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  • A German collector

    posted several videos of his 9.5 projectors.

    The first link shows (after 1:30 -, before it's an enjoyable extract of King Kong) several machines : King Kong 9,5mm sound film, 1933 and smal part of privat collection - YouTube

    A converted Eiki/Elf (at 1:40). I don't see any "Buckingham" mention, so the convertion may have been done by someone else : EIKI - ELF - RM1 sound Projector, professional converted to 9,5mm Pathe format - YouTube

    The famous Super Vox : Pathe Super Vox 9,5mm 1937 - YouTube

    The Heurtier HSM : Heurtier - HSM - Tri Film Projector with Heutier 6W Tube Amplifier - YouTube

    The Ligonie OSM 950 : LIGONIE 9,5 OSM 950 Filmprojektor mit Ton 9,5mm - YouTube

    The Joinville: (at 1:40, after Popeye) : Pathé Webo Joinville - 9,5mm SOUND Projektor - Popeye - I YAM WHAT I YAM - YouTube

    The Ciné Gel : Cine Gel Royal 235 (9,5 & 16mm Sound Projector - 1949) & Heurtier Amplificateur Optique 10W - YouTube

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    Thanks for that post Dom. Lovely to see those 9.5'ers but not so keen on the idea of twisting the film on some of them. I would worry about film damage.


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      I totally agree with you, Lee, especially as those films are no young anymore.


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        I assume the German collector hasn't realised there is a mask to slide over to obscure the soundtrack from the screen. Or is he just proving a point?

        The Joinville (and the Pax) was never liked as it employed a "shute" to stabilise the intermittent movement. As Grahame Newnham once said to me "the shute doesn't like warped film or a badly made splice".



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          Also although I admire his collection, he shows some unfortunate practices . On one clip he switches the motor off before switching the lamp off and also when a film had finished and cleared the projector mechanism he left the motor on with the film tail whipping/thrashing around. Both not good procedures in my view.


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            Had a Super Vox but the design changes actually made it less reliable than the standard Vox. In the end I went back to just the regular Vox which has given zero trouble with its updated transistor amplifier, halogen lamp and Bolex lens. Have another with a valve pre amp in which mounted on top gives a gentle light enough for safe operation.

            Nice job Dom When we get released from lock up I'll get a video together of Pierre over here and his 9-5 projectors.


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              I just put the links

              I'm curious to see your video, Lee. Hope you're bee free again, soon.


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                Dot Gov did say end of March, but they are ramping up the Vaccine now and so this morning maybe February will see a relaxation if we can learn to behave.

                Miss the events, talking over all things 9-5 and even events of old like the Wimborne Dorset film event. That 9-5 weekend was the best film fun ever and we all had a really great time watching 9-5, 17.5 and 28mm on the cinema style screen. The good time will return I am sure for us all.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	wimbs.jpg Views:	0 Size:	101.4 KB ID:	25555

                Fingers crossed we will see HARPENDEN later in the year which should be around the 3rd week in October 21.