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Sankyo or Yelco etc wanted

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    What an awful experience. I hope a Forum member can help Jordan find a proper machine very soon.


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      Sad story. Hope it ends well !


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        Its cine isn`t it.

        My own last 16mm machine was a great buy.

        Saying that I recently sold my 2nd useing machine, but OK elmo ST1200HD to a forum member not long ago, and also got it serviced etc for them, so in the end only got around £60 for it after servicing costs, post etc.

        I sent it off near the start of the covid thing and was all in a flutter so instead sent my own main absolute minter OPT Mag ST1200HD, no rubber on shutter etc by mistake.

        The chap who serviced it for me said it was lovely and only one slight thing to adjust really and I thought hang on, went and looked in the other case.

        Oh lordy etc.

        £60 !!!

        Thankfully it did go to a very nice forum member though so OK.

        So 8mm machine wise its not been that good so far this year really.

        Best Mark.


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          Hello Mark I have two Yelco LSP510. One works fi ne with good sound etc, the other works but sound output is really loooow, hardly discernable but it's there. So one good, one needs a look at. Intake £100 for the two plus postage. Any good for you? From another Mark


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            Hi Mark, thanks but if he went Yelco I`d suggest he goes from the 6 -8 series, 607, 610 620 or 810.

            They are just a bit better machines, well I suppose they progressed a little, though the 510`s are quite good really too.

            But thank you again for the kind offer.

            Best wishes Mark.


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              Cheers Mark, Mark