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B&H Filmo 70DL ... single vs double perf

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  • B&H Filmo 70DL ... single vs double perf

    Hi all. I am the proud new owner of a Bell and Howell 173B Diplomat projector and Filmo 70DL camera. I was getting ready to order some 16mm film so that I can test out the camera, however I am confused by something. Everything I have read about the 70DL says that it accepts single perf film, however upon inspection I can clearly see teeth on both sides of the feeder and take-up sprockets. Despite all the info I've read, were there 70DL's that came equipped for double perf? Or did I get unlucky and find a 70DL that someone intentionally converted to double perf?

    Does anyone know where I could find replacement sprockets that are single perf, and know which other parts I might need to swap out on this camera to be able to use single perf film?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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    The 70DL manual even illustrates single perf film being loaded, and makes no mention whatsoever about film needing to be double perf vs single perf.

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      Have a look at my attachment.
      It says that the B&H 70DL was manufactured from 1929 to 1970. I therefore suggest that your model was made before single perf film became the normal.
      I understand that double perf raw 16mm is now, once again, available.

      BELL & HOWELL 70DL 16MM FILMO – Old School Cameras (


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        Ah, very enlightening. Thanks Maurice, that does make much more sense now. Yes, double perf is indeed available again, however it seems to be prohibitively expensive for a hobbyist (unless I'm looking in the wrong places). I've only seen it for $100/100ft, which is not going to work for me. Can anyone suggest a potentially more affordable source for it?

        Do you think this 70DL can easily be converted to single perf? I have seen older 70DA discussions that mention swapping out sprockets and such, but have yet to find any specifics nor a reliable source for the parts.

        Thanks again!


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          There is, of course, the claw's position to consider.
          A fellow member, Richard C. Patchett, does service Bell & Howell 16mm projectors. Perhaps he might be able to help you with the camera.

          RC's Classic Collection Movies on 16mm Parts & Service (