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9.5mm Sound Films Wanted

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  • 9.5mm Sound Films Wanted

    I'm looking to build my collection of 9.5mm sound films now that I have both my Son and Vox in working order. If anybody has anything hanging around that they'd like to get rid of then do let me know.

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    Hi Bren. Do you ever come over the channel? I. May have a few sound films available. I would not recommend you using the SON. though. It is notorious for ruining films, but the VOX restored and modernised is excellent.


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      Hi Ken, apologies for the delay in replying to this thread. Despite my name probably giving you a false lead I am actually in the UK! I'd be interested to know what you have available as I'm really looking to grow my collection of sound films.

      My Vox is now working well as is my Son, I do have to admit though that the Vox has already required one film to be spliced but the son has been faultless in film handling, maybe I've just been unlucky! I do also have Super Vox I'm working on too so hopefully that can join the working ranks soon.


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        No problem Bren. Are you within striking distance of HerneBay? I think you should investigate what caused the VOX to damage the film. It is very unusual. It may just have been a dry join. The big problem with the SON is the sharp angle at the take up sprocket which causes the sprocket holes to split laterally, particularly with films which have become brittle fora number of reasons. Can you send me a P M of your contact details?