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Chinon 8000 Sound Projector for Sale - $150+shipping

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  • Chinon 8000 Sound Projector for Sale - $150+shipping

    I am a newbie to 8mm movies and want to watch old movies we got when my grandfather died. They are Standard 8mm with sound. I bought this Chinon 8000 on eBay three weeks ago and misunderstood from the ad and from the literature that says it handles both Super 8 and "single 8" film. However, much to my chagrin, I found out that "single 8" is not Standard 8 - someone on this forum says it's the "Fuji version of Super 8." So, of course, my grandfather's movies don't work. Now, I want to sell it for what I paid, $150 plus shipping. It appears to be rather un-used, all original packaging, all the accessories - microphone, film cutter, cleaning brush, ear phones, power cord. The woman in WI I bought it from claimed it's new and never used; all the parts and the machine itself were in their original plastic bags. I can't claim that, but it seems very clean. I plugged it in and started it - seems to work great, though of course I couldn't test it with the films I have.

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    That is a pretty common mistake you made. Unfortunately, sound projectors for regular 8mm film are pretty rare.