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How to load 16mm pancake onto new hub?

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  • How to load 16mm pancake onto new hub?

    So I bought a 16mm pancake of film in the mail, and the seller didn't tape it down properly. It came unwound in the box.

    Now I've had to unwind it completely, and I have a metal reel I would like to transfer it to.

    However, I have no idea how to attach the film to a metal reel. I see there are two slots in the metal reel, but have never done this before.

    I was thinking about holding it on with tape, but know there is a better way to do this.

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    Just insert the end of the film in one of the slots and start winding. I have seen reels without slots. You just need to get the winding started and the tension will keep the film in place. Never use tape! You can damage the film/projector doing that.


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      Wind the film gently onto the reel in such a way that the film reel will eventually, on projection, rotate clockwise and the perforations are towards you.
      It appears to be a sound film with perforations only on one side so pay particular attention to the above.