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  • Pathescope reframing

    I was lucky to receive at Blackpool a bag full of silent 9.5 films, most of them are cartoons. I started to clean and Watch them today (I hope Lee will restart his "What 9.5 films have you watched last week ?" thread on the new version of the forum). I noticed that only a part of the frame size was used by Pathescope (I mean there are two horizontal strips and two vertical ones). Does anybody know why Pathescope choosed not to use the full space on the filmstock ?

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    If they are cartoons they could be a silent print of a sound cartoon. The sound issue frames are almost square.



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      That's exactly what they are, Maurice, silent versions of sound cartoons, so that may be the explanation. I was aware that sound releases had a "square look" (it's the same for the French sound titles) but had no idea that there was only one version. I thought the silent versions would fill all the screen. I tend not to buy silent versions of sound films but I have at least one in French (a title that Pathé also catalogues, if that word exists, as a sound version). I will check next time I screen it if it had also a loss in the size, which I'm almost sure it hasn't. All that said, it's still nice to see these cartoons, even silent and slightly picture size reduced.