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Posted by Stuart Finkelstein (Member # 2380) on June 03, 2015, 10:20 PM:
I am looking for the Americom 8mm Soundtrack for the "art film" "Bon Soir" with Annette Vadim. Soundtrack disc or digital copy (CD or mp3) would suffice.

For those who don't go back that far, Americom 8mm produced "sound films for silent projectors." Films in either 8mm or super 8mm came with a very cheap, low quality, plastic disc that could be "synchronized" with the actual film. In most cases, the films could never be perfectly synched with the sound. Still, I'm sure many forum members here have memories of this ill fated process. Some, I'm sure, still have the films. And the soundtrack discs.

So, can anyone here help me? Email if you can.


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