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9'5 filmstock: Where to find it

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  • 9'5 filmstock: Where to find it

    Hello to all.

    I'm Alberto, spanish filmmaker based in Barcelona. This is my first post here as I've just discovered the forum. I'm currently looking for some fresh 9'5mm film, as I have an old Pathé Baby Royal that my grandfather bought long time ago and would like to film a documentary with it. I'm really excited with the project so any kind of help will be useful.

    I've read in this forum about a festival in Catalunya that gathers a yearly 9'5 meeting and I've planned to go there and ask.

    I'd prefer fresh film as I guess the results could be better, but I don't refuse to film with expired film if it's in good conditions.

    I really hope someone can help me as it's a very important project to me.

    Thank you in advance

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    Welcome to this forum, Alberto ! I hope to see you at the Calella meeting. Do you read French ? I can send you an article I wrote for the French magazine about 9.5 filmstock. Do you have the contacts of the Spanish 9.5 club ? If not, I can send you two e-mails.


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      Hi Dominique! I'm not really fluent in French, but I'd be happy to read you article. Besides, I'd be gratefull if you can send me the Spanish Club e-mails' so I can get in touch with them.

      Thanks for the help!


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        I've just sent you a private message (hope it worked, it's different from the old forum) with my e-mail address.


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          Did you get my message, Alberto ?


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            Just the other day . . .


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              Thanks, Simon. Interesting but if I understand well that would be, if it happens, black and white negative stock, so pointless for the large majority of the ninefivers (such stock is already available by the way). I noticed that you mentionned the Ciné Club 9,5 de France. Take in mind that their machines that reperfor films to 9.5 are no longer at the lab and, so far, I couldn't get a clear answer if those machines could be used in their new premises or not (the reason is that they are not, yet, displayed anywhere). Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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                Great news : 9.5 reversal colour stock is back ! The project started several months ago but I prefered, this time, not spread the information before it was achived. As expected, it's not cheap, but I'm sure everybody understands it's a niche market.

                Pellicule 9.5mm + Développement (

                Click image for larger version

Name:	pellicule-95mm-developpement.jpg
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                  Fantastic I shall contact members of our 9-5 Northern Group and spread the great news.


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                    Originally posted by Lee Mannering View Post
                    Fantastic I shall contact members of our 9-5 Northern Group and spread the great news.
                    Thanks, Lee !


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                      I am afraid it is far too expensive for me to be able to use it. In addition to the cost there will be custom duties etc. to pay now. Ken Finch


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                        Thanks for your comment, Ken. I got by e-mail (from the French Club), two different, a little bit lower, prices (for 30 m and 3x8 m filmstock) than the ones displayed until tonight. I've just checked and it seems that two of the three prices changed, still expensive, but less. The prices received by e-mail are not the prices displayed today so that may change again (I'm waiting for a confirmation of the final prices). There is no doubt it's not cheap but nobody expected new 9.5 filmstock + process for € 10 so, unfortunately the prices reflects the niche situation. Look at this news as a miracle : 9.5 is not dead and will be able to celebrate his 100 th anniversary next year


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                          Just for information. 50ft of Super 8 100D including processing and postal return works out about £90 at the moment and that's 15mtr. (105 EURO)
                          I may be shooting more 9-5 next year than 8!
                          Actually was planning to film with some outdated stock for the 100th Anniversary but now can do a REEL job with some fresh film.