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Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on March 18, 2019, 08:56 AM:

I back for a another advise. Recently i came accross a proposition for a Elmo GS 1200 for 400€( 454$). What i have read, it's the best projector. It been a long time i was looking for it but never found a good opportunity. The owner confirm it's working fine but i will test it if i'm willing to buy it. I have some question, is this projector a must have? Does this projector solid? because i don't want repair it every time, i prefere to repair shipper projector ofter that a expensive one.
In the future i may re-dubbed some film, does i need this one?

I realy don't know if i want to enjoy the maximum the super8 movie, i need this expensive projector.

Here some photo of the projector:



Thank you for your help
Posted by Steve Klare (Member # 12) on March 18, 2019, 09:07 AM:
To me this machine is a Ferrari: absolutely awesome capabilities, but sometimes with the price of being a little temperamental.

The thing is, when you are out on a racetrack with the Lamborghinis and the Porsches you really need the Ferrari. You show up with the Volkswagen, you're going to get your doors blown off.

Much the same: the more you into large screen projection, or you are re-recording tracks, the more you need something like a GS.

At CineSea, S8 and 16 go toe to toe on the big screen and 8 looks just fine: a Xenon GS is the reason. There is no substitute in that case.

If you are projecting small screen or you don't need the sync pulse capability, you may be just as happy with something more middle of the road. I think using a GS where a lighter duty machine would do well deprives it of its chance to really show its abilities. (If you take a Ferrari to the supermarket, your biggest reaction may be there's not a lot of room for groceries!)

The one thing I can tell you for sure: having a 1200 foot supply reel and a 600 foot take-up just makes me uncomfortable for some reason!
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on March 18, 2019, 09:20 AM:
The probleme is, i have recently buy 800 feet reel i can't watch with my current projector. But pay this much money for looking 4 big reel i don't know. The price seems fair for what i have see on ebay or other site.
Posted by Steve Klare (Member # 12) on March 18, 2019, 09:27 AM:
This is a great machine, yet there are others that can take an 800 foot reel that aren't quite to this level.

I think if you buy it, and if it's in good shape, you will not be sorry, but my own philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible.

I think one gap a GS can certainly fill is mixed shows with other formats. I find if I mix in 100 or 150W super-8 projected films with video projection, I have to show the 8mm first or they look dim. If I had a 250W or Xenon lamp. I bet I could get more flexibility.
Posted by Leon Norris (Member # 3151) on March 18, 2019, 09:31 AM:
Pierre, The pictures shown are of the older model! Most collectors want the newer model! Easy way to tell is look at the front cover! See witch way the loop former knob is pointing if its pointing towards the front than its the older model! If pointing towards the back its the newer model! Elmo modified the newer model! Its better! Now here we go! They changed the aperture plate, the two motors take up and rewind! 5-6 volt! The old motors were 2-3 volt! The newer model handles splices better!they changed the Governor circuit board! They changed the top sprocket shoe! They changed the pressure pad lever! All for the better!
Posted by Greg Perry (Member # 5177) on March 18, 2019, 09:47 AM:

If you are looking primarily for reel size capacity of 1200 ft., maybe consider an Elmo ST-1200 HD. These are considered good machines with good sound. (I have an Elmo ST-1200 (not as robust sound as the HD), and it is a decent projector. The ST-1200 HD would be less costly, and less complex to repair, but have fewer fancy options than the GS-1200--one key limitation of ST-1200 HD is no "pulse-sync" capability for quartz-locked re-recording. Although many people successfully re-record/dub films manually without a pulse-sync capable projector. There have been a few recent posts here mentioning this manual re-recording...
Posted by Steve Klare (Member # 12) on March 18, 2019, 10:05 AM:
Hey Greg!

I have an ST-1200HD and am considering doing the 2 blade surgery (Paging Dr. Norris!) in the not too distant future!

Why not? I never us it for 18FPS anyway.
Posted by Leon Norris (Member # 3151) on March 18, 2019, 10:12 AM:
Sorry ,Steve, But I do the GS1200 Only! Thanks!
Posted by Paul Adsett (Member # 25) on March 18, 2019, 10:39 AM:
Leon mentioned the different size aperture plates. I actually prefer the larger opening aperture plate on the original model GS1200 because it a) gives a bigger picture and b) produces a brighter picture. The only down side of the original large aperture plate is that you sometimes have to ride the framing knob - depending on the frame line thickness on the film print.
Question for Leon: can the old (larger) version 1 aperture plate be switched into the version 2 machine?
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on March 18, 2019, 10:43 AM:
The price of 400 Euros is cheap for a really good model GS-1200. I would be suspicious at this price.
However, if you get the chance of seeing it working before you buy you can make up your own mind.
Remember that this projector is full of electronics and can often have faults develop.
As mentioned above, an Elmo ST-1200HD would be better suited for you.
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on March 18, 2019, 10:46 AM:
Thanks for all your advise.i think the owner is not a collectionor that's why it's this cheap. it seems that's not a good opportunity as it's seems. There's is so many characteristics and parameters who need to be aware off.
Maybe if the seller is okay for 200€ i will take it. I will continue to look after the elected projector. But having a projector who can accept big reel if a necessity because i plan in the futur buy full feature.
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on March 18, 2019, 11:12 AM:
Pierre, look at the lens. You may see 1.3 or 1.1 or 1.0. 1.3 is the cheapest lens. If you see 1.0, bingo it's a very good lens that gives you a bright picture. This lens alone may be sold aroun 250/350 euros. If you see 1.1, it's a good lens as well. It will give you a much better picture than an 1.3 one. A 1.1 is sold around 100/150 euros. Those lenses can be used for other Elmo models.
Posted by Phil Murat (Member # 5148) on March 18, 2019, 11:42 AM:
Hi Pierre,

Depending on times to run movies and what kind of use is expected , from my own experience (I use GS1200 and Beaulieu 708 , same price in France) :

- Sound TransFer by pulse Sync ==> ELMO GS1200
- Film "Friendly" (means no scratch, splices friendly) ==> Definitly Beaulieu 708 which shows a clear and simple (Give up GS1200)
- Lens ==> more or less equivalent
- Sound Heads ==> GS1200 almost no life limit (BEAULIEU 708; 350 Hrs approx)

- Electronic reliability ===> Beaulieu 708 is quite simple and compact, probably the easiest to maintain by yourself.
GS1200 needs more Electronic knowledges.

- Mechanic "Design" : Beaulieu 708 is designed like classical 16mm machines with ball bearings fitted and compact subassemblies, 1 hour and 80% of the machines is disassembled !
Beaulieu's Film Path is excellent, no passive guides to scratch films. All films bought as new 40 years ago (Polyester or Acetat as well) are still showing the same mechanical condition....

If you have more specific questions, you can PM me....

If you need to pick up sounds from DVD and you need a very "film-friendly" machine too, you need both machines !!!

PS : Try to lower price for the GS1200. I have got a beautiful one for 250 Euros in perfect condition (1 year ago approx)

Same thing for a Beaulieu 708 EL (Mono). You can get one in good condition for 250 Euros now....
Posted by Melvin England (Member # 5270) on March 18, 2019, 12:14 PM:
Pierre - At 400 Euros, I would buy it. If you find you do not like it ( I would be surprised if you did not like it) you could re-sell it easily and make a profit.

If you are looking for another good quality stereo projector which will be mechanically simpler, and you do not want pulse sync. or vari speed control for re-recording, may I suggest the Sankyo 800 ?
A solid piece of Japanese technology.
Posted by Leon Norris (Member # 3151) on March 18, 2019, 01:04 PM:
Paul, No they can't be switched! They are different! Now what you can do is get a diamond file and file the aperture plate window! When you file. Do the bottom part. Go nice and slow. And make a even straight line! If you do it right you will get more picture and more light! You will be surprised! On how much better it is. I did mine it took a while but it paid off! Just remember go slow and keep a straight line! Do the bottom part only! If you mess up than you have to buy another aperture plate!
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on March 19, 2019, 05:14 AM:
Thanks for your response. I will give a call to the owner to have a closer look at the machine and maybe discuss the price. Thank of your rewiew, i have now alternative for good projector who can take biger reel. And now i know what to look before buying a projector (lens, old/recent model,...).
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on March 19, 2019, 06:06 AM:
Pierre, if this projector is working petfectly well and if it has a 1.1 lens, or better a 1.0 one, 400 euros is a good price (but of course, if you can have it for lower...). A last thing, I want to add about the GS 1200 : the lamps are special 200 watts ones. They are more expensive than the standard ones but you can put standard ones as well (200 watts like the originals but you will get a little bit less light).
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on March 19, 2019, 06:16 AM:
A good things to know,thanks.
Posted by Adrian Winchester (Member # 248) on March 19, 2019, 09:32 AM:
I would personally suggest making a decision soon, because if the projector is working well and the owner thinks of doing some research on what a GS1200 generally sells for, he may suddenly decide to significantly increase the price!
Posted by Leon Norris (Member # 3151) on March 19, 2019, 11:48 AM:
Grab it while you still can at a good deal!
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on March 19, 2019, 04:43 PM:
I will give the guy a call, i will let you know what's happen.
Posted by Chip Gelmini (Member # 44) on March 19, 2019, 06:13 PM:
I agree with EVERYTHING that has been said here.

However I will also say that I made the change to GS 1200 and I do not believe that I can ever go back to using anything else.

The machines require patience. It is one hell of a super 8 projector. A workhorse of a machine.

But also think of it this way it doesn't matter what brand or model you to choose to run. Given the age of this hobby and media - all will give trouble from time to time.

I stand by my GS 1200 machines for as long as I can continue this hobby for years to come.
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on March 30, 2019, 03:09 AM:
Some recent news ?
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on April 01, 2019, 04:49 AM:

Yes, i take a look at the projector and it have no problem to project the film but he was a bit dirty and the case had one impact but at first sight it doesn"t seems to alterat the projection. I have a long chat with the guy i was willing to pay maximum 280€(it's the money on my bank account) but his last price was 380€. I'm a bit sad but i have not lost hope to find a another one more affordable.

Thank you all for your guidance, i has help me a lot and it will still help me in the futur.

Despite this, i have some more news. I may post some topic on the 16mm forum. I come closer to the 9.5mm.
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on April 01, 2019, 05:31 AM:
GS-1200 projectors still sell for much more that the seller's now quoted price of 380€.
If it is good condition, and works OK, at this price it is a good buy.
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on April 01, 2019, 12:06 PM:
Not easy with a student budget to buy a GS 1200. As Maurice said, it will be near to impossible (except if you're very lucky) to find this projector at 280 €. If your purpose is to have a 360 mt machine, you may look for a ST 1200, a Fujicascope SH 30 or a Revue Lux Sound 80 Stereo. They are not cheap but sometimes one of thos projectors surfaces at a bargain price.
Posted by Maurice Leakey (Member # 916) on April 01, 2019, 02:59 PM:
I have a Revue Lux Sound 80 Stereo and it's a good projector. It's only badged as such, it's made by Chinon and is their SS 1200.
I also have a Fujicascope SH 30, but these would be more expensive than the Revue/Chinon. ue/revue_lux_sound80.htm
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on April 01, 2019, 03:12 PM:
Maurice, I paid my Fujicascope €106 two years ago. This is why I meant by "bargain Price" 😁
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on April 01, 2019, 05:05 PM:
I still have hope to found this projector. But since, i have enlarged my research to the ST1200 and other able to take biger reel.

I have already met the Revue Lux SS 1200, i paid 20€ for it but i found out the rewinding didn't work and i did not have the courage to fix it. I sell it for the same price without 1 hours. I kind regret it now.
Posted by Dominique De Bast (Member # 3798) on April 01, 2019, 05:24 PM:
Do you have a pair of rewinders ? That's an usefull accessory.
Posted by Pierre Mdihi (Member # 6808) on April 01, 2019, 05:36 PM:
Not yet, i'm looking for it but i haven't found one for less than 50€. The pair of rewinders are in my wishing list.

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