for info.
Posted by Clay Gosney (Member # 4724) on March 16, 2015, 02:31 PM:
Actually the flicker was on the screen it was projected on not the camcorder film and could not be adjusted with either the loop reset but or the framer control and I'm aware that the speed of the projector has to match up with the speed of the recording device but it was good advice nonetheless
Posted by Jon Addams (Member # 816) on March 16, 2015, 09:46 PM:
Hello fellow members

Normally I don’t like to address these issues on a public forum when there are other ways to deal with them. However, sometimes we must, as there seems to be no other way other than costly litigation, to defend oneself against what anybody can post on the Internet. These issues, when posted online, could and normally become a “He said, I said” bunch of garbage that no one cares about but tend to damage the reputation of many decent individuals.

So I must respond for the first and last time and let this lead where it may. I have other ways to deal with false allegations without interfering with discussions related to film collecting. I have sold my products to many world-wide members of this forum through this venue without any problems.

Let’s begin…

”What a scam. The flicker you talk about is not due to a problem with the projector. It is caused by film speed not matching shutter speed on your HD camera. You need to adjust one or the other or both until the flicker is gone. Google "DIY film transfer" for info.”


I would be very careful in throwing the word “SCAM” around without knowing all of the facts! It may come back to bite you.

Here is my version relating this issue.

The projector received by Mr. Gosney arrived in perfect working condition and he was very happy with it. However, the original lamp burned out while he was working on his project, LAMPS DO BURN OUT!

He contacted me about it and I mentioned to him that lamps for his projector were only rated for 15 hours of use, some last longer others last less and even others burn right after being installed. I told him that replacements were selling in the neighborhood of $80 to $100 because they are not being manufactured.

I suggested to him that if he shipped the projector back to me I would be happy to convert it so he could use much less expensive lamps with a longer rated life. He agreed and send the projector back to me.

The conversion was done promptly. Unfortunately, we had severe weather issues in the Northeast around that time and I fell a bit behind in my shipping because of this and other personal issues. One of my sons, who helps me from time-to-time, while attempting to ship several projectors ended up placing the wrong printed label and postage on Mr. Gosney’s projector and it was accidentally shipped to Santa Barbara, CA.

When I realized a mistake has been made and knowing that Mr. Gosney was in the middle on a project, I immediately sent him a Chinon 3000 (at my expense) as a temporary loaner so he could finish the job for his client while I tracked down the original projector which was sent in error to California.

When Mr. Gosney received the Chinon 3000 he contacted me and told me it was not working properly and he was sending it back.

When I received the Chinon back I checked it and found the pressure plate was open which must have been the reason the projector didn't work, I closed it and tested the unit, IT WORKED PERFECT!

2 days later, I received the modified Bell & Howell back which was returned by the person who received it by mistake. If Mr. Gosney had not cancelled the order, the original projector would have been in his hands by now because I ship everything by Priority Mail.

Instead, now, Mr. Gosney is telling members of this forum and perhaps a worldwide audience to “Be very careful dealing with this individual,” after I went the extra mile for him while covering all expenses!

What bothers me the most is that this is a FORUM for collectors, bringing issues here a transactions that happened on eBay should be handled through eBay and/or PayPal which already have ample regulations in place to resolve these issues where both parties get an opportunity to tell their side of the story.

I have been a member of this Forum since 2007 and I have been, I believe, a contributing individual who has tried to help other members while receiving valuable information myself from such group of knowledgeable collectors.

Relating Mr. Gosney’s original projector, I will issue a full refund, as I had in many instances through eBay. All my products are sold UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE and I have close to 2000 positives feedback with one negative left in 2007 by someone who tried to get a free Sony PlayStation game.

He lost the case and left a negative feedback in retaliation. That is life in the world of Ebay!

It appears to me that Mr. Gosney became a member of this forum solely for the purpose of posting his version relating our transaction.

However, the following communication received from Mr. Gosney on January 18, 2015 may shed some light in our transaction.

This may be against the forum’s rules but this is the only way I can defend my position.

"Hi Juan. Attached is the PDF file for UPS shipping costs for the projector. You are already doing so much for me that I feel I should at least split the costs with you on shipping the projector to you if that’s agreeable. I want to see you at least make some money on your sale because you have been so nice about this. Also as previously discussed with you, I have a model Wards 809 Duo 8 projector that I would like you to research as to what it would cost to make it a variable speed projector if you could research the cost of modifying it for me and as a separate cost research for changing it to a halogen bulb as the current one (DMD 80 watts) runs about $60. If you ever get to the west coast around my area let me know as I would love to take you out for a round of golf.
Clay Gosney"

Relating the original post by Vin, the projector arrived with a broken take-up spindle, it took some time to find a good one and is being send back to him at no cost.

Perhaps the moderator of this forum, after reviewing what is being discussed here, which is not collection-related and seems to be written to damage someone’s reputation without specific and irrefutable proof, may decide to delete the entire thread.

Thank you


Jon Addams

CC: by email - Andrew Siegel, Esq & Brian Barlow, esq.

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Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on March 17, 2015, 03:27 AM:
Well done, Jon.
There are two sides to every story.
Posted by Andrew Woodcock (Member # 3260) on March 17, 2015, 03:31 AM:
Posted by Martin Jones (Member # 1163) on March 17, 2015, 03:40 AM:
The biter bit? Beware of clay gods.
Posted by Barry Fritz (Member # 1865) on March 17, 2015, 07:35 PM:
My comment was in regards to Vin Collins' post, which started this thread, not Clay Gosney's post. In any event, you are correct, I should choose my words more carefully.
Posted by Jon Addams (Member # 816) on March 17, 2015, 08:02 PM:
Not a problem Barry, you are, in my opinion, a valuable and helpful member of this Forum. Thank you for the clarification.

Best regards

Posted by Barry Fritz (Member # 1865) on March 17, 2015, 09:40 PM:
Thanks Jon. I'm sorry if I caused you any anxiety. You and your fellow northeasters have had more than your share of difficulties this winter!

Admin: How did this duplicate get here?

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Posted by Jon Addams (Member # 816) on March 18, 2015, 11:54 AM:
"Thanks Jon. I'm sorry if I caused you any anxiety."
Not to worry Fritz, you caused me no anxiety, I am a veteran of two wars, life taught me a lot. I have been eating pressure for breakfast for a long time dealing with my medical issues.

Best regards

Posted by Barry Fritz (Member # 1865) on March 18, 2015, 05:00 PM:
Thanks Jon. I'm sorry if I caused you any anxiety. You and your fellow northeasters have had more than your share of difficulties this winter!
Posted by Vin Collins (Member # 4124) on April 03, 2015, 07:35 PM:
MY SIDE OF THE STORY: To those of you on this forum who think 8mm Forum member JON ADDAMS is some sort of "upstanding 8mm Good Citizen", let me convey to all of you my ON-GOING ORDEAL and HAPLESS EXPERIENCE with Mr Addams.

I have been AND continue to be at the MERCY of Jon Addams LONG ENOUGH AND I AM FED UP WITH HIM!!!!!!

I contacted Jon Addams thru Ebay last July 2014 as I owned a Sankyo 2000H projector and was having "flicker" issues with it when trying to transfer 8mm film thru a SONY telecine box into an HD camcorder. I asked Jon for his feedback and we ultimately agreed I would send projector to him to look at and determine what the flicker issue was? I packed projector in very thick bubble wrap and sent it to him.

We spoke a week later and he informed me that the projector was "damaged upon arrival"...the "take up spindle" had "snapped off" but Mr Addams said he could find a replacement part and fix it. Feeling I had taken great care in packing projector I was shocked by the news but nonetheless agreed with the repair.

Weeks went by and it was soon October (Jon and I had been in contact by email and phone on a few occasions between July and Oct and he said he had been dealing with health issues/family reunions etc etc..but assured me he would fix projector soon....

Jon had FINALLY TOLD ME he found a replacement part in Nov 2014,(I have the email to prove it) cost approx. 44.00 and approx. 60.00 to repair) I agreed....then weeks went by and nothing.....

I was THEN having issues with contacting Jon after this point...calls and emails began to go unanswered... and I was simply hearing less and less from Jon....some "phone tag" was also going on.... and at one point I wasn't sure if he had changed his phone number???

When I did hear from Jon he always had "one excuse after another" (usually busy fixing other projectors) as to why he had yet to repair my projector and though I was continuing to be VERY PATIENT AND ALWAYS POLITE I began to feel like a "dog chasing its tail". I also received email replies from his SON informing me his father would be taking care of my issue soon......

Well I finally decided to reach out to the 8mm Forum and sent a message in late Nov 2014 asking if "anyone knew Mr Addams" as I was having issues waiting on the repair of my projector? And for the RECORD I was never attempting to "bash" Mr Addams in "public" on the 8mm Forum... I was simply desperate in wanting to know what had happened to my projector and started to feel like I had been bamboozled???

Nov 2014 came and went....December passed...January 2015 passed... AS I CONTINUED TO BEG MR ADDAMS TO SIMPLY SEND MY NOW BROKEN PROJECTOR BACK TO ME IN EMAIL MESSAGES AND PHONE MESSAGES....and finally in Feb 2015 I heard from Mr Addams...he explained that he was "upset that I had posted a message about him on the 8mm Forum in Nov 2014" and that he had decided to "ignore me for a while". I was SHOCKED by this AND simply pleaded with him to ship my NOW "broken" projector back to me...he told me he would do so..... yet week after week nothing HAS here it is the beginning of APRIL 2015 and I continue to wait for my projector some 10 MONTHS after I had sent it to Jon Addams.

YET Jon Addams finally replied on the 8mm Forum (on March 16 2015) to the message I had posted back in Nov 2014 on the Forum...and he explained for ALL ON THE FORUM to read that he had had "trouble finding a replacement spindle" for my projector but NOW has one and will send my projector back to me with new part at "no cost"........this was over 2 weeks ago and I have yet to her from him or receive anything????

LET ME AGAIN ,ALE IT CLEAR THAT Mr Addams had ALREADY told me he had found the replacement part BACK IN NOV 2014 so it was NEWS TO ME that he suddenly found the part just "recently" apparently??? REALLY MR ADDAMS???? ARE YOU SERIOUS SIR???

Jon Addams also had the "balls" to CC: his message on the 8mm Forum to 2 lawyers and suggested that the 8mm Forum moderators pull my original NOV 2014 message as it was apparently damaging his great reputation.

Now I ASK ANY OF YOU on the 8mm Forum, SHOULD IT REALLY TAKE 10 months AND COUNTING for someone to repair a take up spindle on a projector? Or for that matter...simply send a broken projector back to its owner???

Jon Addams has been anything but upstanding, professional, or forthcoming with me....THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MR ADDAMS ACTIONS OR BETTER YET HIS IN-ACTIONS IN HOLDING ON TO MY PROJECTOR FOR 10 MONTHS AND COUNTING!!!!!




Ps- While Jon Addams was apparently dealing with "health" issues ..."family" reunions...and "many other reasons" as to why he had yet to finish fixing my projector over THE PAST 10 MONTHS....he apparently DID HAVE TIME TO CONTINUE REPAIRING/SELLING PROJECTORS ON EBAY DURING THIS PERIOD ALONG WITH HAVING TIME TO COMMUNICATE AND HELP OTHERS ON THE 8MM FORUM TOO??????


Posted by Roger Shunk (Member # 2836) on April 04, 2015, 01:42 PM:
I purchased my first Elmo ST-1200HD from Mr. Addams back in 2011 when I joined this forum.

It arrived here safely because of an excellent packing job he did.
It was shipped from a very long distance so I was a bit concerned about it being damaged in transit.

I have had not one issue with it so far and it still runs like a champ so I have been very happy with my purchase and Mr. Addams.
Posted by Vin Collins (Member # 4124) on April 05, 2015, 04:06 PM:
Hey Roger...yeah the key word in you're message was that you "purchased" a projector from Jon Addams...Jon Addams obviously is more concerned with "selling" projectors and making an immediate "profit" over "servicing/repairing" projectors and making much less of a profit. Maybe you can explain why Jon Addams has held on to my projector for 10 months??? WHAT reasonable explanation can any person have for this????
Posted by Roger Shunk (Member # 2836) on April 05, 2015, 06:36 PM:
Yeah Vin,

I don't know what to tell you but I feel your frustration because 10 months is a very long time to be without any projector! Hopefully you can get this resolved soon and get your projector back so you can get back into the hobby.

Posted by Jon Addams (Member # 816) on April 05, 2015, 10:24 PM:
Mr. Collins,

You first contacted me about a Chinon 6100 on 1-09-2014 and for the next two months kept contacting me with questions about a number of projectors such as the zoom question about the Chinon 9500. Details about the Eumig 824, 822, etc. all of which and answered promptly.

When you sent the Sankyo 2000H you were skeptical when I told you it arrived broken. IT DID and I sent you photos of the damage. I mentioned a part was needed and it may take some time for me to find it. When I finally did I mentioned this to you on an email and several weeks passed before I heard from you.

As you know we played telephone tag for a while. finally you started this thread when I was unavailable due to reasons beyond my control. When we finally spoke I asked you if you wanted the unit repaired and sent back and you told me to send it back broken.

The machine is packed and ready to ship, there is matter of shipping cost or perhaps you want to pick it up yourself to make absolutely sure it is the same projector you sent me as I don't want to read here or anywhere else that you received another machine. Perhaps you have the serial number written somewhere if so, send it to me and I will ship the projector back at my cost, including the broken part and the replacement I bought absolutely free!

Regarding mu health status is something I have been battling for several years and it doesn't matter to me who believes it or not, that's between me and my doctors. I also have a family that helps with my small eBay business but they do not handle repairs or returns. For your information, I DO NOT repair projectors for anybody other than my buyers which are not. I took yours after you contacted me a couple of dozen times.

I only have your word you sent the projector in one piece and never gave it a second thought when it arrived broken.

You have my address and telephone numbers, contact me privately to close this issue.

Thank you


P.S. I will not be available until Monday, April 13. You can also pick up your projector at the CineSea convention in Wildwood, New Jersey which I plan to attend later this month (April 25 and 26).
Posted by Vin Collins (Member # 4124) on April 06, 2015, 12:02 AM:
Mr Addams...I just want my projector back, it's that simple. It's been 10 months since I sent it to you....and regardless of all the conversations and messages and issues and reasons for not having fixed it...and even though I originally "wanted" you to fix the projector after you had told me you had replacement part in November 2014...nothing ever got done at your end??? and I have asked/begged you several times over the past 3-4 months to simply ship it back to me, regardless of the spindle being repaired or replacement spindle being included at this point??? But yet you continue to hold on to it even though you told me you would ship it back??? You also actually just told everyone on the 8mm Forum you would be shipping it back to me on March 16th 2015 yet you still continue to hold on to it, and its April now??? I have been trying to make this entire miserable ordeal very simple for you since December/January in asking that you simply send my projector back to me but even now I cant seem to get you to do this?? You seemingly continue to complicate the matter and drag it on and on and I don't understand why other than to think you don't even have it at this point??? Can you understand why I am completely baffled and angered at this point????? I don't have the serial number...all I can do at this point is PRAY that you simply send my projector back to me ASAP.
Posted by Vin Collins (Member # 4124) on April 06, 2015, 12:19 PM:

Just follow thru with what you FINALLY said you would do 3 weeks on this forum....AND ship my un-repaired projector back to me AT NO COST!!!! You have had my projector for 10 months and counting and done nothing with it....I dont want anything but my projector...what dont you understand at this point???? REALIZING MONTHS AGO that you were "for whatever the multiple reasons you have given me over 10 months" not going to follow thru with fixing my projector I have asked you over and over and over SINCE DECEMBER to JUST return my projector to me AND YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING UNTIL I STARTED OUTING YOU ON THE 8MM FORUM. DO THE RIGHT THING JON AND PAY FOR SHIPPING OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET FOR ALL THE MISERY YOU HAVE PUT ME THRU FOR 10 MONTHS AND COUNTING AND SHIP MY PROJECTOR BACK TO ME NOW!!!!!! THE LAST THING WE SHOULD BE DOING IS MEETING ANYWHERE IN PERSON AT THIS POINT....THIS WOULD NOT BE A GOOD IDEA. JUST SHIP MY PROJECTOR BACK TO ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Clay Gosney (Member # 4724) on April 06, 2015, 12:55 PM:
Mr Adams apparently has problems taking ownership of his business mistakes and tries to put the blame on everyone else for his FUBARS. Never once does he apologise for holding on to this projector for nearly a year but blames the individual for sending the projector to his business Come on Juan at least do something right here. Send Vin his projector back in a repaired state at no cost to him. It's the least you can do after holding it that long. Customer service should be the uppermost concern of any business and you are not doing yours any favors with your attitude on this. Give the man his projector back.
Posted by Carter Bradley (Member # 984) on April 08, 2015, 04:43 PM:
Unfortunately this particular seller and I did not see eye-to-eye on a transaction several years ago.
Posted by Douglas Meltzer (Member # 28) on April 09, 2015, 08:05 AM:
Sorry, I should have posted this two days ago....This matter is currently being handled off Forum at my request.


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