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Posted by Thomas Stathes (Member # 235) on October 10, 2005, 03:46 PM:
Howdy Fellers,
Here are a few 16mm cartoons I have for sale. If interested in any, please email me at

Silent Cartoons
Bobby Bumps At The Circus (1916) RARE Bray Cartoon. 50' no main title $20
Candy Kid (c1920) RARE Jerry on the Job. 50', replaced titles, a bit rough $15
Wrong Track (1920) " " " " ". 100' ORIGINAL titles, some splices $25
Chinese Honeymoon (1920) Krazy Kat " " ", $25
Awful Spook (1921) " " " " " Rough condition but playable $20
Hinges on Barroom Door (1921) """ No main title, rough, (in poor condition but RARE original "Krazy Kat" decorated Keystone box!) $20
Jungle Belles (1927) Pete the Pup cartoon with Walter Lantz appearing. 100' in fabulous generic Keystone box [missing top flap] $30
Oswald Rabbit "Speed Cop" (1930s) 50' amber stock $4
Mickey Mouse's Swiss Tune (1930s) 50' amber stock $5
Betty Boop For President no title clip, 25' b/w $2
Mickey Mouse the Cook (1930s) 50' amber stock, 1 title frame left, $4
"Rolling Stones" (1936 Terrytoon) Farmer Al appearance, 300' $10
Big Fight (1936) RARE Kiko the Kangaroo Terrytoon, 300' $10

Sound Cartoons
Flying Carpet Capers (60s) Bozo Clown, emulsion lines, faded red $6
Puss in Boots (1934 Comicolor) short title, b/w, some splices $8
Dick Whittington's Cat (1935 ") no main title, b/w, splices $6
Barnyard Babies (1935 MGM) b/w $10
Pup's Picnic (1936 MGM) b/w $10
Gruesome Twosome (1945 EARLY WB Tweety!) no titles, very worn, splicey $8

Reasonable shipping rates apply to all orders. I may give discounts on large orders.

-Tom Stathes

Small print:
~No rights given or implied~No returns~Sold AS-IS~

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