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Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on December 28, 2017, 03:45 PM:
Some of you may have seen another thread elsewhere regarding the problems i had when i purchased a new machined and flattened Elmo 1200HD, (for my spare machine), shutter with what was meant to be a matching pulley to take up the speed difference with the rubber removed from the shutters edge, yawnnnn,

Well, PEG Engineering here in Plymouth made me the required unit in alloy rather than plastic, this one wont wear out in time or crack. I do not in any way blame the seller of the shutter and pulley, he relies totally on his engineers to do what he requires, unfortunately, i have to say, he should find another engineer. Take a look at this, These images 1 & 2 show my Elmo HD, (my spare one), with the machine frame moved out of the way so i could remove the pulley for the umpteenth time, i kept getting one crap one after another. image 2 shows the difference between the accuracy and quality of the one i had made on the left, and the rough diamond on the right, just look at that awful belt groove and the pitch compared to mine which is exactly the same as the original Elmo pulley, images 4 & 5 show the size difference required in order to get the speed right. Even though the one supplied states 29. 6 it is in fact 27.3, the one i had made i estimated needed to be 31, it came out at 31.4 as the engineer said if need be he could shave it down but obviously cant add to it. I reckon The machine is, (as far as my ears are concerned), bang on, if anything it may be running at 25 FPS but i can put up with that. The last 3 images show everything back to normal, as you can see all the belts line up and the original belt fits 100% perfect into the groove of the new pulley..
BTW, this all started way back in September, the purchase of the parts was from an independent, NOT billy Parsons, he wouldn't have this so wrong, BUT, when i rang Bill he kindly said, he thought the shutter may be from a 1200 and not a HD as these are slightly different sizes, i checked the supplier who insisted it was a 1200HD, however, to prove a point Bill sent me via a third party, an original 1200 pulley, when i got it i could see it looked too big the other way, i fitted it and yep, it ran too fast. Point proven, pulley returned, Bill measured the pulley at 33.05mm, so i estimated 31mm to get it right. Between us both we had it sussed.
This boys and girls is what happens when you use the right people, Anyone who has had a new shutter with the pulley and experiences slow running, this is likely to be your answer, the wrong size pulley!!!
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on December 29, 2017, 06:16 AM:
It just shows that you can't trust anybody without double checking what you receive. There must be many people who genuinely do not try to deceive but the answer's simple. Be very wary.
Anyway, it all now looks a superb job. You were lucky to get an engineer who was willing to supply a small order. It's good that these people still exist.
Congratulations on your persistence.
Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on December 29, 2017, 08:43 AM:
Cheers Maurice [Wink]
Yes i was pleased also that the chap was happy to do a one off.
It is the same company who many years ago now made me 10 of the 24 FPS clutches and lower pulleys when i first joined the forum.
One of the employees bought the company from the older chap who retired. About three years ago he popped into where i work out of the blue and gave me his card and said anything they can make they will be happy to do, pulleys, gears, mounts etc. All i need is one good one to copy,& as you can see from my pulley, these guys do a 1st class quality job.
I still cant believe that other one, just look at where the belt sits, i would have rejected it.

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