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Red Print Theater : THE BOYS IN THE BAND ( 1970 )

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  • Red Print Theater : THE BOYS IN THE BAND ( 1970 )

    Hello fellow film fiends !
    This month's selection is …..THE BOYS IN THE BAND ( 1970 )
    In all it's glorious , faded , washed-out COLOR !
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    Tempers fray and true selves are revealed when a heterosexual accidentally intrudes on a gay birthday party.

    It's Harold's birthday, and his closest friends throw him a party at Michael's apartment. Among Harold's presents is "Cowboy", since Harold may have trouble finding a cute young man on his own now that he's getting older. As the party progresses the self-deprecating humor of the group takes a nasty turn as the men become drunker. Climaxed by a cruel telephone "game" where each man must call someone and tell him (or her?) of his love for them.
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    This is the ORIGINAL theatrical print of Mart Crawley's groundbreaking Broadway play ! ( totally unedited )

    THE BOYS IN THE BAND is a Great movie adaptation of the acclaimed stage play. A bunch of guys get together to throw a birthday party for a friend. A few underlying tensions come to the forefront and complications ensue... alcohol is consumed and tempers flare and things get said which shouldn't be said and may be unforgivable. I love these kids of movies! Even though the movie is very "stagy" (it mainly takes place on one set), the acting is so natural that you'll begin to believe you are actually eavesdropping on a rowdy party next door. Oh, did I mention that the characters are all gay? As the ads for this movie proclaim: "This is NOT a musical!" I first saw this as a " Midnight Movie " as a teen and now, some 50 years later, I still find the movie extremely powerful and compelling. Cliff Gorman is especially good as the effeminate Emory. I think this is the only time he ever played "camp" and can't believe that he wasn't totally typecast after his performance here. Leonard Frey is also great as the enigmatic and intense Harold (the birthday boy). But Kenneth Nelson in the lead role of Michael really holds this movie together. He starts out as such a nice guy, the person the audience is supposed to identify with... but as the evening commences his personality becomes uglier and uglier, until he is no longer playing the movie's "hero".

    Recently remade by NETFLIX , I also enjoyed their version . Some parts were added but basically it did follow the original screenplay by Mart Crawley ( who passed away shortly after the new film was made ) . if you get a chance , view that one and compare .

    Still , nothing struck the cord like this 1970 film that depicts gay life as , well , not so good .

    The Boys In The Band is one of my many favorite all-time movies. It still sends a message and holds up well even in this Century. Every actor in this cast is perfect for the character they play. This film may have been the first major film to portray gay life in a mature way and still is the best film above all. This is not a disgusting film. It is honest and dramatic. I have seen this film several times through different ages and chapters of my life. I get more out of it each time. Sadly, most of the cast, Robert La Tourneaux, Leonard Frey, Frederick Combs, Keith Prentice, Kenneth Nelson and Cliff Gorman are no longer with us. All men should see this film. Loved the music too . The best instrumental version of "The Look Of Love" by Burt Bacharach can be heard here.
    The characters & situations are universal & timeless: Who doesn't know a mean drunk? Who hasn't laughed at & with a loud boisterous friend? Who hasn't felt imprisoned by a relationship? etc. These are people & things that we've all dealt with & faced, whether you're straight or gay.
    The entire cast is excellent ! And who are they ? Just look below............................................. .....................
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