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001 LOVE HAPPY : A group of aspiring actors who
are putting together a musical review called "Love
Happy." Harpo, the troupe's mascot, keeps the ac-
tors from starving by cleverly filching canned goods
from a local grocer. On one such excursion, he acci-
dentally gets hold of a sardine can containing a for-
tune in stolen diamonds. This makes Harpo the
target of icy adventuress Madame Egilichi and her
henchmen. Marilyn Monroe also stars in this classic
comedy musical. Excellent B/W print. £89.99

002 THE SPANISH MAIN : Classic pirate movie!
Swashbuckler, damsels in distress, sword fights, it
has it all. Starring Paul Henreid and Maureen
O'Hara. Excellent B/W print. £24.99

003 SON OF SINBAD : Dale Robertson stars as the
Son of Sinbad in this Arabian Nights romp. Hoping
to rescue Baghdad from the forces of the dreaded
Tamerlaine, Sinbad Jr. enlists the aid of the Khalif
(Leon Askin) by promising to deliver the secret of
"Greek Fire". Also starring Vincent Price. Excellent
B/W print. £19.99

004 MANHANDLED : The secretary to a phony psy-
chiatrist finds herself caught up in the murder of a
patient's wife and realizes that her life is also in dan-
ger. Atmospheric thriller from 1949 starring Dorothy
Lamour, Sterling Hayden and Dan Duryea. Odd light
scratch otherwise an excellent B/W print. £29.99

005 PRIME CUT : A Chicago mob enforcer is sent
to Kansas City to settle a debt with a cattle rancher
who not only grinds his enemies into sausage, but
sells women as sex slaves. Violent thriller starring
Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman and Sissy Spacek.
Stunning LPP colour print. £39.99

006 THE FARMERS DAUGHTER : Katie Holstrom
leaves the farm to become a nurse, but is side-
tracked into domestic service, romance, and politics.
Oscar winning 1947 comedy starring Loretta Young
and Joseph Cotten. Excellent B/W print. £49.99

JUNGLE) : starring Allan Lane, Linda Stirling,
George Lewis and Duncan Renaldo. Action was par-
amount in this exciting thriller about a beautiful white
jungle goddess and a two-fisted trouble shooter bat-
tling and money mad oil profiteers attempting to se-
cure oil rich lands that belong to a peaceful tribe of
South American natives. Excellent B/W print, sup-
plied on Tuscan spools and cans. £49.99

008 I KILLED GERONIMO : Action western based
around the fictional murder of Geronimo. Starring
James Ellison. Odd light scratch otherwise an excel-
lent B/W print. £17.99

009 PORTRAIT FROM LIFE : An army officer be-
comes involved in the strange case of an amnesiac
girl seeking her lost past in Germany. Trence
Fisher’s British classic from 1948. Starring Robert
Beaty and Herbert Lom. Excellent B/W print. £49.99

010 ROOM SERVICE : RKO was able to secure the
services of Zeppo's brothers Groucho, Harpo and
Chico Marx, the result is an entertaining blend of tra-
ditional stage farce and Marxian madness. Excellent
B/W print. £89.99

011 DEVOTION : A 1946 American biographical film
directed by Curtis Bernhardt and starring Ida Lupino,
Paul Henreid, Olivia de Havilland, and Sydney
Greenstreet. The film is a fictionalised account of the
lives of the Brontë sisters. Excellent B/W print.

012 THE BANDIT QUEEN : Zara Montalve, half
Spanish and half America, returns to her native Cali-
fornia in time to see her parents murdered by Sheriff
Jim Harding and his gang. The she plant to take
vengeance on the gang. Starring Barbara Britton.
Good overall B/W print. £17.99

013 DICK TRACY RETURNS : Dick Tracy battles
spies and saboteurs in his efforts to bring to justice
the Stark gang, a criminal family led by the vicious
Pa Stark. 1938 Republic serial starring Ralph Byrd
and Charles Middleton. 15 episodes supplied with
plastic cans. Excellent B/W print. £69.99

014 VARIETY GIRL : Dozens of star and character-
actor cameos and a message about the Variety Club
(show-business charity) are woven into a framework
about two hopeful young ladies who come to Holly-
wood in this 1947 comedy musical. Starring Bob
Hope and Bing Crosby with many guest stars which
include Gary Cooper, Alan Ladd, Barbara Stanwyck
to name only a few. Excellent mint B/W print. £79.99

length version of the 1949 Republic serial Federal
Agents vs. Underworld, Inc. The story gets under
way when archaeologist Professor Clayton (James
Craven) is kidnapped by Underworld Inc. functionary
Nila (Carol Forman). Federal agent Dave Worth (Kirk
Alyn) and his assistant Laura try to find out why
Clayton is suddenly so valuable. It turns out that the
good professor has discovered the Golden Hands of
Kurigal, the key to vast fortune hidden somewhere in
Europe. Excellent B/W print £49.99

016 RADIO RANCH : Re-edited feature version of
serial The Phantom Empire (1935). Singer Gene Au-
try discovers a race of advanced humans living be-
neath the earth. Excellent B/W print. £29.99

017 THERE WAS A YOUNG LADY : In this come-
dy, a diamond merchant's secretary gets fired by her
new boss for being too efficient. She ends up kid-
napped by a ring of jewel thieves and her former
boss comes to save her. Starring Michael Denison,
Dulcie Gray and Sydney Tafler. Good overall B/W
print. £17.99

018 RADAR SECRET SERVICE :A pair of secret
service operatives, in search of stolen uranium ore,
use radar to track down the atomic thieves. Starring
John Howard. Excellent B/W print. £29.99

019 MELODY TIME : Disney was known for combin-
ing his musical cartoon shorts into interesting fea-
ture-length anthologies and Melody Time is one of
the best. But for the fact that all of the featured seg-
ments have musical themes, they vary widely in mu-
sical and artistic style. Good overall colour print.

020 BEAU HUNKS : Jilted by his girlfriend, "Jeanie-
Weenie," Oliver joins the Foreign Legion to forget,
bringing Stanley along with him. They wilt under the
scorching desert sun and under the harsh discipline
of the Commandant. Laurel and Hardy at their best.
Lowish sound but a good overall B/W print. £29.99

022 THE MAN WHO WOULDN’T DIE : An entertain-
ing entry in the early '40's Michael Shayne detective
thriller series starring Lloyd Nolan. Odd scratch oth-
erwise an excellent B/W print. £19.99

023 THE BABE : Story about Babe Ruth, the man
and the legend, and the woman who forced him to
confront the one thing that threatened his dominance
over the game of baseball - his fast-paced lifestyle.
Heart warming true story with an outstanding per-
formance from John Goodman. Stunning LPP col-
our print. £49.99

026 AVALANCHE : Two Treasury agents track
down their man to a ski resort high in the mountains,
and end up getting involved in a series of murders.
An Irving Allen production from 1946 starring Bruce
Cabot. Albert R Broccoli was a production manager
on this film. Odd hairline scratch otherwise and ex-
cellent B/W print. £29.99

where in England, in the Autumn of 1955, a widowed
father and his son live an idyllic life together. Only
their gas station happens to sit on a piece of land
that a local developer wants to buy. And when he
won't take no for an answer, and sets government
inspectors and social workers onto Danny and his
father. They decide to get even with Hazell and his
Pheasant- shooting friends in a manner in keeping
with their own family tradition. Heartwarming and
entertaining Children’s Film Foundation production
starring Jeremy Irons and Robbie Coltrane. Stun-
ning colour print. £49.99

028 THE SECRET RAPTURE : This movie from
1993 is about sibling rivalries that ends unfortunately
in tragedy. It's a highly recommended intense British
Drama that's both sensuous and erotically charged,
starring Juliet Stevenson and Joanne Whaley Kilmer.
Stunning mint LPP colour print. £29.99

029 THE JOLSON STORY : Outstanding musical
which shows the idealized career of the singer Al
Jolson, a little Jewish boy who goes against the will
of his father in order to be in showbiz. Starring Larry
Parks. Excellent print with mostly nice warm colours.

030 SABRINA : Here is the 1995 remake directed by
Sydney Pollack. Whilst the original had the delightful
Audrey Hepburn, this version has a slightly better
script. Harrison Ford is superb as the cold and un-
feeling Linus. The best line is 'Do they call me the
world's only living heart donor ?' Julia Ormond plays
a fantastic girl next door turned sophisticated woman
to adore. Stunning LPP colour print. £49.99

031 A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE : Michael McCann
is a man who feels totally betrayed by the world, af-
ter his wife revealed to him that their child was not
his. A few years after his break-up we find him living
alone in a small town. But, everything in his misera-
ble life changes when he adopts a little girl whose
mother died outside his house. After several years,
the real father returns to claim the girl from Michael,
thinking that she will be an advantage for his political
career. Outstanding moving comedy drama starring
Steve Martin. Stunning LPP colour print. £39.99

HOLLYWOOD. Based on an old radio series with a
live audience. It is the story of people who attend the
show to seek fame. This is the UK 75 minute ver-
sion. Starring Tom Breneman. Odd hairline scratch
otherwise an excellent B/W print. £19.99

034 UNDERSEA KINGDOM : A worthy competitor to
Universal's "Flash Gordon", strange earthquakes on
the ocean floor that draw the attention of Professor
Norton who finds a statue and immediately decides
that the long-lost continent of Atlantis is to blame for
the chaos. Starring Ray Corrigan. Republic serial in
12 chapters. Good overall B/W print. £49.99

035 THE BEARS AND I : Winston Hibler, who pro-
duced many of those Disney "True Life Adventures"
of the 1950's, was at the controls of The Bears and I.
Patrick Wayne plays Bob Leslie, a Vietnam veteran
who heads to the Canadian Rockies when he's dis-
charged. Here he adopts three bear cubs, whose
mother has been killed. Leslie also helps an Indian
tribe reclaim the land that is rightly theirs. Colour
slight fade. £9.99

037 THE JOLSON STORY : Outstanding musical
which shows the idealized career of the singer Al
Jolson, a little Jewish boy who goes against the will
of his father in order to be in showbiz. Starring Larry
Parks. Stunning IB Tech colour print. £249.99

038 WIDOWS PEAK : Set in the 1920's in a village
named Kilshannon, it tells the story of a tightly knit
group of widows and a stranger who shakes things
up. The movie does, it turns out, have a plot, and
even a surprise twist ending. But they're not really
the point: "Widow's Peak" is more about sharp-
edged humour and barbed tongues and women who
maintain a facade of perfect respectability while get-
ting up to all sorts of mischief. Award winning com-
edy from 1994 starring Mia Farrow, Joan Plowright
and Natasha Richardson. Stunning LPP colour print.

039 FEDERAL MAN : William Henry stars as
"Federal Man". Henry is cast as a government agent,
who dogs the trail of illegal narcotics peddlers. 1950
crime thriller. Some scratches otherwise an excellent
B/W print. £14.99


601 MAN O’ WAR : Two sailors on leave, Laurel and
Hardy meet two girls at a park and invite them to
have a soda. Unfortunately, the boys have only
enough money to buy one drink. The third sound two
reeler from 1929. Excellent B/W print 800’. £39.99

602 FLYING ELEPHANTS : Laurel & Hardy, in pre-
historic times, vie for the hand of the same Stone
Age beauty. Original silent comedy from 1928. Ex-
cellent Blackhawk print, silent double perf 800’.

603 ANOTHER FINE MESS : Two homeless vaga-
bonds hide out in a vacant mansion and pose as the
residents when prospective lessees arrive and try to
rent it. Classic Laurel and Hardy. Excellent B/W print
1000’. £49.99

604 THE MUSIC BOX :Laurel and Hardy struggle to
push a large crated piano up a seemingly insur-
mountable flight of stairs. Lowish sound, OK when
volume increased otherwise a good overall B/W print
1000’. £17.99

605 UNITING THE NATIONS : The story of the for-
mation of the United Nations using lots of news reel
footage from the wars of the 20th Century. Excellent
B/W print 800’. £14.99

606 A PROUD DRAGON : A look at the history and
famous places of Wales. An oustanding travelogue
made by BP Films. Stunning IB Tech colour print
800’. £19.99

607 BACON GRABBERS : Stan & Ollie find work
as debt collectors. Their first assignment is to collect
a late payment on a radio set. Very rare 1929 silent
Laurel and Hardy two reeler. Excellent original
Blackhawk print 800’ silent double perf. £19.99

608 THE SWASHBUCKLERS : One of the most ap-
pealing movie buff series of all time - Hollywood and
the Stars, narrated by Joseph Cotton and with the
unforgettable theme tune. Here we take a look at the
great adventurers including Errol Flynn, Douglas
Fairbanks and many more. Also includes archive
footage. Excellent B/W print 1000’. £49.99

609 THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW : Includes 3 theatri-
cal Warner cartoons starring Bugs Bunny and
Yosemite Sam. Includes Hare Trimmed, Roman Le-
gion Hare and Fare Haired Hare. Colour slight fade
and odd splice 900’. £15.99

610 ROUND ROBIN : In this wonderful film from
Christmas 1979, Bernard Cribbins once again lends
his voice to a small creature, this time a Robin,
bringing to life what one gets up to at Christmas.
Colour slight fade 600’. £9.99

611 WHEN WIFIE’S AWAY : Errol thinks his wife is
going away, gets mixed up with an actress, and is
forced to impersonate his grandfather. 1941 Leon
Errol comedy. Excellent B/W print 800’. £19.99

WORLDS : Includes the alien attack on the army
and the farmhouse scene. Starring Gene Barry. Odd
scratch otherwise a good overall colour print 800’.

613 THE MUPPET SHOW : Kermit the Frog is the
manager of a cabaret-style theatre house, which in-
variably has more drama behind the stage than on it.
With guest star Shirley Bassey. Songs include Fire
Down Below, Penny’s From Heaven and superb ren-
dition of Goldfinger. Excellent colour print 1000’.

614 ONE GOOD TURN : Laurel and Hardy over-
hear a villainous landlord (Finlayson) threatening to
evict an old woman if she does not pay the mort-
gage. Not realizing that they are hearing a rehearsal
for a play. Good overall B/W print 800’. £29.99

COON : A charming, 48-minute tale in the traditional
Disney vein, this animal-filled children's story is
about a little lost puppy who was mothered by and
adopted into an extended family of raccoons. Good
colour print 1700’. £9..99

history of money throughout the ages told in an
amusing way by excellent animation. Featuring the
voice of Jack Hulbert. Made by Barclays bank, com-
plete with its original BBFC certificate. Excellent mint
colour print 700’. £9.99

619 THE COASTS OF CLYDE : Classy 1959 British
Transport Film production. A trip down the Clyde by
passenger steamer to Millport including footage of
the Cowal Games, Dunoon, Rothesay and the Isle of
Arran. Narrated by Bernard Braden. Odd light
scratch otherwise a stunning IB Tech colour print
800’. £39.99

620 TAKE IT FROM ME : Classic two reel comedy
starring Leon Errol. Not the original title (has been
professionally made) otherwise an excellent B/W
print 700’. £9.99

621 KING OF THE KEYBOARD : Arthur Dulay the
great English pianist performs some of his greatest
works. An RKO production. Excellent B/W print 600’.

622 LAUGHING GRAVY : Laurel and Hardy try to
hide their pet dog Laughing Gravy from their exas-
perated, mean tempered landlord, who has a "No
Pets" policy. Good overall B/W print 800’. £29.99

Hollywood to make this extra long commercial for
there products made in 1958 for the cinemas. The
film goes through the ages using actors to predict
how different cheeses were made. Hosted by the
Hollywood actor Otto Krugar. A pure cheesy but en-
tertaining production. Excellent IB Tech colour print
1200’. £19.99

unscrupulous uncle's plans to get rid of his nephew
to benefit under a will. Rudi disappears whilst skiing,
his uncle Max having followed him into the moun-
tains and broken his skis so he would die of expo-
sure. Rudi's foster parents go looking for Rudi in a
race against time. British adventure thriller from 1954
starring Peter Illing. Odd scratch otherwise an excel-
lent B/W print 1200’. £9.99

To protect a magic talisman from being used for evil,
a boy is given the power to become an adult super-
hero with a single magic word. One of the best seri-
als ever made starring Tom Tyler. Here is the extra
long episode one from the twelve parter. Excellent
B/W print 1200’. £14.99

626 EUROPE TWO DECADES :Outstanding docu-
mentary following the rebuilding of Europe after the
tyranny of Nazi Germany. Using none stop news reel
footage. Narrated by Anthony Quayle. Decade 1 is
excellent original B/W followed by Decade 2 which is
excellent LPP colour. 1600’. £19.99

627 PETER AND THE WOLF: Disney’s animated
version of the fairy tale of the Russian boy Peter and
his hunt for a raiding wolf, presented to the music of
Sergei Prokofiev.Some scratches and splices over
the credits, thereafter a stunning LPP colour print
600’. £29.99

628 BLOTTO : Stan fakes receiving a telegram so
he can go to a club with Ollie and a bottle of his un-
suspecting wife's liquor, but she overhears his plans.
1930 Laurel and Hardy classic. Very good B/W print.

629 THE BEAR FAMILY : Disney’s True Life Adven-
ture series showcases a year in the life of several
bear families which includes outstanding footage.
Excellent colour print 600’. £9.99

630 A TALE OF TWO MICROBES : Amusing pro-
duction made by Unilever taking a look at food Hy-
giene. June Whitfield and Frank Muir stars at the two
microbes as they cause chaos around the shops and
homes. Few scratches otherwise a good colour print
800’. £9.99

631 KEYSTONE HOTEL : The Keystone Hotel
hosts a very prestigeous beauty contest. When the
cross-eyed judge presents the first prize to an elderly
cleaning woman, angry members of the audience
respond by hurling custard pies. The Keystone Kops
are summoned, and arrive just in time to get plas-
tered with pastry. Starring Ben Turpin. Excellent B/W
print 500’. £14.99

632 DATE WITH HISTORY : a 1960’s documentary
hosted by Ludovic Kennedy. Here he takes a look at
the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima us-
ing lots of news reel footage. Excellent B/W print
1000’. £17.99

633 WRECKETY WRECKS : The Taxi Boys strike
a manikin, believing they've killed a person. Classic
Hal Roach comedy. Excellent B/W print 800’. £14.99

634 NIGHT OWLS : Edgar Kennedy employs Laurel
and Hardy as police officers and sets them up with
his police chief. Fair B/W print 800’. £12.99

635 LAUGHING GRAVY : Laurel and Hardy try to
hide their pet dog Laughing Gravy from their exas-
perated, mean tempered landlord, who has a "No
Pets" policy. Few scratches here and there other-
wise a good overall B/W print 800’. £17.99

636 BUGS BUNNY CARTOON REEL : All theatrical
cartoons which include Broomstick Bunny (stunning),
Forward March (excellent) and Acrobatty (slight
fade). 900’ colour £34.99

637 AMERICAN FILM GENRE : A study in Ameri-
can cinema featuring an extract from My Darling
Clementine starring Henry Fonda. Made by Fox for
schools and colleges. Complete with titles. Excellent
B/W print 600’ £14.99

638 READY WILLING BUT UNABLE : Truck drivers
Olley (El Brendel) and Tom (Tom Kennedy) run over
a tailor's dummy and believe it is a man, and they
need to dispose of the body. They mistake the
grounds of a girl's seminary for a cemetery and are
discovered while digging a grave. Classic comedy
two reeler from 1941. Excellent B/W print 700’. £9.99

639 THE CHIMP : Two bumbling circus performers
inadvertently help drive the circus into ruin and then
end up in possession of a flea circus and an over-
sized chimp. Classic Laurel and Hardy. Excellent
original Blackhawk print 800’. £39.99

640 ROYAL DESTINY : A British Movietone special.
The story of Elizabeth’s rise to the throne using none
stop news reel footage. Excellent B/W print 600’.

641 COME CLEAN : The Hardy's, hoping to avoid
having the Laurels drop in and spoil their quiet
evening, pretend not to be home when the couple
inevitably call. But their subterfuge is discovered,
and try to make the best of it. Classic Laurel and
Hardy comedy. Excellent B/W print 800’. £39.99

642 BE BIG ! : Oliver feigns illness to get out of the
trip, as he and Stan can attend a Lodge party. Clas-
sic Laurel and Hardy. Excellent original Blackhawk
print 1000’. £49.99

and nostalgic documentary made in the 1950’s fol-
lowing the production of Moorhouses marmalade
from their orchards in Seville to their massive pro-
duction factory in Yorkshire. Ideal programme filler.
Stunning colour print 1000’. £9.99

644 TEX AVERY CARTOON SHOW : Classic the-
atrical cartoons including Little Rural Riding Hood,
Millionaire Droopy, Rock A Bye Bear and Bad Luck
Blackie. Very good B/W print. £14.99

647 THE MUPPET SHOW : Kermit the Frog is the
manager of a cabaret-style theatre house, which in-
variably has more drama behind the stage than on it.
With guest star Liza Minelli. Colour slight fade, excel-
lent print 1100’. £14.99

648 JUST FOR FUN : Compilation of Mack Sennett
comedies from the early twenties. Starring Larry
Seaman, Ben Turpin, Monty Banks and Billy Bevan.
A Warner Brothers production with added music,
sound effects and narration. Excellent B/W print
700’. £19.99

649 THE GREAT DIRECTORS : One of the most
appealing movie buff series of all time - Hollywood
and the Stars, narrated by Joseph Cotton and with
the unforgettable theme tune. Here we take a look at
the famous directors which includes D.W. Griffith's,
Cecil DB Mill, John Ford, Orson Welles and many
more. Includes behind the scene footage and many
clips from their films. Excellent B/W print 1100’.

650 BLOTTO : Stan fakes receiving a telegram so
he can go to a club with Ollie and a bottle of his un-
suspecting wife's liquor, but she overhears his plans.
Classic Laurel and Hardy. Good B/W print 800’.

651 THE MUMMY : A living mummy stalks the beau-
tiful woman he believes is the reincarnation of his
lover. Classic 1932 Universal horror starring Boris
Karloff. Here is the Universal cut down which also
includes its original box. Excellent B/W print. £39.99

652 FIXER UPPERS : Door-to-door greeting card
salesmen Stanley and Oliver call upon Mrs. Pierre
Gustave, a woman distraught over her husband's
neglect.. Excellent B/W print 800’. £39.99

653 SPREADING THE NEWS : Interesting and nos-
talgic production from the 1940’s taking a look at be-
hind the scenes of running of the newspaper, The
Guardian. Looking at the journalists, type setters, the
editors and how deadlines are met right up to the
distribution of the paper. Few hairline scratches oth-
erwise an excellent B/W print 700’. £19.99

654 TELEGOONS : Hilarious comedy puppet show,
adapted from the highly successful BBC radio com-
edy show of the 1950s, The Goon Show. With the
voices of Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike
Milligan. Excellent B/W print 500’. £29.99

655 TIT FOR TAT : Stan & Ollie have set up their
own electrical repair store. Unfortunately, for them,
the grocery store opposite is run by the man & wife
they encountered with in Them Thar Hills. Very good
B/W print 800’. £29.99


800 HARE TONIC : Bugs Bunny tricks Elmer Fudd
into believing his house has been quarantined for
something called "rabbititus." Rare 1945 Warner
Brothers cartoon. Very good colour print. £14.99

801 SONG FESTIVAL : Songs from the musical fea-
ture What’s Cookin starring the Andrew Sisters.
Songs include Il Bacio, Amen and I’ll Pray For You.
A Castle musical short. Excellent B/W print. £9.99

802 CASE OF THE MISSING HARE : Bugs Bunny’s'
home in a hollow tree is marred when the magician,
Ala Bahma pays him a visit. 1942 Warner cartoon.
Excellent colour print. £19.99

803 AN EGG SCRAMBLE : On Porky Pig's farm,
Miss Prissy, a slow-witted hen, has never laid an
egg. So, one of her fellow hens paints Prissy's name
on an egg and places it in Prissy's nest. Stunning
colour print. £19.99

804 CURTAIN RAZOR : Porky Pig is a talent agent
auditioning various corn ball performers. A fox keeps
interrupting and promises Porky the act of the centu-
ry. Unfortunately, the act is fatal and can only be
done once. Rare 1947 Warner Brothers cartoon. Ex-
cellent colour print. £17.99

805 WINSTON CHURCHILL : A special tribute from
British Gaumont using none stop news reel footage.
Taking you from WW1 to throughout the Second
World War. Odd hairline scratch otherwise an excel-
lent B/W print. £17.99

806 KEEP MOVING : A compilation of breath taking
sequences from old time comedy classic. With
added music and sound effects. Compiled by Phil
Jenkinson. Excellent B/W print. £14.99

807 PUTTY TAT TROUBLE : Sylvester Cat and a
one-eyed orange tabby, fight over Tweety in this
1951 Warner cartoon. Stunning colour print. £24.99

808 HEIR CONDITIONED : Sylvester is a rich cat,
courtesy of his deceased mistress, who has left him
3 million dollars. His alley cat friends, hope to
sponge off his good fortune, and Sylvester is eager
to share with them. But Elmer Fudd, as Sylvester's
new financial advisor lectures him on investing his
wealth in business and industry. Stunning colour
print. £24.99

809 UNNATURAL HISTORY : Are animals human?
Or vice versa? This is the question asked by a pro-
fessor, Dr. Beest Lee, who appears on a stage in a
theater to give a lecture and show a film about the
human-like qualities of various cartoon animals.
Rare Warner Brothers cartoon. Stunning colour print.

810 HOME TWEET HOME : Sylvester chases
Tweety, and he takes refuge near a feisty nanny and
her toddler. 1950 Warner cartoon. Stunning colour
print. £24.99

811 DUDE DUCK : Donald Duck is vacationing at a
dude ranch. After all the beautiful women pick the
best horses, Donald ends up with the sad sack
Rover Boy. Stunning colour print. £34.99

812 MUSIC ALBUM : Music from 1951 starring
Ethel Smith and Bette Black accompanied by the
Henry King Orchestra. Includes Give Out, Catchita
Par Pan Pin and El Cumbacheo. Excellent B/W print.

owl teacher lectures his feathered flock on the ori-
gins of Western musical instruments. Oscar winning
1953 Disney animated short. Stunning colour print.

814 FIFTH COLUMN MOUSE : The mice of a house
prepare for war when their appeasement policy fails
to end the menace of a cat. Rare 1943 Warner
Brothers cartoon. Excellent colour print. £19.99

815 WHEN THE CATS AWAY : While the cat is
away the mice go on the rampage in the kitchen.
Classic MGM cartoon from Rudolph Isling. Excellent
colour print. £17.99

816 MUSICAL MINIATURES : Nostalgic musical
numbers from the 1950’s. Includes Jump, Jump at
the Juke Box, Go Long Mule, You are my Sunshine
and Hawaiian Chant. Good overall B/W print. £9.99

817 NEWS PARADE OF 1963 : Includes Major
Cooper in space, revolt in Vietnam, Berlin wall
shame, new UK Prime Minster, Churchill is honoured
and assassination of Kennedy and Oswald. Excel-
lent B/W print. £17.99

818 WATER BUGS : This Pete Smith Specialty
showcases a group called the Water Bugs. Its mem-
bers devise new ways to experience thrills on the
waters of California lakes. Few scratches otherwise
an excellent B/W print. £9.99

819 NEWS PARADE 1945 : Includes British battle-
ship bombed, Hitlers V2 rockets, Millions mourn
Roosevelt, final battles in Europe, Allies in Berlin,
Europe celebrates freedom, war criminals on trial,
Iwo Jima victory and victory celebrations. Excellent
B/W print. £17.99

820 TOP HAT : Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
dance their hearts out in this classic 1935 musical
which includes the famous Top Hat, White Tie and
Tails. Excellent B/W print. £14.99

821 KISS ME CAT : Horrified, when he hears his
master is threatening to get rid of Pussyfoot unless
the kitten starts catching mice, Marc Anthony the
bulldog tries to tutor his little charger, into proper fe-
line behaviour. Hilarious Warner Brothers cartoon
from 1953. Stunning colour print. £29.99

1955 by British Transport Films, this film follows the
heroic actions of railway workers who rescue a
snowbound train in the north Pennines. Excellent
mint B/W print £39.99

823 FANTASIA : The classic scene from The Sor-
cerers Apprentice. Colour some fade. £7.99

824 THE UGLY DUCKLING : A black duckling is
rejected by its mother, a hen, but manages to prove
his worth when a tornado threatens the hen's chicks.
Walt Disney’s all time classic Silly Symphony from
1939. Stunning Technicolor print. £39.99

825 GEMS OF SONG : Deanna Durbin sing three
songs from her movies in this specially made short
from 1949. Includes Loch Lomond (It’s A Date),
Musetta’s Street Song (La Boheme) and Ava Maria.
Excellent B/W print. £17.99

tory promo with Bette Davis performing a glossy mu-
sic number “Their Either Too Young or Old. Excellent
B/W print 200’. £9.99

Woodpecker and Andy Panda give a memorable pi-
ano performance for an audience of barnyard ani-
mals. Part of the Musical Miniatures series, was
nominated for an Academy Award in 1946. Stunning
mint colour print complete with its original Universal
box. £19.99

828 MERRY MUSICALS : Musical shorts from 1956
which include Are You Havin Fun (Ruth Clayton)
Irish Washerwoman (Four King Sisters) and
Clarence (Susan Miller and Gene Grounds). Good
B/W print. £14.99

camping, Mickey and friends make battle with a
horde of angry mosquitoes. Originally made in B/W.
Excellent print. £17.99

830 SOLID SERENADE : Tom's love song (Is You
Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby) to his girlfriend Toots
wakes up Jerry, so he unties Spike (Tom had tied
him up). One of the best Tom and Jerry cartoons
from 1947. Good overall colour print. £19.99

831 WAYWARD PUPS : The cat of the house is in-
terrupted when two puppies, playing with a balloon,
hit him with it. He chases the pups, but ends up pro-
tecting them from pack of savage hounds. A MGM
Rudolph Isling classic cartoon from 1937. Excellent
colour print. £19.99

832 GYPSY SONGS : 1950’s musical compilation
which includes Two Guitars, The Gay Merchant,
Dark Eyes, Volga Boatman and Abdul Abdulbul
Amir. Also has sing-a-long titles. Excellent B/W print
complete with original Official Films box. £14.99

833 CROSS COUNTRY DETOURS : A wacky trave-
logue takes us to the forests of Yosemite, the rocks
of Brice Canyon, the frozen wastes of Alaska, the
desert wastes of New Mexico, the Grand Canyon,
the Colorado River and the giant redwoods of Cali-
fornia. A 1940 Tex Avery cartoon. Excellent colour
print. £19.99

834 MUSICAL MINIATURES : Short musicals from
the 1940’s. Includes My Buddy (Larry Clinton and his
orchestra) Begin the Beguine ( Various Verda) and
Double Jive. Good overall B/W print. £12.99

835 SALT WATER TABBY : It's a grand day at the
beach for Tom and his girlfriend Toots - that is, until
Jerry shows up. Superb Tom and Jerry cartoon from
1947. Excellent colour print. £29.99

836 MUSIC ALBUM : Glossy musical numbers from
1953 sung and performed by Gertrude Neisun and
Fuzzy Knight. Includes Temptation, I Don’t Like No
Gala and La Cucaracha. Excellent B/W print. £14.99

837 IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE : Outstanding
well edited cut down from the classic science fiction.
A spaceship from another world crashes in the Ari-
zona desert, and only an amateur stargazer and a
schoolteacher suspect alien influence. Excellent mint
B/W print complete with original box. £14.99

838 THE MILLS BROTHERS : The American jazz
and pop vocal quartet perform in this rare musical
short. Good B/W print 150’. £9.99

839 GIFT WRAPPED : Sylvester gets a rubber
mouse for Christmas, but he much prefers Granny's
gift: a new Tweety Bird. Festive themed Warner car-
toon from 1952. Stunning colour print. £24.99

short performed by the Gordonairs of Fred Warnings
Pennsylvanians. Includes Home on the Range,
Wagon Wheels, Red River Valley and Deep in the
Heart of Texas. Complete with on screen lyrics.
Good overall B/W print. £9.99

841 MUSICAL SHORTS : Includes Kalatan in her
Buddha dance, The Musketeers in Their Nightmare,
Princess Luana and Rumba Malia dance. Good
overall B/W print. £9.99

842 THE BEACH PARTY :A fun day at the beach
while Mickey, Horace, and Clarabelle go swimming,
or try to. Original B/W Disney cartoon from 1931.
Few hairline negative scratches otherwise an excel-
lent B/W print. £9.99

Includes Stan Sheddon and his orchestra (South
Rampant St Parade) Beryl Davis (Frenezi) Maurice
Taylor (I’m A Roving Cowboy) and Ted Hockeridge
(Tonight). Odd scratch otherwise a good overall B/W
print 500’. £9.99

844 BOOBS IN THE WOOD : Daffy Duck disguises
himself as an old mountain man, as a sheriff, as an
executioner, and as Pocahontas to heckle Porky Pig.
Stunning colour print. £24.99

The Biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood. Here
is the original 1928 silent version starring Dolores
Costello. The special effects are unbelievable for
which many actors were killed or injured in the film-
ing of this spectacle. Excellent B/W print, double
perf. £14.99

846 SPEEDY GONZALES : Starving Mexican mice
want access to a cheese factory guarded by Syl-
vester Cat and send for Speedy Gonzales, the fast-
est mouse in all Mexico. Odd hairline scratch
otherwise an excellent colour print. £9.99

847 GOLDEN YEGGS : Daffy takes the credit for
laying a golden egg, that is until Rocky the gangster
kidnaps Daffy and orders him at gunpoint to lay
more! Stunning colour print. £24.99

848 MUSICAL MINIATURES : Musical numbers
from the 1940’s includes Rumba New York, Listen to
the Mocking Bird and Lil Liza Jane. Good overall B/
W print. £9.99

849 OLD TIME TUNES : 1940’s songs which in-
clude The Man on the Flying Trapeze, Bird in a
Gilded Cage and Frivolous Sal, Excellent B/W print.

850 DOWN BEAT BEAR : A dancing bear escapes
from the zoo and finds his way to Tom and Jerry's
house. Very good colour print. £19.99

TION : D W Griffith’s all time classic which includes
the unrivalled and realistic battle scenes. Excellent
Blackhawk print with added music, sound effects
and narration. £19.99

852 MUSICAL MINIATURES : 1940’s musical shorts
which include Chopsticks ( Johnny Young and his
Orchestra) and Deep Purply (vocal with Larry Clinton
and his orchestra). Excellent B/W print. £9.99

853 GREEDY FOR TWEETY : Sylvester, Tweety
and Hector the dog end up in hospital - then chaos
pursues. Stunning colour print. £24.99

854 CLEOPATRA : Cleopatra is cast into the desert
but make a dramatic return. Cecil B. DeMille’s epic
starring Claudette Colbert. Very good B/W print.

855 AIN’T THAT DUCKY : Daffy Ducks plays par-
ent to a very sad duckling in the Warner Brothers
1945 cartoon. Stunning colour print. £24.99

cially made for the cinemas to celebrate 50 years of
Bugs bunny cartoons using none stop clips from his
antics over the years. Stunning colour print 200’.

857 TREES : Taken from the Disney feature Melody
time. A mood piece set to musical treatment of
Joyce Kilmer's poem. Stunning animation. Few hair-
line scratches otherwise an excellent colour print.

858 HONEY’S MONEY : Yosemite Sam marries a
widow for her money, and once the honeymoon is
over, the woman reveals her real bossy, loud
mouthed manner . Hilarious Warner cartoon. Stun-
ning colour print. £24.99

859 FEATHER DUSTED : Foghorn Leghorn de-
cides to teach Widow Hen's egghead genius son
how to have fun. Stunning colour print. £24.99

860 THE FALL GUY : This is the final entry in the
Pete Smith Specialty series. Smith pays tribute to
stunt man Dave O'Brien, who took many falls and
spills (and upon whom objects fell) when he played
hapless characters throughout the series. Good B/W
print. £14.99

861 SPILLS AND THRILLS : Amazing footage from
the 1940’s which include motor racing stunts and car
crashes, mayhem with bull fighters, stunts on sky-
scrapers and aviation stunts. Excellent B/W print.

862 DON’T GIVE UP THE SHEEP : A sheepdog
thwarts the efforts of thieving Wile E Coyote. Hilari-
ous. Excellent colour print. £17.99

863 MUSICAL SHORTS : Nostalgia from the 1950’s
which include My Gal Sal (Four Jacks and a Jill)
Comm Ci Comm Ca (Eric Thorsen) and Overnight
(Vincent Lopez and his orchestra). Excellent B/W
print. £14.99

864 LUMBER JERKS : Two Gophers fight to save
their tree in this hilarious Warner Brothers cartoon.
Stunning colour print. £19.99


T1 MUSICAL REEL : Includes Evergreen (1934)
and It’s Love Again (1936 both) starring Jessie Mat-
thews. Good B/W print. £9.99

T2 JUPITER’S DARLING : Epic musical starring

Esther Williams and Howard Keel. Good overall col-
our print. £7.99

T3 MACBETH : Orson Welles stars in
Shakespeare’s classic. Excellent B/W print. £5.99

T4 THE INFORMER : John Ford’s classic thriller
starring Victor McLaglen. Excellent B/W print. £4.99

T5 TRAILER REEL : Includes The Last Alarm, Kid
Millions, Bachelor Girls (Jayne Wyman), Strange
Woman (Heddi Lammar), To Catch A Thief, I Loved
A woman (Edwar G Robinson),Turnabout (John
Hubbard) The Big Hangover (Liz Taylor) Rogues
March (Peter Lawford) Boom Town (Clark Gable).
Good overall B/W print. £19.99

1948 production. Excellent B/W print. £4.99

T7 SULLIVANS TRAVELS : Joel McCrea. Excellent
B/W print. £7.99

T8 LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE : Trailer to the
Universal serial from 1946. Excellent B/W print.

T9 COBRA WOMAN : Spectacular adventure from
1944 starring Maria Montez, John Hall and Sabu.
Absolute stunning LPP colour print. £9.99

Laughton and Marilyn Monroe. Excellent B/W print.

T12 TRAILER REEL : Includes God Save the King
anthem, Abeline Town (Randolph Scott) Shake
Hands with Murder, Breakdown (Will Bishop) Cine-
mascope promo, One is Guilty (Ralph Bellamy)
Mighty Joe Young, Step Lively and I Died a Thou-
sand Times. Good overall B/W print. £14.99

T13 RACE STREET : 1948 crime thriller starring
George Raft. Excellent B/W print. £4.99

T14 MISSISSIPPI : Glossy musical from 1935 star-
ring Bing Crosby. Extra long trailer. Very good B/W
print. £9.99

T15 VESSEL OF WRATH : 1938 comedy drama
starring Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester. Ex-
cellent B/W print. £4.99

T16 ENCHANTMENT : Classic romantic drama from
1948 starring David Niven and

Teresa Wright. Excellent B/W print. £4.99

T17 TRAILER REEL : Includes Niagara (Monroe)
and Sin Town (Broderick Crawford. Excellent B/W
print. £7.99

T19 ANNA KARINA : Greta Garbo classic. Excel-
lent B/W print. £7.99

T20 TWELVE ANGRY MEN : Award winning tense
drama starring Henry Fonda. Excellent B/W print.

T21 THE BIG SKY : Kirk Douglas epic. Excellent
B/W print. £7.99

Fields. Excellent B/W print. £7.99

T23 THE WIZARD OF OZ : Judy Garland’s classic
fantasy musical. Stunning mint colour print. £19.99

T24 TRAILER REEL : Lost City of the Jungle
(serial), The White Unicorn (Lockwood), The Lyons
in Paris (British comedy), The Masked Marvel
(Serial), King of the Rocket Men (serial), Killer Spy,
Mr and Mrs Smith (Lombard), Goliath and the Con-
quest of Damascus (epic0 and Sword of the Empire
(epic). Good overall B/W print. £17.99

T25 A RAY OF SUNSHINE : Ted Ray musical com-
edy) Excellent B/W print. £7.99

after WW2 to promote the re-release of Footlight Pa-
rade and Goldiggers of 1935. Very rare. Excellent
B/W print. £14.99

T27 WINTER MEETING : 1948 drama starring Bette
Davis. Good B/W print. £3.99

western. Excellent B/W print. £7.99

T29 GULLIVER’S TRAVELS : Dave Fleischer’s
classic animated feature. Very good colour print.

T30 THE GLASS MOUNTAIN : Michael Denison.
Very good B/W print. £4.99

T31 TRAILER REEL : Includes Bush Pilot, Dragnet,
Jack of Diamonds (Nigel Patrick) Rolling Home
(Jean Pariler) Apache Chief (Alan Curtis), Room to
Let (Valentine Dyall), Highway B (Robert Lowry), Life
with the Lyons (British comedy), Variety On Parade
(musical comedy). Good overall B/W print. £17.99


LAMP : A 300w lamp that gives superior screen
brightness High intensity ARC lamp with external
dichroic reflector for operation with MARC-300/LSU
type lamp supply unit. Retail price is over £200.00.
Now only £49.99 (brand new sealed).

new. £9.99

16MM SPLIT SPOOL : Will take up to 3000’ of film.



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Just received my order; but the 16MM SPLIT SPOOL was too big for my ELMO, so reselling it at ebay,in case someone's interested & can fit the arms of their projector:

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