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Posted by Mark Todd (Member # 96) on September 10, 2019, 01:52 AM:
Hi I am going to ask CHC if they can do a run of 800 feet white card storage boxes for 16mm films, they need a hundred to go possibly apparently but not asked yet re these.

I need about 25.

I might also ask about 200 feet ones.

Would anyone else be interested ?

Another possibility is pizza boxes if needs must but does anyone know if that would be OK for the films ?

Or even betetr know of anyone who might already do the boxes possibly.

Many Thanks Mark.
Posted by Bill Brandenstein (Member # 892) on September 20, 2019, 06:18 PM:
CLEAN pizza boxes should be OK! [Smile]

I wish CHC were on this side because those boxes would be useful if not so expensive to ship.
Posted by Adrian Winchester (Member # 248) on September 21, 2019, 06:36 PM:
800' reels are not all identical in diameter, but I expect you would go for the Tuscan size. I might be interested in having a few, but only if they opted for a thicker type of card, because I think the sort of thickness seen on 8mm boxes isn't really sturdy enough for larger 16mm spools.

I don't suppose many 16mm collectors have anywhere near as many films on 100' or 200' reels as you (or I) do, so I doubt whether an order would be viable, although I'd certainly welcome some new 100' boxes to replace some very tatty Scopitone boxes.
Posted by Mark Todd (Member # 96) on September 23, 2019, 03:47 AM:
Hi Adrian, your right, some are quite a bit wider than others.

Ceolites are smaller for instance.

I`ve ordered 10 of these for my smaller reels, the larger ones I`ll see how they go, if they allow a few extra mm they may be OK, but looking as if not at th mo.

These don`t look super thick, bit I`ll report back once they land. 03841%26meid%3D144ac5668db849c4bbea8b1e599281a6%26pid%3D100227%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D11%26sd%3D283077332777%26itm%3D171906088658%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2054502&_trksid=p2054502.c100 227.m3827

Best Mark.

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