To register for the 8mm Forum, you must adhere to one specific policy.  You MUST use your real name.  No nicknames or handles are permitted.  For example, if your name is Jonathan Woodworth, then the following would be acceptable:

Jonathan Woodworth
John Woodworth

The following are examples of unacceptable names:

john woodworth
J. Woodworth
Red Woodworth
John's Films

Also take note that your location field must be completed.  Please use the standard "city/state/country" format.  Thus if you are living in Fargo, North Dakota you would type:

Fargo, ND, USA


The land of cold
Up north

When you understand this simple policy, go to where you will be permitted to register.  Please remember that your registration will not be immediate and must be approved by an Administrator.  Because of this it may take up to 48 hours for you to receive your password via email.  If 48 hours has passed and you have not received your password, then you did not register properly or your email address is undeliverable.  Please understand if you do not register properly, do not expect an email explaining why.  It is explained very clearly right here on this page.