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Posted by Richard Bock (Member # 1926) on October 27, 2012, 10:51 AM:

This film for many years had gotten by me until I looked at the other day on my Bolex 18-5L Super 8 Projector upgraded with halogen. {The screen shots are taken off the movie screen.} It was like seeing it with new eyes. The production values are sterling with the influence of Griffiths use of the frame apparent. Also the lighting is magnificent. This film has it all, slapstick,violence and a great love story. A sort of a fairy tale,to coin a Tori Amos song title. Chaplin is a street violinist. If one wants to know what it was like to be poor at that time, check out the bar scenes in the beginning of the film, with the scarcity of coinage by the competing street bands. The Tramp is a bit of a half wit with brilliant survival instincts and ends playing violin 'at a good spot' in the middle of nowhere besides a beautiful girl doing laundry for her wicked master. The love story is beautifully realized. Will he lose the girl? I've not seen the depiction of a broken heart and living with jealousy more sublimely depicted than in this film. Chaplin does it with subtle gestures and comedy. Edna Purviance is beautiful and a fine actress.

The print I have has great contrast, a big thumbs up on the quality of this Blackhawk silent print.

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Posted by Andy Ward (Member # 3328) on October 31, 2012, 03:39 AM:
Cool looks a great picture. I have been a bit of a collector of Chaplin films as it was my dads 2x200ft of Easy Street which got me started when I was a kid. The Vagabond is one if my favourites, I agree with Richard on the content. I have a feeling my copy is standard 8 and suffering a bit of whiteness but is still a great watch.

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