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Posted by Thomas Stathes (Member # 235) on May 06, 2010, 01:48 PM:
Excellent condition for more info or for purchasing. Shipping extra.

Lilac Time 1928 (U8) Reg 8, 11x200ft plain box $80

Tumbleweeds 1925, S8 sil, 4x400, Niles box $50

The Americano, Fairbanks, 4x200ft, Bhawk, plain boxes $40

The Informer (from Pathescope, 1929 UK), 4x200 R8 plain boxes $50

Female of the Species- no main title, plain white box "Film Classics", 200ft R8 $10

The Great McGonigle- WC Fields, Standard 8mm sound, 200ft plain white box $15

Night Before Christmas- Edison, early, R8 200ft white box $10

Little Mary- Mary Pickford Blackhawk R8 200ft in metal reel/can/white box $10

Circus Today- Clyde/Bevan R8 200ft in Old Time Comedies box $10

Railroad Stowaways- Clyde/Bevan R8 200ft Super 8 Sound nice Castle box $15

Great Train Robbery, Bhawk 200ft Super 8 silent nice box $10

Those Awful Hats- Bhawk 100ft Super 8 silent nice box $10

Mr. Silent Haskins (1915) R8 200ft good Bhawk box $10

Paging Love (1923 Monty Banks) 400ft R8 sil good Bhawk box $20

Knight of the Trail- Wm. S. Hart 400ft R8 white box $20

Big Moments from Little Pictures 400ft R8 good Bhawk box $15



Power God (1925) Super 8 silent, mint Glenn Photo print in plain boxes. 15 chapters. $200

King of the Kongo- Super 8 silent, 10 chapters in Bonum library cases, also excellent. $150

Hop Harrigan- S8 sound, 15 chapters in beautiful OBs $175

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - S8 sound, exc. 12 chapters in beautiful OBs $150

Congo Bill - S8 sound, 15 chapters in beautiful OBs $175

Pirate Treasure- S8 sound, 12 chapters in beautiful OBs $150


Modern Outlaw-Pathe French film, dog drama (spanish titles- Bouchard print), S8 200ft no can/box $15

Keaton- The Goat (says "Split) 200ft in Eumig case, lab leader but not intro title $10

" - Coney Island, R8 400ft Eumig case $20

" - Convict 13, R8 400ft Eumig case, printed without main title $20

In metal cans:

London Landmarks (Castle) R8 $5

Waiter's Ball- Arbuckle-Atlas films? $15 NO CAN

JFK Man and the President R8 400ft $10

Turpin- Yukon Jake R8 $15

" - Pride of Pikeville R8 $15

Keaton - Balloonatic R8 French version $20

Bevan- Gymnasium Gym R8 $15

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Posted by Panayotis A. Carayannis (Member # 1220) on May 06, 2010, 03:07 PM:
Just sent you an e-mail
Posted by Raymond Glaser (Member # 1766) on May 06, 2010, 06:18 PM:
Hi Thomas - I just sent you an E-mail --- Ray
Posted by Thomas Stathes (Member # 235) on May 07, 2010, 01:25 PM:
List updated, thanks all!

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