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What 9.5mm Silent or Sound film have you just watched?

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    A musical miniature : "Chop Sticks", then two (sound) documentaries : "The Frog", a rare 9.5 print as only few test copies were made (only of part 1) and "Panorama musical", about the history of the music.


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      A French silent notched film in four parts : L'homme à l'Hispano/The Man With An Hispano (1926). I hadn't used my Pathé Lux for a while because the lamps used are now hard to find. As the name of the projector suggets it (lux meaning light), the picture is brighter than with a Pathé Baby or a Coq d'or. In the midle of the first part (each part is 100 m/330 ft, the original 35 mm film has a duration of two hours) I noticed smoke coming from tha base, which is never good (but as you can see, I'm still alive). At the end of the film, I unscrewed the base to look at the resistance (from where the smoke seemed to come). I suspected oil having leaked, so I cleaned the involved zone and screwed back. No smoke during the first part of the second reel but it came back about the middle, once again. I noticed that there seemed to be oil evidences to decided to let the resistance cold before putting the third part. Same routine : smoke at the middle of part three and then of part four. The good news (apart that the projector didn't exploded in my face) is that the bulb is still good. A bout the film itself : it has an actor (the one who plays the main role, Georges Galli)) who became priest when he left cinema. You learn something everyday : one of the female character is named Stéphane, which I always believed was a male name only but after having checked on the Net, I had a confirmation that there are some (very few) women named Stéphane (but no celebrity). In 1933, another filmmaker made a sound version of L'homme à l'Hispano but I didn't get the chance, so far, to see it.

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      Georges Galli.
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        Recently, I watched several amateur films (not mine), among them several have a magnetic soundtracK. Today, I've just watched a French 1941 sound film : Nous les gosses (We The Kids).


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          Nice Dom.
          Finished a very long weeks work watching some films just back from processing. Thank you Germany for a wonderful job a top process.

          Been tinkering with a rusty Lux projector so ran a couple of notched films one stencil coloured and it ran reasonably well. Ended with one of the Pathe promo films on 9.5 very nice.
          I shall try and bring the Lux to Blackpool for a mini show.


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            In which gauge, Lee ? I would be surprised you had 9.5 films processed in Germany, although not impossible since I heard recently that a German company is capable of doing it.

            Watched yesterday : (all sound films) Trooping The Colour, You're Not Built That Way (Betty Boop) and the 1940 American film I Take This Oath.


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              Two nights ago : amateur (not mine) films and three musicals : My Girl Loves A Soldier, Variety n°10 and a spool with three other musical miniatures.


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                A 1937 British comedy (bought recently at Blackpool) with Sandy Powell (Can you hear me, mother ?) : It's A grand Old World. The copy is in excellent condition.

                IT'S A GRAND OLD WORLD (
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