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Looking for Eumig 824 Standard 8 Gate

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  • Looking for Eumig 824 Standard 8 Gate

    I am relatively new to 8mm film projectors. I just purchased a used Eumig 824 that I am tuning up. It is missing the Standard 8 Gate which I guess is not that uncommon. Can't seem to find one on ebay and it is no longer available on the Van Eck Video Services site for purchase. If you happen to know of a gate looking for a new home please let me know. Thanks.

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    Do you have the 2 Standard 8 sprockets that also need to go with the Std. gate?


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      Hi Janice. On the Eumig 824 Sonomatic the STD 8 drive sprockets are permanently attached to the projector and the Super 8 ones clip on top of them. 😎


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        That's right Lee... I forgot that. I only use my 824 for standard 8mm now. I haven't had to change the gates in a long time


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          I have the Super8 back plate for the gate and the Super8 top and bottom sprocket wheels. Just need the Regular 8 back plate. The front plate is the same for Super8 and Regular 8. Thanks again.