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Posted by Joseph Banfield (Member # 2082) on November 09, 2012, 09:26 AM:
After having the Castle films version of "Railroad Stowaways" and watching that for years, I finally received the Collector's Club Super 8 version called "Whispering Whiskers", which is the correct title of this film, by the way.

Both versions have super sharp quality but the Collector's Club version has what appears to be correct intertitles and not the perfect Webster dictionary intertitles of the Castle release. Castle films seems to have take many liberties on those intertitles, especially dialogue by the black performers and references made to Pullman cars, which do not appear in the castle version.

The print quality is perfect and spot on with no washed out faces and you can see the black actors in this film, unlike with so many other films of this era. The collector's Club release also shows a few scenes that are a bit longer than in the castle release, as well as a couple short things Castle deleted altogether.

If you are looking for this title on Super 8 then I would highly recommend this version over the castle one. Just my opinion, however.

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