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Posted by Daniel D. Teoli Jr. (Member # 6043) on April 29, 2019, 09:02 AM:
Hunting Season 1939...they hunt bear, deer and rabbits. Possibly shot in PA or the Tri-State Ohio Valley area, but could be anywhere in the mid-Atlantic / East Coast region. 'Atlantic White Flash' gas station sign clearly visible.

This is a 16mm home movie that was spliced together with scotch tape. Parts of the film were suffering from vinegar syndrome and warped. Lots of breaks and blown sprocket holes.

Some nice vintage Kodachrome color footage mixed in. Much of the color is remarkably good. Kodak changed the recipe for Kodachrome in 1938 and most of it has held up pretty good in dark storage. Prior to '38, most of the Kodachrome has color shifted. Film stock codes (color and BW) date the film as 1939.

16mm Kodachrome had an ASA rating of 10. That made it pretty hard to shoot at dusk or dawn. Some of the footage in the film is greatly underexposed and had to be pushed in the scan to view the images.

I will be offering free 16mm silent scans if anyone needs them. But the film has to be of interest to me and I will put the digital copy in my Archive and online.

Write direct if interested. 400 - 800 foot reels preferred. No features, no trailers, no commercials. But there are always exceptions, so no harm in running by me. Home movies are OK, but they have to be interesting to me. And that is the interest.

I may offer sound scans later. You pay shipping both ways. If you want TIFF or JPEG frame scans you supply HDD or SDD. Otherwise I will send an AVI file that fits on a DVD.

write direct if interested:

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