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Posted by Murat Noyan (Member # 4058) on December 12, 2013, 02:17 AM:
Hi guys,
I'm a reseller of Kodak Super 8 film portfolio in Istanbul, Turkey.
I'm a dedicated Super 8 film user since 1986, and my primary objective is to "keep the format alive"
So, in order to promote continuous usage of Super 8 film, I'm trying to do my best, and offering Kodak Super 8 films with relatively reasonable prices to film makers.
Fresh stocks of Vision3 50D / 200T and 500T in Super 8 format are available.
Sales price for bulk orders (minimum 20 cartridges of any kind of Vision3 films) is 440 USD INCLUDING SHIPPING to the USA. (22,- USD per film)
Here is my e-mail for your inquiries:

Currently I'm working on a affordable high quality positive printing service for those who are interested in direct projecting. "A negative film pooling service" might be the best option, which is collecting unprocessed negatives from individuals and making wet gate high quality prints at once. Thus, the service price would be shared, and the cost of service would be reasonable for each individual.

I'll put some screenshots of positive prints from Vision3 50D very soon.
IMO, the positive prints of Vision3 50D provide the most closest results to Kodachrome 40, which is awesome!

Stay tuned.

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