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Posted by Dino Everette (Member # 1378) on July 22, 2010, 01:58 AM:
If anyone is feeling the money crunch right now but wanted to modify their LUX projector to modern halogen lighting I came up with a quick mod out of sheer lack of money.....
The parts I picked up here and there, a couple on ebay and one at Home Depot.

I bought some used G4 lamp sockets that came out to roughly $2 - $3 each, and I also bought 2 small 12v transformers that were roughly $5 - $6 each ( there are lots on ebay for $10 w/ free shipping)..

I then bought a standard type flex connection piece at home depot for less than $1 and used screws and nuts I had at home but you could pick up a small bag of them for probably $1..

basically the flex connector has a small circular end that looks like a piece of pipe..I drilled two holes on the sides and super glued the nuts over the holes (make sure it sets long enough to really be on there tight.) - this is what you use to to tighten the mod onto the existing lamp holder for the LUX which you cannot remove....

The top of the flex connector has its own clamp that just fits snugly around the small G4 lamp socket. The size of the piece sits nicely in line with the condenser glass on the LUX so all you need to do it figure out the placement of where you will want the lamp to sit so the filament is close and centered in the glass and tighten everything up, and voila.....

When I have some more spending money I plan on trying to Get Paul or someone else to make me a more professional mod, but I have found this quick fix is really doing the trick quite nicely in the meantime. If you don't use your LUX that often this would probably all you would need, and the best is it does not alter the existing lamp socket, you simply need to remove the small springloaded side clamp...




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