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What 16mm Films Did You See Last Night?

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  • What 16mm Films Did You See Last Night?

    I watched Blake (National Film Board of Canada)

    There was a time of my life where I didn't do a lot of projected film: I was in college and then I was dating, and then I got married and had a house. During this time I came to like this Canadian filmmaker named Bill Mason. He made a lot of really great nature films including many about canoeing, which has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager.

    When I went back into film big time around 2002, It was Super-8 sound. I searched far and wide on 8mm for Bill Mason, but he was nowhere to be found.

    When I finally gave in and dipped a toe into 16mm about two years ago, it was mostly to gain access to different films, and I knew there was a lot of Bill Mason on 16mm because back in the day it was the NFB's prime distribution format. One of the first ones I snagged was Blake.

    Blake is a nice 20 minute Bill Mason short about a man in love with flying small planes, and it follows him in his journey across Canada in a single engine, open cockpit biplane. There is much navigation by following roads and absolutely no hot towels in First Class!

    I have it on both DVD and VHS (somewhere here), but still the same, to me it's special to see it in the way the filmmakers imagined even as they were standing behind their cameras.

    YES, it's (more than) a little on the red side, but the cyan filters tame that.

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    I watched reel 1 & 2 last night of Max Dugan Returns (1983) and will finish the 3rd reel tonight. Great LPP print and a fun watch. Jason Robards is a treat in this screen play by Neil Simon that also features Marsha Mason, Donald Sutherland, and a very young Matthew Broderick.

    Click image for larger version

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      Yesterday I screened the „new“ used treasures I‘ve bought one week ago: „Wallace & Gromit - The Wrong Trouser“, „The Snowman“ & „The Red Balloon“ which were amazing colorful and 95 % scratch-free.


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        Hope a afternoon show qualifies for this thread :-)

        24th Dec afternoon show to remember JIMMY CLITHEROE and BERYL FORMBY who left this world this day.

        Just making sure everything is in order for our afternoon film event where we show a couple of 16mm features to member Jim and Beryl two loved stars here.

        Derann print of OFF THE DOLE 1935 and MUCH TOO SHY 1942

        Click image for larger version  Name:	jimm.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.2 KB ID:	1449 Jimmy at his Blackpool home.

        Beryl a champion clog dancer and wife/manager to George Formby

        Click image for larger version  Name:	beryl.jpg Views:	0 Size:	45.0 KB ID:	1450

        I'm proud to own the Formby 16mm home movies and its clear to see they were very much in love.
        Frame grab

        Click image for larger version

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          Au fil des ondes. A French film in which appear many stars from the '50s. It's a kind of documentary about the post war French public radio. It seems that m'y cppy is a digest.


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            Watched Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein. Nice prints that I've had for years. Then went to look at to look for more to buy but found the site down. Anyone have news?


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              Another French film (from 1953) : L'ennemi public numéro 1, with the famous actor Fernandel. My copy has English subtitles but since the action is set in the US (mainly in New York), it adds to the atmosphere of the film. It starts explaining that the Americans know Europeans by caricatural films and that it was time to make a film with all American clichés. So, it's a kind of parody of gangster films. Not a masterpiece but I spent a good moment.


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                Last night was Superman the movie, haven't watched it in a while so decided to dig it out, apart from a few lines it still looks good, amazing it's over 40 years old, I saw it at the cinema when it was first released, Mark


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ID:	2214 Sleeping Beauty in scope. 😀


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                    Watched Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page in Dear Heart (1964). Geraldine Page is a quirky but caring single women who while attending a postal convention in New York meets up with the recently engaged womanizing greeting card salesman Glenn Ford. Their relationship starts out a bit rocky...but they grow closer over the course of the movie. The music scored by Henry Mancini works so well with this film. I always find myself humming the title song well after I've finished watching the movie.

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                      I watched a couple of 16mm shorts tonight. One of them was Pacific 231: both the title of the film and the piece of music that the film was created around.

                      -it's like Fantasia for railroad fans! (-or maybe a railroad film for Fantasia fans!)


                      (This was brought to us this evening via the Franchetti Tables at CineSea, Wildwood New Jersey!)


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                        Tonight I watched Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman, and Goldie Hawn in Cactus Flower (1969). Walter Matthau plays a womanizing dentist who to avoid commitments tells his girl friend Goldie Hawn that he is married with 3 children. However Matthau eventually decides he loves Goldie and proposes to her. However...Goldie won't marry him until she can meet his wife. Ingrid Bergman who plays Matthau's dental assistant then poses as his wife and tells Goldie she is ok with a divorce. Things get very complicated after that. This is a fun movie with very good supporting character actors...and don't forget Goldie won an Oscar for her performance.

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                          Last night I watched Albert Finney and Diane Keaton in the 1982 film Shoot the Moon. Set in the SF Bay Area...probably Marine County and a few shots in San Francisco. Peter Weller (pre-Robocop) and Karen Allen are also in the cast. This LPP print has great color and sound. Some scenes have been edited for TV...but nothing of importance missing.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Saturday January 25

                            WC Fields in the Golf Specialist

                            Mary, Queen of Scots

                            😀 my 1st screening w/ changeovers in 16mm


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                              Sunday January 26

                              SLEEPING BEAUTY
                              scope full length