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Wanted: Fuji Fujicascope SD-Auto Projector

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  • Wanted: Fuji Fujicascope SD-Auto Projector

    I've sometimes regretted not buying one of these when Derann obtained and sold a batch of new ones. If anyone in the UK or Europe should happen to have a little-used one in excellent condition - with the accessories and ideally the original box - that they are willing to part with, please contact me. Note that it would have to be this specific model, not another Fuji.

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    You must of heard about my love of 'The Wonder Projectors' Ade which dates way back, you'll certainly be reading about them in the next Reel Image magazine

    In fact I purchased 2 from them and quickly fell in love with what we named the hand bag machine. They were light weight and projected a bright steady picture although the inbuilt amplifier was a bit underpowered. I perfected my shows back then having the two machines sat staggered side by side also having made a electronic switch over system so that when one auto stopped the other started. My screenings of Gone With There Wind were very memorable with locals.

    You do have alternatives with the SD as it came in other forms the Noris 510 and 512 which are very similar. If you find a very late production run of the 510 it was improved to 150 watt lamp which I also use and it also had a more powerful amplifier. Mine have f1 lenses in so they do perform very well for a small machine.

    A critical problem arose for me oh 30 years ago that one SD developed a serious fault. The motor started running open circuit at full pelt so being into Amateur radio at the time I traced it to the rectifier on the speed control board. I spent ages trying to find components but turned up none so that was a dead machine. We are talking before the Internut by the way. If you do turn up a machine check the motor runs at both speeds for a good few minutes the get someone in the know to put some heat compound behind the rectifiers as they will rarely show signs of any in manufacture. Top Tip!
    I'll pop a picture up here later of both so you can see the similarities
    Good luck.


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      I had one of these that had been converted to 1200 ft reels with a bespoke Spondon Long Play unit built onto it. Spondon had undertaken the conversion, you could also use the 600 ft arms. I wish it still belonged to me.


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        Spondon Film were incredibly kind to me way back when I wanted to make a 3D filming unit. They of course manufactured and sold a very versatile unit and were good enough to send me drawings and parts to complete my own. A lovable cine dealer who I had a healthy respect for and very enthusiastic for 3D movie making.

        I only used the long play film unit a couple of times which were excellent for long shows, never owning my own. I believe they upgraded them a few times from memory with better electronics and even larger spool capacity. My little Eumig sat between the arms looking greatly over shadowed by the spool capacity.

        Superb UK business.