You may include an image in your forum post by uploading the file from your computer to the Film-Tech server.

Please note you may ONLY upload .jpg .jpeg and .gif picture files here.  No other file types are permitted.  If you need to upload a NON-IMAGE type of file such as a pdf, it must be emailed in to the main email address listed on the CONTACT US link along with the name of the forum, the title of the thread and your name exactly as it appears on the forums.

<>The filesize restriction on image uploads is 200K.  Likewise the acceptable width for any uploaded picture is 550 pixels.  If you try and upload something larger, the server will reject it and you will get an error message notifying you of the problem.  If you do not have a program such as Photoshop to resize your picture, you may resize with the program built into the Windows operating system called "paint".  See the very bottom of this page for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

After clicking "submit" it may take a short while to send your image depending on the speed of your internet connection.  Please be patient!  Although most uploads will complete in less than 15 seconds, some slow internet connections could take up to a minute.  Once the upload is completed, or even if it failed, you will be redirected to a page containing the proper coding to insert into your forum post or a page notifying you of a problem.  If you have already made your post and desire to insert this picture, do NOT make another post.  Instead click the "edit" icon on your existing post and add the code.  Repeated replying to yourself in order to try and get a picture to display will not be tolerated and will be handled with the temporary or permanent banning of that member.

Once your upload has completed, simply copy the URL link that is provided once the upload completes and paste it into the text of your forum post.  It will look something similar to this green text:


Remember your coding must be EXACTLY as it is written above or this simply will not work.  EVERY character, space and even the difference between caps and lower case matters.  Either it is exactly right and this works, or you will get nothing.

  Once you have finished inserting the picture into your post, PLEASE go back and look at the thread to make sure it is displaying properly. If not, re-read the directions on this upload page and if all else fails, email for specific assistance.  Please do not just "give up" and leave a broken image link in your post or bloat up our server with excessive files that are not used.

I am trying to upload a picture so I can link to it on another forum or website and it is not working.  What am I doing wrong?
You are breaking the law, that's what is wrong.  You may NOT link other websites to files that have been uploaded here.  That is stealing of bandwidth and is illegal.  This program keeps a record of which pictures are uploaded by who.  This upload area is NOT for your personal use.  It is for posting pictures to the Film-Tech Forums exclusively.  Appropriate action for violators will be taken as necessary.

I am trying to post a picture on the Film-Tech Forums that is on my own personal server, or is currently on another website and it is not working.  What am I doing wrong?
You are destroying the integrity of the archives on the forums by doing this, thus our servers will not permit it.  What you need to do is save the picture onto your computer and then upload that picture file via this upload page to our servers.  Once the picture(s) are on the Film-Tech servers, then you will be able to display them in your forum posts.  Our servers will refuse to display anything linked from off site.

I uploaded a picture and nothing displays.  What am I doing wrong?
Nothing at all displays?  You did type the code that was provided to you into your forum post, right?  If you get nothing on your post then you mistyped in the code provided upon completion of the upload.  (That's the code that will look similar to the green text above.)  Remember, changing CAPS or lowercase, or even altering one character will cause the picture to not display properly. It is for this reason we recommend you highlight the code, right click and select "COPY", then go to your post and click "EDIT", then right click in the input box and select "PASTE".  This will ensure that the code is not accidentally mistyped.

<>After I uploaded the picture, I was taken to a page showing the code to input as well as a copy of the image, but the image was distorted.  What did I do wrong?
Please re-upload your picture.  You won't have to rename the picture, just use the BACK button and click "upload" a second time.  This shouldn't happen, but if you experience it more than twice in a row, please email for assistance.

This is NOT for uploading picture tours!
Follow the formal Picture Warehouse submission policies for this.  You can read them here.
As of 9-22-03, posting more than 2 theater images (not for technical assistance) within the
forum on a particular thread will constitute your temporary leave of absense from the forums.




From the PAINT program, click FILE / OPEN and select your image to be resized. 

Click IMAGE / STRETCH-SKEW and reset the horizontal and vertical numbers equally from 100% and 100% to something like 15% and 15% (or if that produces too small of an image try 40% and 40%) and click OK.

Compare your newly sized image to the "550 pixel bar" below and as long as your resized image is not any wider than the "550 pixel bar", your image is within sizing restrictions.

Now click FILE / SAVE AS and make sure the drop down menu is set to “save as type JPEG”, enter the name you want to call this file and click the SAVE button. You now have a file within the sizing limits you may upload.