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Posted by Ted Bennett (Member # 5851) on March 30, 2017, 08:55 AM:

I am looking for full feature print of Singin' in the Rain


Posted by Paul Adsett (Member # 25) on March 30, 2017, 11:21 AM:
Ted, good luck with finding a print. I have the Derann print of Singin' In The Rain and it really is a glorious feeling when you project it, very sharp, deep contrast, and fully saturated 'Technicolor'. I have redubbed mine from the DVD which has enhanced mono sound resulting in more 'depth',
Posted by Andrew Woodcock (Member # 3260) on March 30, 2017, 12:40 PM:
There is a lovely Derann print here Ted, if you are able to record it back into English again.

Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on March 30, 2017, 12:56 PM:
Way over the top price though, this isn't that rare. [Wink]
Posted by Kevin Clark (Member # 211) on March 31, 2017, 01:08 AM:
Usually I don't comment on film prices but Tom you are spot on with this one over three times the price Ian sold one on here for just last month and a re-record into it's original English sound needed too - my advice would be to wait and I'm sure a more fairly priced one will come along.

Seems to be becoming the norm though - UK Derann prints travelling over the Channel then being offered back at an extortionate profit and in a foreign language.

Posted by Rene Ruppert (Member # 5392) on March 31, 2017, 02:28 AM: has a Derann print for sale:

They also sell the MGM digest:
Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on March 31, 2017, 06:51 AM:
Have to agree with you Kevin,

Ted, Keep an eye out and hopefully one will come up, i am also looking but realisticly it would have to be under 200.
Ian @ Perry's has just proved that, also CHC had one not too loing ago for 175. [Wink]
Posted by Rene Ruppert (Member # 5392) on March 31, 2017, 11:19 AM:
I was interested in CHC's "Singin' in the Rain", too. At that time the film was offered for 130£. But when I contacted Philip Sheard about that print, he said that it wasn't really sharp.
Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on March 31, 2017, 11:35 AM:
I suspect that it wasn't one of the later Derann prints, however, 130 was still a good price. [Wink]
Posted by Ted Bennett (Member # 5851) on April 07, 2017, 07:58 AM:
Cheers, everyone.

I managed to pick up a Derann Print for around £180. I'll let you know how it looks when I get a chance to screen it!
Posted by Tom Photiou (Member # 130) on April 07, 2017, 12:59 PM:
There you go Ted, well done. How did i miss that one?? [Big Grin] [Wink]

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